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First of all, how to become a member of the Kesaria Textile Company, then thank you all for that, then if you like it better, then keep bringing it for you, you will be very good with our company if you are a customer then subscribe to our channel You can do it but you can enjoy the collection by subscribing to us, subscribe to this channel because if you all are going to be satisfied, then if you want to ask this, then you can become very comfortable, subscribe to the channel So that you take today I mean that we are very less, see this way the whole will be complete in which it has been completed but the printing that will be found because it is not spoiled at all, it is designed for this which is regular Basis of is about to be given and you can see that you get it means you get it so that you are going to be very well designed but I must tell you that we have started here on forehead 125 Professor Correction It is known that everyone has to take the set voice clearly that we are here only.

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Indigo is done in the simple style itself, so look at the collection that is coming next, in such a way that this whole printing printing runs more on the side that there are normal routines that women who work at home too, then something like this You like the collection more and don’t want a lot of it inside it, so you will get a lot of collection here, you can message about all these collections which are given on the screen so that you get the facility. The soft material is cotton but you can see it in cotton as well, see this country cotton variety, colors are also going to get light colors, here you get button sculls, here some need is given on the fancy side which you can see a lot It has beautiful white tones and what were the piping inside it but you can also see the sleeves according to the regular routine, everything you get according to the women’s test here you get the designs and even you can see the flower stitching Along with the pension you get and inside it you can see the complete Which you get very easily, then there are collections like this, here you get countless meanings that you get thirty plus concepts here, if there is any shortage in the design, then see this you are going to get it but its printing You can see that this thing has been made, for this the attitude of the buttons is going to be available and the design made inside the Stitching is not a different pattern, but with the pattern here you can see the pocket facility.

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It is found that we are many women who need pocket facilities such as keep mobile or if you can keep any capacity like this, you can have a hearty good farewell of Holi, you get the accordion of garlic collection because according to the normal routine we From Nighty Spain, neither do we get some different different collections inside it, nor do we get it very easily, then take care of the new design because it is very wonderful that means the whole but the printing has been made inside it here You can see it gets to the whole that you get to the whole The subscribe button is available here, the regular is going to be available here and you can see that it is full length, but if you want in size, you will get the size, here you can see one side which is pocket facility for you. On the inside, you are going to get something like this because there are some women who like style pocket more, then whatever side effect you get here, then it increases, the collection of the next flight of the next flight will give you a different design.

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Means we can say some test you are going to get this collection means it is liked in it you can see it is going to be found here and here you get it because what women like in men is the same In this way, if you are going to get it, you can see inside yourself that the variety which is not ending and the different designs are found here, then see this here you are going to get something in this way and inside you You can see that its beauty increases even more, so you can see the complete concept here. Subscription was used, inside which you can completely see that they are liked but only the collection is more liked that the superintendent is it, this is cotton cotton knowledge will be buried but what is inside it is something bright Complete printing of the type is available, inside which you can see the button small but unlike, here you can see the print you have designed here, which is very easily available here for mom.

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So let’s grow some new designs, why look at the next collection, there was some discount inside cotton, this variety was yes, false cotton which is a very cute fabric, it has black inside but black can see it then complete test of white embroidery Even if you get it, look at its brightness, I hope you have liked it very much and like this, the customer society stays together when they do not comment in it, then even more we like that through that we know this Lets know how your test is going to be which bra for you You can bring integrity that by connecting with the customers and helping them, this is our motive and if you also want to join us like this, once you must do Dexit, here is the director you use, then Kesaria Textile Company is where you are at the station. Surely you must have liked this video by subscribing to the channel, if there is a customer in your family who is doing clothing business, then you can also share this video so that the one who means our family becomes part of the family, then with this then thank you!

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