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Let’s start the problem collection, here you can see many collections, you will be seeing all the heavy patterns, you will get the voice of the designs in it, there is no shortage of patterns, just the price which remains only starting from 150 You are going to get up to 4000 designs here, so there are many more collections like this, which you can buy from here by connecting with a direct Kesaria Textile Company that we have here only in more settings. The degree is done and you all know that when we associate with a manufacturing company, there is no flaw in the correction that you can see and the design that the customer comes through the sample, here you can find something or the other. So talking about today’s living collection, you can see that it is going to live inside a very light color rangoli pattern, it is found here, all the work has been done in the collection which are there, let you talk about the designs inside it.


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So according to the whole setup, you go to the designs that what you get but you get But here you can see that the pallu and border found here are a very cute little border designed, you can see it completely but if you get it in a very good way, then here you can see The whole work has been done, which is the stone pattern that is visible on you, has been made inside it and this is which partly pallu you are going to get, so if you want, then send a message in years so that you and I It will get information from here regarding the price, so you can see what the collection is, it is going to be available to you in this way, here you can see that the whole is made inside, here you can see that it is inside the pattern You are going to get but this is not very much because the flower design has been made inside it, everyone knows that the collection is very much liked, so contact this collection, the collections that are there are going to be in very high demand. So you can see the design here you can see, this pattern has been made inside the complete cut.


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That is very much and I have brought it so that you can know what I want in the market and here you can see something if you want this type of battery or not heavy saree inside it, then here in the website collection you get that machine too. You can see the catalog name through the network, here with each variety you are going to have this no-mention and the collection that grows in and within the collection of Netram, see this collection inside the noble design which is the full name And inside it you can see that through a pattern of very cute little golden color, you want to get the little color you want, then here are the collections that are available, if you want to do it too, then you can do it comfortably. And this whole inside it, you are going to get it in the same way, it is completely covered in how the guide to keep it bay, who dreams and moves more and here you can see the catalog name which is called Mention Pregnancy.


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Catalog is going to live Now what is the catalog name we tell you because when you give us the variety by printing this message If we do, then it becomes easy for us to show you the same collection because at the same time it becomes such that we do the collection of purchase but the varieties I could not understand you nor grind you well, so that’s why now all these collections video call Purchase it through the minimum budget of 10,000, you need to keep it there, then see if the collection is going to be straight, whatever is inside it is going to get a complete order, yes son which is normal. It remains in high demand every time, whether it is rice lehenga, saris or kurti, you can see that the whole work has been done, which is going to be available to the entire party with diamonds and different types of It is here that we go to important and sister, then it is going to be available to you within the next day. But you are going to have no shortage of subscribing to the channel, which collects There are problems here, you get a lot, now if I talk about what you get in the Kesaria Textile Company, you can only visit what you get and if you want, you get the facility in every way. You are going to get cash on delivery, now from any corner of India, you get the question delivery through pin code and at the same time keep getting it, I will keep bringing new varieties for you like this and stay tuned Thank you Tata bye-bye!


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