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Along with the new direction, Himanshi is going to tell you something through a new video from the Kesaria Textile Company through New Idea that if you have started a business of textile business, then if you want some such variety of daily routine within that time Found through printing, within which you get the whole process set up that accords to the gift packing, then here you can see that the Voice of New Collection has come together in the same way, inside which you are going to get more than one variety rs. 45 starts on collection but other than that if you want complete and more variety within reasonable price then every single collection you are going to get here Varieties on torn statement volume like this one which statement living Here you will find the complete Catalog 22 Collection of Printed Sarees, inside which you can see the best designing you get, it remains only how whenever you connect with the Kesaria Textile Company, you will get all the state wise carefully.

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Purchasing has to be done that we are located here The deal is done in for tailing only, then I would like to show together that if you who have joined with us or you want to join with us and if you want to do online purchasing then our channel is how of Kesaria Textile Company Subscribe it as soon as possible and if you want to become a member of that family who are not the subscribers of my train, then you can also become a member of that family and also press the bell icon so that you will get notification of new collection.

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If you get it in an easy way, then here you can see that there is not going to be any shortage in the stock, as far as you see, the variety in variety of is going to be seen, then I am able to show you live but till you see Until you will not visit here, you will not be able to know what other varieties you get here, so look here and the business pattern which you get inside flower designing saree, the whole catalog will be nice inside it means that here But you can see that the name of the cat people is also going to get you a mention so that whatever videos you give Let’s see the variety is laughing, will take screenshots and you will be able to order all the collections easily, from the facility of Physics PDF, the next thing to say is that like many customers, they comment on us that when we order varieties through transportation, then its How much is the charge, so I would like to tell you that if you want to know about the chargers, then you not only have to join the Mario Online team but you need to join us because you all know all the different regions.

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According to all the different areas, then there is a recharge of the transport system of all, it is different and the amount you are going to stay like some minimum amount of 10,000, we tell you, you can do purchasing through it but Even if it becomes more than that, even then you have to change the transportation of Jai, then through that you can get good information about that through MS Word so that you have recharges of fixed transportation according to the apk file rate. so here But you can see how you will give the sari inside it to us here, you get the treasury in this Kesaria Textile Company because its only two piece its set up sage variety starts sari inside box packing that if you want variety and report 237 If it starts with money, then through this video, I just want to tell you through Oberoi that how many designs are there, now the stock is so much that you can see the full packing of the whole live now.

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The customer rush is so high because you all know what the customer is in the festival season, when they visit us here in dry June or first of all, see which one of the new patterns, what kind of advice varieties you are going to get that our Here you get the catalog of each collection together, so if you do the purchasing sitting at home, then you get the sales executive in your language, you are going to get cash on delivery, that means in any corner of India if you If you live then you get this COD facility if you live Yes, but it is available through pin code, then wrongdoing, today I am going to get you the facility of transportation through world wide shipping, from where do you belong, if you want to start the business of clothes, then don’t think just start like you do. If you face any problems, if you want any idea, then you get them by connecting with us, whose full support you are going to get from here, so with this Himanshi last I would like to tell you that if you are with us If you join together, then through a new direction through a new thinking, bring some changes inside your life and start your own business through your business and keep on progressing like this, thank you for that and such Remember by subscribing to our channel, stay connected and earn.

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