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Heavy Work Saree Wholesalers: You all know that the channel stays with you for a few days, because even then there are so many designs, so the collection is going to change, so how can I not think of Himanshi from the Kesaria Textile Company and try for a new direction. All have come back, happens with New York for you, if we talk about it, here is one of only ₹ 5 which you are going to get inside it, very beautiful collection is going to be available to everyone living because we have here. But it is done and it is done in the living amount, which means in the world are available on you 45 years of experience means that there is a knowledge of forty-five years and not inside the clothes market, you will get to see it here. Along with not taking much time, the collection which is going to be there today as well as the heavy pattern sarees which you get here, you can get the complete of 4000 complete here, you can see that the whole is going to be available and You are going to get a lot of color in this way everywhere and you are going to get the whole thing with you.


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See the next concept which will be found inside the lycra meaning the important fabric, which is going to get this design inside the complete Brasso pattern here and here you can see inside the pallu which you are going to get the complete concept of cut and Which you will see the accordion of the lace and here you can see that small ones have also been made which are then built on top of each other and at the same time when you are going to get the stones cutter in the whole, now this is the pallu You must be thinking that this work is going to be done only in Pallu month, this is the whole party forces concept which is why you see here button hit correction which sequence that everyone knows that most you get inside it like That you can see but it is a very beautiful item with small flower designs available to the worker because Titan’s accordion is made in flower design, I find you inside them, we have accordion collections of Katwa.


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But you get plus design inside the contact, that’s all you can’t tell the collection. If you want that you can also take the facility of period or you can do that with us you are going to get the whole and its small and it is going to be available to you, you will get the whole, inside you subscribe We are going to get it but get it according to the small woo test that we see in the lab, but here you are going to get the real diamond and it happens and that is the party choice. The next collection is necessary, so here you can see the complete heavy pattern, which means that you are going to get it here and there is a dupatta of the material you see inside the pallu, neither the pallu of this saree This which is very much in demand for a traditional look, if you want them, you get very beautiful designs, you get it here with big ones, but definitely keep in mind that collectors ask for investment if If you are doing then you have to slow down the recording of your test because sometimes it happens that sometime tomorrow Sections are not able to be done, that’s why we don’t know that our cartage and but we have ordered a collection something different and absolutely you will have the disadvantage that your hard earned money goes away if you take the time then you will get a lot. Meaning that it happens in this that from variety, that’s why from where do you belong so that you are able to do well that collection this pattern you are going to get, you get the whole inside it means that the whole pallu is visible.


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And if you get all the B.Ed Niwai’s, then you will get a lot of designs, just two pieces cut according to your own accord, we start the collection here, yes or you can see similar varieties here, only two pieces of it. Starting from the set up, the price is going to get you light accordion and the designs you get, you get more than one wonderful collection here, you want different Yogendra Sharma, want a rangoli in the picture, want a georgette, want a phone or the way in which When you want variety inside viscose patterns, not every collection will give you Accordings of different designs are going to be available, no collection will be such that if you get the repeating accordion, then if you want to see many such collections, visit once directly because if you do not visit then you will not be able to know. How are you going to get the patterns in this Kesaria Textile Company because you get this complete collection, this saree scooties but dupatta, plazo suit material, lehenga blouse, wedding quid, you are going to get high variety, now the collection and many more are going to be implanted If so, you will continue to get updates, for this, subscribe to our YouTube channel as soon as possible so that you will remain connected with us, you will be able to purchase every collection online, you will get the facility of cash on delivery.


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You are going to get the facility of video call, you get the facility of pick up and drop so that you do not face any problem, then for this, how did you like today’s collection, you will definitely tell us and accordingly do comment from the wells. Tell me how was today’s collection and how would you like to see the next variety of the aircraft, I will keep on coming with new new collection with new to new varieties because if you visit then it would have been like six days to visit. are that monday to saturday can If you want to do it, you can do it very comfortably, but before that you will definitely give the information that you are going to visit on Sunday so that you get the proper guidance from here. You also get the facility of pick up and drop. Till then thank you Tata bye bye!


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