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Now everyone knows that as we move forward, we get a lot of those who are behind us because you all know that there is a lot of competition going on right now in which there is so much competition. That we are not able to see anyone going ahead means that what I mean to say is that if you want to start a business, then you can also do clothes very comfortably but if you want to do business then you have to have variety. Still, the same will have to be kept according to that which is the test of the customer and in that too you all know that there are many types of people in the market, there are many types of traders who do business according to different budgets. You have to set that how you have to setup profit and how to move your business forward, then how I do not think Himanshi from textile company and warmly welcome all of you with new direction, then the first collection that will remain can be seen. In a similar way, you are going to get this variety inside the color, which is the whole of the Kundan Varna inside it.

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You are going to get touch ups, now this century is going to happen, you can see this is completely georgette basis this century, what is going on inside it has been reduced, here you can see the complete border with kundan work I am going to get a border inside which a very cute kalash type pattern has been made and here you can also see the design that this pattern has been made according to the concept of Ladia because it is heavy century but something inside it Creativity keeps happening, now its blouse is going to come fully you get the pattern of the back side, in the same way you are also going to get the sleeves design here so that you can get the over and the look very beautifully and I will give you the same. I would like to say that if you want to start a business, then starting a business of clothes itself has many benefits for you and beneficial, then I would like to tell you that there are many such products, the quantity that you have, keep the budget of 10000, keep this whole collection. You can get it from Sunny, this century is going to be in red color and You all know whether it is the festival season or not, but red color is always considered auspicious, in which you get the touch of the whole of the Cirrus diamond inside the silver color and you can see in it too. Here you are going to get a complete touch up of the gota patti, inside the pallu, you also get the look of the tasselies, so that the beauty of the century is not found even more and the color is also very cute.

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The color is because you are going to get this design inside the light color, in this way you get touch up in the whole century, you can see the fabric if I talk about the strange fabric, it is going to be lace border, you will get the length of 6:30 completely. Anyway, whatever collection you will get here, you are going to get the complete set vice catalog Vijay variety is available non catalog if you want design non catalog also many designs are going to be available here then all you have to do is Take a quick screenshot of all these centuries, which collection has been liked, to know the price, you can message us online The team is going to be present for you every time and grow with the next design and you can see which color is next, in this way you are going to get the design inside the light color and in this you can see that this century will be complete You can see the setup of four pieces inside like color and the special you get the setup of you piece in it, you are going to get a complete border of pay cut work, inside which a very cute flower design is made.

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She has been made full of silk threads, that too with the thread of Gilles, here you can see big boots have been made, which is a bouquet type, you get the pattern inside them and grow, now its full look On the other hand, you can see that this is the part of the century, in which you are going to get booties in the same way, here you get the complete pattern of cut work, here you are going to get a lot of saris, along with you also get blouses attached. Here it is also with some different designs, you can see this blouse, you will get small flowers with borders in the same way. Patterns are also found inside them, you get attached with centuries, but if you have a separate requirement for all these blouses and blouses, then they can also do the blouses we have here, the quantity starts from ₹ 70. Yes, you can get readymade blouses here, if you want unstitch variety, then that quantity is starting from our here at 29 rupees, then it increases if the next collection is about to come, it is also in some light color. It is complete that the deca has been reduced inside it too, it is a very fresh design, which means that this collection keeps on changing some concepts every day we come here, now you can see this creation completely within the century.

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The test that goes on in our south side is because cotton sarees are preferred over there but according to party wear concept, materials are preferred there in the same way that you are going to get inside Rangoli fabric and in this you You can see the complete mesh type pattern in the pallu here Even though Puri belt type design has been made, that too with flower design and in such sarees, only the border of cut work is preferred, which is made with Jari, in this too you get less of the culture. This is why it is done using the thread of Gilles, because the shine that is in it is going to be retained in this way, so let’s move towards its blouse, even if its blouse is going to come, in this way you get the border concept. It can be seen that the whole blouse you are going to get in this way means that women who know how to do stitching sitting at home means that if you know how to sew, then it is very easy to get all these varieties whatever you have. Let’s start a small business from home and do stitching whatever is in it so that you can make very good profit in it, which design is going to be very special now, then it is also very beautiful to see because This is the whole of what you are going to get this design inside the important fabric, all you have is In this a touch up of velvet is found, you can see the border made here inside the velvet, you must have seen the complete pattern of cut work inside it, which is going to be the way you are going to get the pallu, you mean with full fruit printing.

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With the file dot, you get this design, now you can see it on the partly side, complete you are going to get the diet print in the same way and here you can see the whole butt means screw You are going to get the pattern of work here, which separately you get attached here, which means that you will see the same collection of designs as Tom Tu Tom, in this also you can see the complete stones. You can get the touch up inside the golden color only in Let’s Go Tu Puri Shaadi, you are going to get this concept with blouse because whatever collection you get from here is very great in Generate Textile Company. And you are going to get wonderful varieties, not only I am telling you this but when you come direct Then you will feel for yourself that what kind of collection you have seen now and what you have seen, you are going to get the same designs here, so in the same way I told you that the bridal collection that we have here, you should start with the setup of the whole piece. If you go, you can see that in this way you also get the setup of the pieces, here you are going to get these designs with the complete catalog and also the barcode system which is the thing in it how rate textile company is not a name There is also the biggest trust where every collection you are going to get from the buy coding system, the price will be there, if you do online purchasing or offline A’s purchasing, then all these collections are going to be visible to you like here too.

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You can see that there are some Live Purchasing Jewelery, you also get sales executives in their language so that it becomes easier for them to know about their test so I Himanshi will keep meeting you with similar new new varieties and the demand of the customer. It happens that they keep on completing our times, so I hope this time Still, you will definitely tell us through the comment that how do you want to see the next collection, so thank you till then and you will also subscribe to our channel so that you will continue to get the notification of the new collection from the news.

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