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There is a beautiful little material inside which the entire file has been printed, the lining is going to be there and the pallu can now see the complete Jalore type pattern, you get the century, the length that will remain, you will get 630 completely. Even with blouse but this is the concept that you are going to get according to the complete Bollywood touch up, inside which the blouse is going to stay now or in this way you get the net basis cut, you are going to get a proper cut, no reduction in cut The entire catalog will not remain with the name Anmol and inside it you can see the design also you are going to get the complete tone to tone touch up accordion, so let’s move on, before looking at the collection, first of all we know that the Kesaria Textile Company where But you get the complete collection of ladies way but now I get a lot of variety like dupatta plazo suit materials lehengas blouse as well as bed sheet and rest here you can see the particular segment wise green collection you are going to get and This is the segment that you get the pattern of the complete cm square.

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If you go, then let’s move on to the next design, then first of all you can see this, through this catalog you can guess how you are going to get the designs within the century and here is the name of the catalog if I If we talk about it, it is going to be a catalog named ‘Dulhan’, see that you are going to get the whole of the weaving concept, multiple colors have been done here, which is a very beautiful pattern, Sarika is also proper, you will get less. Go and see this is the complete century which will remain 6:30 You are going to get inside every concept and you will get the proper test of All India here, see the complete pallu you will get according to van side border concept You are going to see small booties inside your entire pallu and see that this whole design which has just been made, according to the weaving concept, you get the very best concept because the fabric that it is going to do is not perfect. If you get soft fabric here, then there are many such collections if you go.

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If you want Nana, then you can subscribe to our channel immediately so that you will continue to get notifications of new collections and apart from that, if you want to see the concept, then you can click on the I button so that all these Once you get the view of the collection, then you can see it now that this catalog is going to be there, you get the complete catalog named Naroli, very cute, what is inside it, the plastic mirror work has been reduced. So now we only see the direct century, then see that this century is about to come, you get the complete work because even through the concept in the party, such collections are very much liked and dark color is dark color inside you. You can see that the entire border is complete, according to the plastic sequence, you are going to get all the small butts within the century, in the same way, what is the variety, if you want to order more collection from here If you are, then you can call or message us immediately so that you can get all the collection of this type. This PDF is available because the festival season is going on, when the variety gets out of stock inside the festival season, we do not know ourselves, then we move on to the next design and before that we see its catalogue.

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You can see, take a screenshot, if you like the variety, then so that the variety does not become English and now want to know the price of all these collections, then you can directly connect with our online date, then see it now century is the complete pallu in the same way you get the cut work with border concept you get tone tu tone white you are going to get the whole embroidery work done inside it that too with silk thread and the stones also touch you up With small buttons, we get a lot of variety stocks, because when we want to join with a manufacturing company, we get all India test from there but what new designs inside our shop And we can include or we get to know that, that’s why we tell you the same thing. It is said that every time we keep doing amazing online, but until we do not visit, we will not know how we get variety by joining the company.

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Next design, see this in some way what this collection is like. It is going to be available in color but inside it you get the blouse inside the contrast, see what is the whole thing, you are going to get the van side border here in the same way with flower design in which very best colors have been done inside it Right now the border will remain, in this way you are going to get the complete border concept on the fabric itself and the small booties that you are going to see inside the all over pallu, not only the pallu but you will get it within the whole century. This is the 6:30 accord and if I talk about its blouse with that, then see that you are going to get a blouse inside the contrast, so through the whole video we want to show you a lot of collection because in festival season only variety is more The rest is preferred if you have any business related If you want an idea, you can add it with our online team, see this collection, you are going to get the whole collection inside the rangoli fabric, the whole of it is a mesh type pattern made with small booties in the border.

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You can see that according to the fancy touch ups, you are going to get the complete touch up of the accordion stones of the cut work, whether it is a party wear concept or whatever is the function, those saris are always in demand, the rest sitting at home- Through sitting video call, you can do the purchasing very comfortably with a minimum budget of 10000, you can do that cash on delivery is available, transport is also available, world wide shipping is available, so if you do not have any problem then I will keep visiting Himanshi Thanks Tata Bye Bye!

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