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Most of the suit material, you will be seeing the variety of suit material here, inside which you get interior designs, weddings bring special designs, but this time marriage is going to happen, is there a two for daily routine? Yes, today I am going to have a party that I will bring for you, which is going to be liked by you as soon as you see it, hello how come I am Himanshi from the Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction at once with some party ware conserved. With the design inside which you are going to get this design inside many patterns and you get some difference in it that if we do then all this cutting is done then it is made, then you are given on the screen to know the same way you call You can get the facility sitting at home that you get it inside and it is inside cotton because the collection can subscribe, in this way you are going to get full inside exam cotton also you will get full pure jam cotton You can see that the design has been made, which is complete. The embroidery is people’s design, the liver’s accordion has been worked here because the name of this pattern has been found shower and now you can see small booties in it, so by the way, you are going to get complete leaf two plus length in it.

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And this dupatta is going to be the most unique and the most beautiful dupatta that you get this dupatta inside the pure, which you can see with great detail this sari design was made which typing here You are going to get and the whole material is inside for all but you get the absolutely silky material here and all this variety which you are going to get and set up by grinding that we deal here only in more settings single If the warden is not taken for the piece, then take care of the new design and now the final design I am going to show you is inside the upcoming Upasana Singh, which is a party at a time, through which way, then you can see it. Apart from that, what is made in it is something complete, you get the net or the accordion, the entire design of the sequence has also been made. and inside it you can see that the very best concept and most designer variety you get here and all this collection which happens every time you go anywhere You also get involved with the manufacture but it is very difficult to get such collections and it is also very important to maintain the quality in that too, so you can see that the scarf which is going to be a dupatta is also inside your foot. If you get it, then you can see that you are going to get the complete B and the scarf here, that too you get the best of the accordion, you get the border concept of samosa lace all around, you are going to find such a variety here.

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Hai Catalog Boys Non Catalog The concept you want is going to be found here so that there is no shortage of collection that you all know, then you get a design inside a new design plate cotton in which you can see If you can, then you can get the complete design here. It is going to be found and you can see the collection in it and you are going to get it inside it, now it will be a dupatta, it is going to be found in double color inside which you are going to get it, you can see it is a dupatta and inside it is complete The line is found inside it, you are going to get that every time we go to chat on ourselves, the first thing to see is that there is going to be a scarf inside it, so if you are using and laborer material inside it that if You must keep it that what is there is very much liked and sometimes it is two times, once you open on the counter, the guarantee of getting the cells as soon as possible is also clear that if you get it, then the button is only looking at the new design.

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You can get some new patterns in this way, which you are going to get back inside the supada cell and in this you can see something different, the area option you will be seeing which is designed for you and some Along with the cut and pattern, the whole embroidery goes to the folk, here you can see the fancy button skin types of lockup matching here The dupatta is going to be there and you are going to get the pure dupatta here or you can see that you get the sequence work on both the sides in this way, this sari design is made with great detail. For less, you are going to get it in Everyday People and the color that goes to you in the set up of For Pisces, according to the regular colors, here you are going to get all the variety, so it is difficult to tell the price of everyone from here, so for that You can connect with our online team, else I just wanted to tell you that whenever the sun rises, do visit once which is only 10 minutes away from the station, inside the Millennium Market on the blog at Spicy Schezwan where you can All this brightness means that once you can take a view of the Ladies Wear Complete Collection, you can try anything, you get sales executives in your language so that you also get easier in purchasing so why should you design You can also see NAAC which will be the designer at the end of the Upasana sale.

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The rate is going to be the name of every single Sabri, I have already mentioned you so that it becomes easier for you to understand Variitis, so you can see that you are going to get 42% complete and the sequence is bad inside it too. It’s time is full silky button and the scarf that is going to be inside it, what does it mean to you double border, in this way you get border on both sides that too small boot you are going to get with it so this you You can see the complete cut means that you get the sunshine of two and a half meters and in the same way you will have the tip top, with the cut of two and a half meters and I am going to meet you with the cut of the bottom two and a half meters, so let’s go. As a new design, I am going to show you the complete design that means we must open and see how the design is going to be, then you can see it means that it is looking very beautiful. You can also see its color, some units of classic color you get in it, the whole sequence has been worked out in it and its throat time which is attractive.

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It is the most point for action and the designs have been used very well and now the dupatta which is going to be there is also available inside the pure but its material is very good, you can see the collection as you can see in our It is being shown inside the video, while the collection is also going to be delivered to your home that they shipping is available from us, so you can see this scarf is also going to be very unique in this way, we will get it with full time. And you are going to get the set voice saree design like here you can see that you are not going to know here too, you get a lot of patterns inside the suit material, so now you see all this collection, any of these collections If you liked it you can take a complete memory screenshot and then message us so that you get to know about the price so that you stay like this by clicking on the i button you can see the suit material scanner and many more congratulations So that if you want any business related idea then you can get it from us. Because how Kesaria Textile Company is not only a name, it is the biggest trust, where you do not go only by purchasing, every step was you if you want any success, if you get it from us, then I will come and answer the question. Till then you will definitely like and comment so that we also know how the act of demand is going to be, so thank you till then.

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