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You can see the whole embroidery work done according to the beauty you get, with touch ups of stones, tom tu tom variety and red color which is not the most heart pattern and it is not only a function but a party Even in the wear concept, red color remains in the most demand, so with this you get a turn to turn blouse, you will get the cut inside the Bangalore fabric, then you will see this variety, if you want to know the price, what you have quickly. Take a screenshot of this and message us so that you get to know the price along with the PDF and like someone who has a small scale Kesaria Textile Company which is recognized in the whole world today, then the same accordion is your trust.

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It is with us, so with this belief, if any other customer wants to join with us, then we can become the account of our family, by subscribing to our channel, we are already going to complete 10’s of our subscribers so this family You can also be a part of and join us If you are, why are you growing next design, then see this collection which is next, I would like to show you the first pdf, which is going to live in the name of Nirav, the complete century will be very beautiful, meaning that it is looking at you, you will get the satin patti The whole concept is about to be found, see this is a very cute concept, and what is inside it, you have made small butts in a very beautiful way and here you can see the border, this is made according to the border of the whole starting It is completely the issue has also been reduced inside it and the pallu which will remain, in the same way, now you get the complete touch up of the Cirrus diamond and inside it you can see the fringe pattern you are going to see the turn to turn design.

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Not only do you have a set of five pieces, but if you want varieties up to 7 pieces, then you also get the collection and the colors that will remain inside all these varieties are not the right colors you will get. So let’s move on to the next variety, so the next pattern is yet to come. La hai, you can see the catalog under the name Vima, yes, see this completely, what is the rate of the Kesaria Textile Company here, you are going to see the tagging, there will be a complete catalog named Reema and in this also you can see the complete You are going to see the jhaler pattern inside the pallu, which has been accorded to the lace border, now this variety is chiffon buses, the whole shimmer base has been worked inside it, now you can see the flower design has been made inside it. Design also you get dark and light color accordion, very beautiful little pallu has been worked inside it and you can see the border which is on both sides, you are going to get the sea border concept with rose key diamond which is now playlist border. If you make this siroz with diamond, no matter how much you wash it, it is not going to get spoiled, then see this color is also dark color but the design which is absolutely perfect you are going to get and such is the practice all India I run a lot, then it means if you are doing business of clothes and there is a lot in it.

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If you sell saris, then first of all include such collections, you have to keep a minimum budget of 10000 and all these collections can now be purchased through video call sitting at home, so why next variety then see this next The concept which is going to live now, it will also be very great, that means you get so many designs inside the same fabric, that means you can also understand that what is the biggest benefit of joining a manufacturer. Look at the whole border which is going to look like this, the carry pattern is made here, which along with the work of diamond you get the pallu are small but there is also a touch up of stones which is very good. There is a collection and you get all the English color charts inside it, which is what if you want to order PDF immediately, call us to know the price of the variety of office, I will say that what you are right now Video Give a call so that you can connect with the sales executive in your language in this way A lot of collections can be ordered from here, now it takes the blouse together, but if you have a separate blouse requirement, you are going to get it from here, if the matriculation starts from 2019, then the next variety why this Look the next concept that is coming is a very cute concept, you are going to get the complete like color besan ji, inside which you get the van side purder concept, yes you can see the van side border inside the pallu The concept is found, it will be a late border, you are going to get the cut work accordion, along with the lace plant, the sarees that are not there with it, you also get the catalog along with the whole garden packing.

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Variety is going to be available to you from here so that you are billing from anywhere, don’t you want to order all this collection, do you get the facility of transportation, that means world wide shipping is available from here, you will be billing from anywhere, minimum 10000 only. budget has been kept but as the customer we I ask through the comment that madam do we order the set vice variety, then how many sets come in it, then I would like to tell you how the sarees are started in the Kesaria Textile Company with the setup of the market tu piece, the last one you have here is one piece.

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Variety is also available up to the quantity which is the collection of this type which will be ₹ 150 means 150 starts from Through video but you want to know by yourself then you have to come here means that you never come to Surat, so how come once you visit Kesaria Textile Company, it is only 10 minutes away from the station, inside Millennium Market In B block first floor 30313032 where you will be able to buy all the collection which is there directly in your own language with sales executive and that too pick up and drop if you get facility then hope today’s collection will give you a lot If it would have looked more beautiful then I would have come with Himanshi. I will stay with new collection but you don’t forget to comment, yes, when you comment on us, we get variety very well for you and the enthusiasm that we have also increases that han The trust we are getting for the support that we are getting, should remain the same and they should be able to do sales easily and if they continue to grow in the same way in their business, then I hope you subscribe to our channel. You must have subscribed by subscribing, you will also continue to get notifications of new collections so that whatever you are, you will keep getting the updates of all these collections daily, till then thank you Tata Bye Bye!

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