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Latest Cotton Saree Wholesaler: Hello, I warmly welcome all of you from Himanshi in Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction and today’s variety is going to happen here you can see all of you cotton varieties, which one we are yours And here you can see, I have brought some selected samples for you, which is going to be the very best design, now the designs are going to be cotton You all know that print is very much liked but print Apart from this, at the time you wash this saree, you are going to find the pattern here, inside the square, you can see that in this way you get an ambrose look, as much as you can see that you have to mean through different patterns. What designs are you going to get here through different silk threads, but here you can see the fabric that washes the cotton saree, now it is inside the fabric which is going to be Chanderi cotton, inside which you will very dearly Shining is found and inside the pallu pattern you can see some where good night means hit successful keyj design. Isn’t that pattern you are going to get here and in the fancy sarees that are like this, they are more liked by the zari work, so in the same way and with stitching, the whole way of work has been done in it.


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So let’s move towards its blouse, you can see that it is going to be a blouse separately, it means that you are going to get the whole cut of lettuce centimeters here or you can see that you will get full length. You are not going to get any shortage anywhere in the margin, on how you get more cut than what you are told in the Kesaria Textile Company, but it is not going to be less than that, so why fill the next design woman you can see Whatever the next design is going to be, it is going to be found inside cotton in such a way, but it is cotton cotton, here you can see here this whole design has been made over the suit cotton, inside which there is a very cute flower design. You get the lining in this way, which way you are going to be seen, but most of all just send that I would be the thing Is there a border inside the sari, you can see it is complete, you are going to get silver and golden zari worker here, you can see the catalog name, this catalog is going to be named Lovely One, inside which you will get 15 pieces. Completely set up is available, the whole sari is what you get in the same color, the blouse that will be available right now is the same as it is if you get the similar regular color charter accordion here, so the variety is there for all of you.


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I like it a lot in the South Side, but when the summer season is about to come, then the demand for such designs in All India increases a lot because you all know what goes in the patterns inside it. That we are not able to get the regular routine battery that this saree has, so here you can see the whole collection of Sara, you are going to get state wise, now if we see anything on the set, you can see it randomly. I have some lion that randomly I have also taken some shatter from here in which you can now see you with catalog It is available in the same place and with this also there is going to be a bar coding system, now you get the bar coding system here, when cricket customers come to develop here, they also know that any variety is available anywhere. Even if they don’t see it, then they get to know the price in the same way, it becomes easy to purchase, then they move on to the next design and the variety which is going to be Sunni, you can see the pallu which will be its full form. I am going to get you with the lining and the best border which has been made here inside the bottom, you will get a very cute little kunda collection means that you are going to get the accordion of different designs here, so the tashan here inside such a pallu It has been decorated that Dull skin which is not the question, they are also very much liked in this cotton sari because the lip that makes it look even better then you can see this saree now The bank that is going to fly means that the body part is very cute here according to the sequence. The bride design has been made in which you can see that all these patios are available with complete finishing, no matter how much we will control these varieties, even then this variety is not going to be spoiled by any Kesaria Textile Company which is only quality I deal in clothes business, that is the more we are able to earn profit in it, when all of you have to take more Fateh Edison with us, at the same time it is very important to maintain the quality because we have here.


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But 90% of the customers who add are repeat customers because they believe that the quality we are seeing in the video, they can take out the online shopping from home which means online purchasing. So grow and this design thief then you can see the pattern that is going to come next, in this way you get it inside the dark color, now you can see this saree which is the length we have every time in the country saree The quantity tells you every time but the length inside the saree in such a way It is Bigg Boss that matters more, now you get the 48th length here, so that you all know that the size of this saree is very comfortable, if you get it perfectly, then you can also get it. You can see the complete plastic mirror work has been used in it, which has been made according to very cute designs and you can see the inside of the pallu of this saree, you are going to get turns in it because nowadays such sarees are there.


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It is applied with tashan because the people who don’t have fancy party wear looks very suitable in the accordion, why cover the next design, then the next variety which is inside praise cotton but in this you can see it Complete that the Banarasi border concept that you are going to get here you can see the accordion of the wing and now you can see in it multiple colors have been used which you are going to get with silk threads and here you can see the saree Which this pallu will remain one sided, you get the jam china benefit inside it. That the beauty of the sari would not have increased even more that you are going to see the tashan used in it, now you can see the match to match color accordions have been put here, which means that you can see the complete combination of dark and light colors. You get all these sarees with blouse piece and it can be seen that you are going to get the blouse piece only with the bean and bean color accordion you get it but the cotton saree it is inside the cotton only if you If you want a readymade blouse, then which ones are available here because we have a variety of them here quietly, it starts with only 1020 ₹ 70, so let’s go to the next design, but now you can see the next variety I have for you.


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For this, I have brought the whole thing which is meant through Banarasi concerts, which we use in our regular routine and neither is this pattern in which you are going to get the pallu inside and here you can see the complete In which chapter does the whole skirt go to you, now in this we can see which will be the watch part of this saree. The whole flower design has been made here in which this design is done with very small fences, the machine is through the lever because the work that is done by the machine is available to you with the complete federation and there is an opportunity to connect with a manufacturer. The biggest benefit is that whatever variety you get is going to be available to you in a different style, so today I have brought for you all the cotton sarees which take according to the fancy designing, and I am going to bring the collection for you. For this, you will have to do that if you have not subscribed to our channel of Kesaria Textile Company, then go and do it as soon as possible so that you keep getting the notifications of new collections like this and you can stay with us in the same way. stay tuned but if you like varitis then the numbers given on your screen you need to call or message online time is going to be there for you every time because we can’t tell you the price i am Nishu this is what happens For this, if you need it with the online team, then I will not be able to come next Thank you till then with some new variations in the video.


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