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Hello, I have brought some varieties with new thinking and new direction from the Kesaria Textile Company through Himanshu, for you, which is our specialty, who is the test of South, now when the South goes after the test, then first of all our taste. There are varieties of sugar candy and at the same time our test is of cotton variety, so today I guarantee that a cotton sari will be inside it, inside which you get ther rule design but there are many fabrics also I mean that if I Let’s talk about mal cotton, for example, this officer needs absolutely test inside cotton cotton, you want chanderi cotton, then you are going to find countless varieties here on the grave, right now towards the designs that today’s collection is going to be done in some way like this. Awadhi Varieties Mill has brought Sambalpuri test because specially we run a lot inside Orissa, so it runs in whole South but Orissa has proper test which you can see some how you are going to get long fold.

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What is the color inside, you also get the temple in such a way According to the regular basis, here you are going to get the colors and now if I talk about this catalog, then the dam is going to have this complete catalog under its name, inside which you get the set up of 70s but first we would see its The designer can see the complete belt, you have a pattern made inside it, with flower design, it is still a complete printing, the whole machine is not going to get spoiled at all after river habitation and you can see the designs inside the different sari. It is going to be seen that there is going to be a six digit proper length, you get the blouse attached, but if you have a separate requirement of the blouse, then you also get it here, then the collection which is going to come next is going to come back in this way. I have brought for you clove folding gallery but all of it is inside the soft material which means that the sambalpuri which is tested is very soft peas and after the voice becomes more room with it inside it You can see that a very cute flower design has been made which is inside the rose pattern.

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And here you can see that the entire catalog will be under the name Premvati, which I also tell you the catalog name along with it so that you do not have a problem knowing about all these varieties, then in the video if you see the entire printing And at the same time, if the catalog name is known here, even if you take a screenshot, you get a lot of convenience, then why grow Jain, then the next collection is going to be something like this and more So many patterns are going to be found inside the Sambalpuri test that there is no shortage of patterns here, so look at the property that you are going to get the double color shade, which means that inside the bottom you will get full of dark color. The whole belt idea has also been designed, how is this Kesaria Textile Company complete, which you get on a sari on the tag, the length which will remain in the six 3D of the sari and what kind of length that if I talk So you are going to get a fifty plus seat because you all know that the height of women is the same for all women. If there is no time, that’s why whenever a customer joins you, it is easy for you to attend, now whatever the customer joins you, then the one who is dissatisfied and takes away all the brightness from here, the rest of the Kesaria Textile Company gets the complete collection. If it is only nine, you heard it right, I come here and get what you want along with the collection of heavy patterns, so before each next we can give its full name through the overall look of the design.

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You can also guess what kind of pattern is going to happen and see that the whole of the whole who is going to be a different one by the name of Anushka, now this strong whole test but in this you can see a little operation has been done which is Embroidery See the accordion of the work, you are going to get the complete border inside the prince in this way What is inside the ho bottom, a very cute son type design has been made and such a collection is not there. So this is what is inside the lineage of this you are going to get all the designs different different by color but when i get more different designs if the same chords dont get it even easier i varitis purchases In doing so, you have to take the collections that live here in this way, that we are seen here only in fun spelling and accordingly keep the minimum water which is a good experience and more in this way. You can buy a lot of collections from here, so you can see more such collections in this design, if you want, you get the combination of red and black inside the color and what happens is something different in itself. Let’s see it in this way it is a complete combination of red color and here you can see that very soft material you are going to get here so I can do it myself and if you want to choose If it is from your own point of view, then definitely like it and you get the train number you get, you have to message and our Whatever happens from here, it can be quick, the entire catalog is going to be according to the catalog name, take a screenshot from the catalog so that you just have to tell us this name and the one who suffers from the variety can get it very easily.

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We all know that the festival season is going on, everyone who is a businessman wants that we have some such collection shows that the customer can buy all this variety once again, then I would like to tell you how Kesaria Textile Company which has 45 years of full experience, then you are going to see the complete test of All India in this surgery, there will be no shortage here under one roof, if you want notes test, want South or else If you test West Bengal as well, then every design is going to be made here, then it must be kept in mind that any customer who is associated with us always takes it from the very best that it is, sometimes it happens. It is that we associate with the manufacture and go on visiting but we do not have the variety of our test. I am able to get it but how in the Kesaria Textile Company you are going to get the cup title in a special way, it can be seen in this way that this design is completely inside the printer, the triangle’s accordion has been made by lining the employment through WhatsApp. The entire catalog is going to be there, yes there will be one you guys named Royal Challenge and inside which you can see very beautiful white tones, the print made inside it is also very cute, after having the voice, even more shine It is about to come and such collections are there, you can see the whole of it, in this way you can see the pallu in the pallu, you can see the whole glass water because it is made more tight than very cute.

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And there are such varieties that you don’t get fifty plus contacts inside each design here, we are just going to see the saree, but if I see it after its descent, then only see that you get the whole packing in this way. Vala Hai if you want to set up Only Three Faces then you can watch this Matrushree Pros You are going to get the catalog together and in this you can see that there are many designs happening that you are going to get different in all the three titans inside the band, all other variety we had bar coding system here. Is going to be available because what we have here is not kept in the collection like transparency is not kept in the same way, you are not going to get what is with the customers, which is a very small amount of trust that is not kept. It is very important, due to which the customers are able to connect with us and the ninety percent customers that we have here are not associated with this trust, so my mind will keep coming with some new varieties till then you are with us. Stay connected with us like this, definitely subscribe our channel and at the same time do not forget to press the bell icon so that you stay connected with us like this till Tata Bye-Bye Thanks!

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