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Kapde ka Business kaise badhaye: Do you also want to start the business of clothes, then what things should we take care of in starting the business of clothes, especially regarding the varieties, how our area vice test is going to run, so today’s topic is going to be the same. If we select the according variety of area wise test, then we pick up the pace within the clothing business as soon as possible, due to which we get setup very quickly, so how did I stay Himanshi, do not think from the Kesaria Textile Company and new Once again with Disha, I warmly welcome all of you to our How Kesaria Textile Company and first of all, I would like to tell you that how you get innumerable varieties of what is in RATE Textile Company, but which is available on our YouTube. How the channel’s latest style company’s 10 subscribers are going to be complete, so if you also want to become a member of our family, subscribe to our channel as soon as possible so that you will stay connected with us like this, then especially if we talk Do that whenever the customer who joins us If we do, then their query remains that we have taken the collection from here but we are not getting the growth within the business as soon as possible, so it is known because we are not selecting the variety which is according to the area wise test.

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We find that actually we are not able to guess anything, just have to start the business of clothes, have started investing, but why all that investment is going inside the loss, why we are not moving forward, the reason for this is that what you have is particular. Didn’t think that we have the proper variety, how is the variety jileni if I talk that I am from Haryana but if I start the business of the century, then why it is not going to run because there is a suit materials as soon as I walk there. If I talk about test, what we have in Jammu and Kashmir as well as in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and West Up is always the variety of suit materials and the collection of kurti with it, now such collections go there because they walk there. No it’s always there These cottons are preferred, which is also the unstitched suit material in which the demand is very high and that too such collections which have designs ranging from 300 to 500 are preferred there for the normal routine because there Whatever the outfit is, whether it is a small function or not according to the daily routine, it is always going to be a suit, then we have already judged it so that even if we invest, we are going to be successful in it. In the same way, we move forward means that what we have is eastern Uttar Pradesh, along with what is inside Bihar, MP, Jharkhand and West Bengal, as well as 36 hours Orissa, what is in all these places, only the trend of centuries is more.

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Why is the trend more because all the women who are there prefer only saris, which are our unmarried girls, there they wear only kurti, suit is not so much trend, only kurti is in trend there, then after that marriage After being told to all of you, the women who are there, their tradition is only at the end of the century. If there is only cording, then if you keep only the collection of the century there, then it is going to be in very high demand, that means if you make investment, now Surat is for Surat, you all know that the text style is the biggest hub of the industry here. You get a lot of collection which is there by joining with many manufacturing companies, you join with the Kesaria Textile Company, but first you go and visit there, after visiting, you can guess how the collection is there. How are you going to get the materials as well as what is the price range what is it set up according to what is there because you all know that there are many manufacturers or many retailers inside Surat Which will give you the cheapest variety, but the quality of the material that is not there, you are going to get it in light, so we tell you that if you also connect with the Kesaria Textile Company, visit once.

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After visiting, you can see the whole collection here Have a look and then whatever is the investment of your hard work, don’t you do it here, after that if I talk about up Bihar and Jharkhand, this is a state where the Muslim history lives more, yes, there is a Muslim customer there. If you live more, then you will see that if there is a Muslim customer, then you should keep the suit material there because if you start the business from the suit material, then whatever is there as soon as possible will catch the pace because if you do this Whether or not we wear century here, even if the century is burning in the house and if we are doing a shop, then if we include the variety of the century inside it too, then it will never be able to sell, that’s why we make a mistake every time. We have entered the textile business, but we did not know how to start and move forward, then we think that we have not invested. It doesn’t happen that once there is a loss, then you are not going to learn anything from it.
Do the same thing, if we are doing Belong from Rajasthan, then in Rajasthan you all know that Rajputi dresses run a lot, that too Jaipur and you all know it is very much trending here inside Bikaner and Jodhpur. You are not going to get it inside Surat, it will happen in a very rare case where you are going to get Rajputi suits because you get all these varieties of cheesy century suit kurti in what is here, so if you take the same accordion here. If you want Rajputi suits, then you get them inside Rajasthan with very good price with very good material, so we grow in the same way if we talk about Jaipur and Kota, then sarees and suits are more in trend there. It stays because whatever is there has become a state, but all the variety that is there runs particularly because there is fashion accordion or whatever is traditional according to the trend there remains century kurti and suit material then saris How will Leria’s sarees go there too, the concept of Bandhani is going to run Printed saris are going to run there more, so by collecting like this, if you are not according to the print, you are keeping stone work saris within the heavy century or if you are keeping saris with less release then your business will run. It is not going to happen, that’s why I will tell you that if you live in this town, if you live in a settlement, then whatever is there, the kurti will go on the suit, then it means that it will catch the pace because only in such a place. These dresses are liked more but what happens in us, if I talk about Gujarat, we are from Gujarat, in Surat, you all know that we get a lot of cloth merchants, then special kurtis run inside Gujarat if you If you want to start business from Gujarat, then keep the collection of kurti, then you are going to run a lot, because the trend here is not of kurtis, we are living in readymade dresses, inside which our pattern has become plazo pattern, such patterns run more.

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So what is there from this, let me tell you just one simple thing I want through this whole video that you choose such collections which according to your According Area Vice Test are more in trend in your state because you all know that when we come in textile business, come after watching many videos. We have seen many videos, according to his video, we have decided that we are going to get a lot of progress in the business of clothes, but even behind his progress, you all know that there are many successes that we should take. It means that first of all we have to think that how is our state, how is our test going to run from side to side, at the same time if we are investing then how do we have to setup margin inside it because all these things would happen. Isn’t it a basic thing, only basic things can be carried forward, so I hope through today’s video you must have got a very good information that what you have, how to collect it from here, how to make textile husband If you add with this then there are many collections which you can buy online as well. c will be able to do with the budget of minimum 10000, how about the rest of our Kesaria Textile Company’s channel, you can subscribe to it as soon as possible, don’t forget to press the bell icon as well as today’s video is today’s today How did you like the video, you must tell us by comment, with this I will keep coming Himanshi with new to new collection with new to new videos till then thanks!

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