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With that new thinking and new direction, how can I subscribe to Himanshu from Kesaria Textile Company today by taking variety means that if we are required to be there and if you want to complete the special, then you can join with the company that this year you are going to get here. If yes, then you can subscribe to it, then we are here, which you get this margin in full, here you get the last facility, you will also get this here and here you can see that it means you subscribe this Chanakya made was because look at it this way it is folded but you get what you want but here the fabric is cotton quality products you can see here you are going to get it here with a lot so here you Can see that you get it so that I feel very confident and here you get the way very comfortable and here you can see here you can see that the whole look is going to be there and all is being liked a lot because it gets a lot because it happens to be very comfortable human You also get the print inside it according to all the variety that is in it and see that here you are going to get the complete surround in this way.

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You will get the marks on the interlock, you will get the don’t talk color’s according, this is that complete According to the tax pattern, one such hotspot American is going to have a lot of variety, in this only if you like any collection, take a screenshot immediately so that you will be able to purchase all these varieties very easily sitting at home, while set voice minimum team With the budget of punishment, I am going to show you in today’s video many of you are liked and you get all the benefits of normal, you can see it and here you can see which is very Only beautiful buttons are going to be found here and the variety was not even on the chair but also on the t-shirts which look very cute if they are contacted, then it gets the full benefit, see it is going to be available in this way and here But it becomes very much to you that if they do any small things in their mobile, then they are very You get it inside with ease, here you are going to get it completely, inside here you can see that you are going to get work on it, all three collections which live with the collection of Britishers for Persistent Pieces.

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You get only a lot of special pockets here you get backpacking that if you want variety, now you are going to get all the backpacking goose here, then use new designs why this some way over the kurti that you will get And inside it you are going to get a very cute border, which is very difficult for you to get and in this you get the facility of one side, which you can see that you are going to get Jyoti is a lovely material. Inside cotton but the very stretchable variety we get here, inside which you can now see margins have been setup separately and at the same time this professional accordion also looks very cute but see if the collection is there It is inside the black color, you can see it in full cotton but this Here cotton fabric has been used, inside which we find you roti people, here you get the title of pearls associated with very cute, you will get every person who will be the collection, you are going to get the accord of SIM love colors, that means it is black.

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So inside you get black, it is white, then you are going to get this collection inside like white, so look at this, in this way you are going to get white color inside, it is complete white but here you can see the design is not inside cotton We have used you and caves in such a way, flower patterns have been made, it is a very beautiful design, that too is only a set up of history, so why do we buy such a collection sitting at home and keep the medium 10 at your o’clock? Not only do you have a problem with relative shipping, but you get delivery, you get delivery in India, you get it through pin code at such a place in India so that you get this first time if we are associated with any company. At the same time it is assured that if payment is to be made, then we get to know about the collection.

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What you are going to get inside the quality is black color which you can see if you get it then you get it like I have told you and here you can see the plastic is found but also the one found here Now, by laughing, those who will be able to bell according to the title very easily, then if I talk about its set up, it means that packing-waking is going to be found in this way, then it is found here and this is our front whole inside You are going to get and will continue to get many beautiful designs, for this if you want, if you do not, till then you will not be able to trust wholeheartedly, this facility is available at a distance, subscribe like and subscribe if you If only you can get good information about the visit collection, then today’s video is the most special, it is completely inside but you can see its color and complete work has been done inside it, you can see the complete Right but you get it very beautifully now you can see this way of meeting They are the ones because they have a lot of collections, they like its designer with traditional look party wear collection but today you must have liked it very much, what to do for messaging for which OPD facility So get it but at the same time subscribe our channel Nihal subscribe because you will keep getting updates of new collection and with this I will come in next video with next collection till then Tata bye-bye Thank you!

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