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India Silk Saree Wholesaler: You all know this dam fuel is a kind of test that is going on in a lot of trains not only in our Rajasthan but in All India, so what I have brought for you in the same way means that now Sawan If it has started, so many patterns are in high demand inside the Sawan, so here we have the complete collection of Ladies Way, then you get everything, you are going to get the set voice in some way that means only A variety that starts with its settling in two pieces, I have brought you a few days you can check for Himanshu with tech and competition, new thinking and new direction, inside tying, now as we are talking about bandhani sari Were here that our mind starts with only 165 form that you can see now it is a very soft material to be Tubelight because the whole of it which you are going to get this design inside silky pattern can see it I am showing this concept of without lace border inside tying, which you can see Allu you get in this way The design is according to the whole world a concept you are going to get and these designs are also found in flower design means that there are so many collections which are very difficult to see in a single video so you can see just watch the practice If you like any collection, then you can purchase set wise from here, then see this complete saree.

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You see the whole printing, you die inside it, you can see the blouse, you get the attachment, that too With the border contact, why look at the net design for the birthday now and the pattern that is going to come, in this way you get something inside the yellow color which is going to be chiffon basis this saree border you can see the complete Which broad border are you going to get here and here you get small booties which are made inside flower design and inside orange and lucky ring color and here you can see the whole world us this In a way that is going to be done, you get the complete work of the sequence, watch this complete Saree mother is going to get this design in this way, it is yellow color, so you all know it is the right color, if you want to deal with the sari inside it, then keep the collection in such a way that That you can get it in bright colors and if you want to keep the test of All India then it is very important for you to have solid information about each variety, that is why you are taking your website about it and from your sale to you. You will be able to increase that in the business of clothes, you all know that there are many traders who are going to be included in your competition, but it is important for us to keep in mind that even if you are doing business from tomorrow, then you should keep such a collection.

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If no one else keeps it, then why not have a new design, then look at the next one which is going to be tight, in this way you are going to get this concept inside green color, you can see the complete way in which it gets It is absolutely weight loose typed saree you are going to get because it can be used according to daily routine and it has Ab Dekh sakte lace between You get the screen and whatever is inside it, you are going to get this cigarette type pattern, inside which the complete tying accordion design has been made or you can see that there is a specialty of printed saree and printed saree. That we print full thirty variety Jyoti saree that has a complete lace border you can see up to 9 meters you are going to get weak in all these waters here which you get the complete collection here set now Kiya hot thing, in this way you are going to get the packing complete how is it that you get branding from catalog to backpacking all high which you are going to get complete state-wise and with Penny Singh so that when If you order all these varieties, then you get it from the set voice, but the quality that it is and 1 pitching is going to be retained in the same way, then take new designs, then you can see that now the pattern that is going to come is something heavy. Concept, what coding you get, like what you are, very easily for traditional look.

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Through this, you can use such a concept and it can be seen inside the entire pallu like you are going to get the gota leaf when you do the color you can see the orange which is this combination is given inside it and here which is inside the whole sari In this way you get the border, you are going to get the piping concept, the red color lace is attached from the top back, after that here you are going to get the whole design of the sequence, even then this saree will remain part on the shop all According to the meaning that there is mile point printing done inside it, but here you can see the border, inside the pallu it means that there is a partly pallu concept, then you are going to get this design inside the party, which is the whole of the broad border here. You get that too with the look of tension so that the beauty of the saree which is 19, you are going to get a different style of accordion and inside it you can see the blouse of red color when it means yellow orange and With that, you are going to get the perfect design of red color blouse, so much like this.

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If you want to get many more information about Surat Beautiful Patterns, then you can join us by calling us now through video call who can purchase all your variety carefully, specially in your language, you can be a sales executive. are found so that you do not face any problem in fast chatting, then grow next brighter clear so who is going to get this next word with black color and global black which is the color you all know that fashionable Whether or not the party wear look remains in demand every time, but here you can get it inside the tying, it can be seen that all India is tested, if I do it after the test of UP and Bihar, then something like this collection You get it because the whole was used in this way equipped with this officer, inside which there is a test up of gota leaf from Siroski Diamond and here you can see the flower painting that has been made now, it is complete to you. Equal Friend is going to be found inside which you can see in the very best way Htup gets it and the collection that is there, you are going to get it only by directly connecting with a manufacturer because diet tell all of you that when we go to chat, then we are missing some variety inside it. But when you visit inside this Kesaria Textile Company, then you are going to get such collections that even if you lose the whole appearance, even then such designs, such quality and such patterns are not going to be found anywhere.

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So why use new designs, see this next which variety is going to be in this way that you will get silk pattern accordion that if I talk about this, then this Tata pattern that you get here in which you can see in Marwar so like this It is done but that center Jaipur Evening Design has been created that means that which ones you connect from anywhere, you will just input in your varieties and not very well the design of the saree which it will be able to fail and Customers will never be able to leave from your place disappointed, but the pattern you will keep. So the customer will go once but they will know that you will find it here in the designer and you need to give time to each pattern which is there so that you will know how the customer’s test is going to be then can see it You are going to get the whole saree in print in an easy way, you get the blouse as well as you have seen in the saree, whatever fringe you get in the pallu, then use the new design why the neck which is going to be a concept some battery sarees According to the test of this design, you can see it is complete, you will get it inside the dark color, see that the whole dam is on your side, here you are also going to get some lining designs, very cute color If you use your head inside it, the border pattern is here when you get the full lace water of the gota leaf, that the dam is your sari, it is the sari of the frill area, so you have a border. Which it always gets along with the lace border of the gota leaf, that too with sick thirtyteen length. Along with something else in this way, the printed blouse that you are going to get attached inside it, then here you can see that here too your eyes will go for proper, you will get a test of the exterior because how in the Kesaria Textile Company, the ladies are weak collection which is special to you. If you get the statement’s accord, then I will stay with our channel in this manner till then, do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel YouTube channel and if you liked the video then definitely like it So that till then the entire collection is in detail, thank you!

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