Onam Saree 2022 | Banarasi Silk Saree Manufacturers and Wholesaler | Kesaria Textile Company Surat

New thinking with new direction, from Kesaria Textile Company to Banarasi sarees are in great demand, this is a very beautiful item, it is a complete pattern but it has been done inside and you can see that very beautiful what you get It is known that you are going to get this pattern inside it, it is going to be named Rimjhim and which means someone is going to get the design in this blouse, you are going to get the whole rich and royal collection here with very beautiful designs and such concepts. Don’t move too much, this is going to be a proper test of life in our Maharashtra side, inside which you can see the pattern is also made in such a way, when these varieties increase, then see the next collection in this way. The collection is complete, they are the design, I have brought all the latest patterns for you, now this collection is complete according to the Jaccard concept, but the whole zari work has been done inside it, see the complete border you like this But all this is going to be found according to the flower pattern.

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You can also see the border, in the same way you get a very simple concept here and this pattern goes like this, whether it is the functions of marriage or just like Navratra is about to come, as well as in Diwali then like this The collection is going to make a lot of noise, so if you are doing business, if you want to do business of this bangles and if you are thinking of doing a banarasi saree root for your feet, then loot it as soon as possible because we have only 175 professors. Banarasi sarees start last, if you want variety up to three thousand, then you get at one place that if Kesaria Textile Company is manufacturing company, then it does it in Delhi itself, then collection which is 10,000 with budget. You can get it, but the color it is, it is very much liked and you can see what you mean in this way, in which you can see that this whole collection is visible. It is coming, you have liked the price, if you don’t have the top join us, that means through a message. A emerging new design, this is the pattern, it means that the name is so perfect, you are going to get the colors that are, you get bright colors inside it, you can see the pink color is full of stones inside it.

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You get this pattern for that you have been made, for this you are going to see the Kerry pattern inside the whole body, in this way you are going to get this collection that you will find here there will be no shortage of it and always Look at the collection which is made in this way, the design that is made is also attached to you but you have different blouse requirements then singers who join with our online team can now see the collection of blouses and if you have one If you want to see, then click on this button so that as soon as you get to know the back to back designs of all these collections, then they grow, there will be a whole catalog in the name of making it, now it is completely but it means this saree The entire pallu and border will be there, inside which you can see that there is a very good collection and it is very well used. Here you can see that the design has been made and the border is going to be available to both the top and the bottom, that means you can see the whole flower design pattern is found here, but you are going to get it, my customer is your joining.

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If so, they are very happy, they buy all these varieties from here and take them like custom is associated with us, nor do we want the same thing if you are starting a clothes business and if you keep sarees then Make sure the collection of sarees by typing in this type is necessary so that you have the decision of Diwali and not with much fanfare in it, which can carry forward its business, now if I talk about packing it with all the variety, then see it in such a way that you have it. The whole collection is going to be accorded to the box packing, here you can see the complete catalog named Anushka, the bar coding system is the price you are going to get from the pick, inside that you do not get any shuffle if you add offline, add online It is the language that gives you the facility, or else you get the same price. If it is going to be found from here, then the next design means it has been done inside the clock and there will be a bad catalog named Dhadak and inside it you can see the whole border which is the accordion of the stones, here you will see small booties made You can see that some time soft has been made in the saree and there is a very beautiful white tone, there is some different design, nor is it always how you are going to get this in the Kesaria Textile Company, so here you see the pallu something like this If you get it in a way, then when this saree is so beautiful, then you maintain a little suspense, that means if you want to see not only its pallu but also the whole saree, then take a screenshot of what it is, get EPF and through video call.

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You can easily see the zonal designs of all these collections sitting at home, don’t miss out on this beautiful collection because now the season is going on, the festival is going to have some similar collections inside it and specially Maharashtrian tastes in yours, there are such varieties. you all know normally He also lives in the train too much, so look at the next collections that we saw in the pack, yes this is the entire catalog named Anushka, while the sari I am showing you, this is a complete combination of dark red color and it is a complete peacock The design has been made in a very small collection and from within it means that it is going to give the most wonderful collection of variety, its pallu is as beautiful as it is going to be a whole saree and if you are about to complete it. I want to know then you like, tell that you get it but if you get more political statement white saree variety than you have in 100 extra seats and there are so many collections that if you want to do all the shopping from here or not your hobbies For so you can do it very comfortably from here, the minimum budget will be 10,000, cash on delivery is available for you, that means in any corner of India where you get cash on delivery through pin code and that is video call. You can purchase via COD, it is available but worldwide shipping is yours. You will find it very beautiful today’s design and I will always keep coming with new designs till then don’t join us till then that means how to subscribe to the channel of latest style kabaddi Take it by pressing the bell icon till then thank you Tata bye bye!

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