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Hello I am Himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction, the rain has come, by sharing it with some new varieties, you all will be good and your picture will be going very well and keeping this in mind. I have brought all the five collections that we have here, if you want some net basis varieties, then what is the DSS inside it, which is only the collection which starts from Rs 150 means that the varieties will change as soon as possible. By the way, price changes are also going to happen, so if you want to see all these collections, then call and message immediately and you get the information of all these collections, then why see the increasing variety of today’s collection. You get it in some way that means you can see if you get it, then the screenshot you take and if you message us then you get the details of your next variety why see this Which is going to be a concept like we see Halwa Banarasi saree inside it Wedding contact, so today doctor sir, new creation has been done inside it and small things are going to be found in it in a good way, then you are going to live in today’s video, stay till the last, you want to know if you want any information.


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If you can join us, then this is the collection, in the same way, the stones found with the plate design are found and the demand of the customers is not even the recent commented us, if the print sarees are office collections then you can see This work has been done completely inside and neither is found here, in this way I am going to meet you this week it is complete chiffon basis, inside it you get slapped full stones of multiple colors and inside flower pattern You can see that you are going to get the combination of pick with white, which according to any border, you can see the pallu right now, in the same way you are going to get this pattern, in which till the end you get small flower patterns here, see if this If you have something inside this sequence, then you are going to get the whole thing. There will be a complete catalog under the name Lee, inside it you can see that you will get rid of the border, you will get a lot of green collections, it is difficult to tell others of the video, so that’s why you can see the varieties I have shown you back to back So that if you get a little idea, which variety will be going for your accordion, then look at this next pattern, the catalog will be named as collection, here you can see it as well as the whole of this Banarasi border contact.


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Along with the complete pattern of the paan, you will get the golden zari work inside it, I get the money for that stone too, so see this next whatever lining you get means that it is completely made here, here it is inside the border and here you You can see the full name, I will show you so that it will be easy for you to take a screen shot, in the photos, it happens that if you do not understand it, then you will get a good experience about it, then it will be something like this for you. is going to be found inside which you can see and inside it there are whole small spaces. Laver design is found here, so I find it very cute and grow inside it, and inside it you can see that the one you get is very beautiful, so it is all you need to be a professional her or a party. According to the wear look, you are very cute, you are going to get a set of five faces inside it, so far we have seen all its variety, so if you have liked any collection inside it, then you are in your business.


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Mute necessary again and again according to the festival season collections of this type will be in very high demand, so you can see the complete catalog and variety in digital name now, if you look at the next design and see this complete catalog under the name Babu It is there and inside it you find the search of Diamond of Russia, here Facebook is going to find WhatsApp in this way, it is inside the shade that means the combination of dance with the light is not the same you get here Look at this, apply real mirror work, China, real mirror work, which gives us such a cross within a lot of work If yes, then here I am going to get you many more in this way, you can see that the bullets were made and not the whole you get along with the career of the stones, the length of the sari will be 630 You get the proper What is here is complete in the same way that this complete 3D work has been done according to Reliance, so whatever is available in this way, the catalog is going to be named Kasturi and here you can see small- Small bullets that are to be made along with the side of the stones, you get and such a variety is very much in demand in our UP and Bihar because there such collections Jyoti is usually done for a long time and the sarees are complete.


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In the world itself, the design is seen inside the voice of appraised sarees, neither is the test rattan of women more than that, so look at the complete border that you get in such a way, here Devendra The According Lace That Is Don’t And Here Is Attached Gary Kirsten To You are going to get the roper carry which is complete with whatever you have finishing India you can see here you can see in date the threading in such a way that is done here is the primary which is chiffon basis and Here you can see that the entire catalog name has been mentioned, as well as the designs you liked in this way and how you want to see the contact, you can definitely tell us through the comment, if you will do a diet visit or not. You will be able to know very well what are the varieties and included in the collection. Here you will see a collection of mother’s collection. Like but the savings are also soon as you can see what is in their own language, their sales. Executives are found in so that they become easy even in partying final Thank you for that bye-bye!


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