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Heavy Work Saree Manufacturers: You need a lot of designs inside the sari that means if you want a design, then it is the only option for you, how is this Kesaria Textile Company that you get the collection that is here in the market for Rs.45 and every time I am yours For this, the saree brings some selected varieties inside it, but this time I am going to show a lot of variety, especially in this video, through which you will now know how the patterns which are going to be found here, I am going to show you now. Here we start from the unit 150, but as the design changes, so will the price of the same will be given to the change, so how is the Kesaria Textile Company going to get the treasure inside the sari, that too only from ₹ 40. If the associated collection starts, then similarly if you are doing business of saree, which is very different design inside the saree, if you want to input then how can you connect with the Kesaria Textile Company by calling the number which is on the fun screen? Given that you have to make a call and dialed we can pair state wise in You can purchase from here through all the variety, now the list of price of variety there are many customers who have a little doubt that here we will take the collection from here but what is their price we know inside online If you will get something different or if you are going to get something different in offline, then it is not going to happen at all, you also get a trust from here, yes its trust is that you will get bar coding system inside every variety here.

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Which you can see, in this way the bar coding system will remain, the price has been mentioned to you, what is the set, what is the fabric, what is the design, what is the design, everything is mentioned so that the customer dry who comes here to visit Neither do they have a faith, they also get the experience in purchasing that the collection we get is going to be very good here This is going to be some design that can be taken out for you for the sample in which the design will be given. You can eat a whole lot of bizarre things going on inside with this and what you will find in this, you get something like this with diamonds and this very cute bride title gets the new new here here The bride does not like some such designer saris, which are different, which one or the other collection needs more for her, then you can see here, which you get, inside which the whole of golden and silver color is here. It is going to be found in this way you can see inside which you can see the pattern made and you get Siroski diamonds which are the work of different machinery due to which it is not spoiled even after this year.

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If there are, then you can see here that you are going to get a dont, so the price of the collection is inside the flower designs, I cannot tell you that all of you know that Suraj is a very big of a manufacturing company. Yes, you will find many manufacturers here, who have a lot of designs, but in that too we have to pay attention. It is necessary to give that how we are going to get quality from here because you all know that at every 10 minute step, you will find many merchants who will get you the cheapest variety but we have to price It is not necessary to see, we have to see how its design will be, as well as how its packing is going to be with the same, what will be its fabric and its quality because if you maintain the quality, then the customer will always be with you. Staying connected means that you get the same experience of repeat customers from here, so you can see that the whole pattern is inside it and here you can see that the whole thing is going to happen if you have something. Should be found from inside the color that with diamond and if you want this pattern inside it, how can you see this black rangoli, something different must be seen which is going to be found in complete black color, so the name for it is And here you can see the complete tower design that has been made here, the work of silk threads is here.

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But you can see that you are going to get something like this and according to the 500 alarm set up steps you get here, then the collection which is there, you will get many 500 plus products or else you are going to get it. Quickly I’m going to show you the design I like the test keep taking this screenshot keep taking this screenshot till you don’t fight the variety screenshot what you are it’s going to take a lot of hard work to buy this In the festival season, if you want to purchase this website immediately, then do it as soon as possible, because what is there now, there is a lot of increase in the number of customers because all of them want that their festival season is not coming. That their shop is in demand, they have to do more, because you all know that if we are doing business, then until we do not get profit in the middle, then there is bound to be something or the other. So we want any customers who connect with us to be those who are on the hedge. Sanjay will get profit and within his vigilance, who keep going on such heights, then you can see that if you want net sarees, then net is available anyway, you will get it with complete cutwa, here it is built on its own. That you are going to get it very beautifully, but whatever sarees you clean, you have to take it state wise, in a single piece, we are not ordered nor taken from here, so what is yours for this All the variety is easily set hanging so that you will have it in the collection and it will be easy for you to show it to the customers, then see this and many more designs for you to get here if you want turmeric and kay inside the plan. If you want inside or something like this, you can see it in Banarasi type, if you want texture, then that too concept of it is found here, right now if I talk about sarees here, then there are so many meanings that the sarees will come here. Friends plus designs I am going to show you today through a single video and this is something that I will take for you.

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I have just brought a small vision which is not there for you, I am showing you a small straw so that you will get the idea that how you are going to get samples from us here and inside the bridal, we are here only. You also get this setup in two pieces, inside which you are going to get double color and if you women want to do business sitting at home, then she can get all these varieties, that too with a minimum cost of 5000 that you all I know that women who must do their side income, you all know that when we become half, we also get a lot of time along with that, so why can’t we use clothes through some side income. Start reading from the description that the cheapest and most growing business used to be the clothing business, in this if you do business from home, then you will also know that what is inside your area, you will be able to sell if you save. If we want to start a business, then first of all the feeling that we have to speak should be very good. That it should be such that the customers who fulfill their requirement and it is easy to make variety special for themselves, then it can be seen that in this way Bigg Boss is going to get saris loudly here.

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You need the complete way of work, small and small with it, you can see what it gets and now you are going to get the complete button here and inside it if you want us, then you can find it here. It is because our YouTube so that the customers who are there have a lot of requirement for such website because whatever is there these normal sarees are liked, so you can see the whole collection you get something like this if you go south Belong from South, get it from Rajasthan or hard collection on Kerala side, what you have here is going to be available at reasonable price means if you get human variety in factory rate then you can see some red Inside the fort, if you want a gray color border with which, then you should also like the variety. Yes, but it is going to be complete, if you want more type pattern, seeing the gift inside the pallu, you get the collection here, that too is going to be available state wise, then keep watching this saree designs and if you are known for rice quickly Just make a video call, do all the variety of purchases through video calls, but keep taking screenshots so that you can easily get the facility of the period because I am showing you the collection right now but when we will suggest which collection store we also do not know.

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It is here that every customer question coach who keeps on taking the seminar variety from here on his mind, then here you can see something in this way, which is complete with the complete double border concept, the variety gets small. -You are going to get the small Lao pattern, similarly this saree is printed in shift, it is found inside the sequence, if you want, then in this way you are going to get lining designs, then I would like to tell you that in the video Now diet is better than stitching on the medium, how is the Kesaria Textile Company? Visit Pani and with the help of this type, you will be able to see the collection yourself and apart from this, you will also get an idea from whatever design and all this variety which is not you comfortably without any limit that means without any budget limit You will be able to purchase this variety if voice typing is available, then you will have any problem to purchase this variety and all the variety is delivered to your home through transport, but if you want to carry all the varieties, then you can take it. You can get the facility for that and in this also you can see that you are going to get thousands of patterns inside stickers in this way, so today we have seen the collection in which you like Dare Designs to Plain Mode Designs, some collections you like. Come it will happen, now by commenting, tell us how did you like today’s collection. Haven’t subscribed to the company’s channel yet. Click on the button so that you will continue to get notifications of new collections and you will know which collection is inside the market till then thank you goodbye.

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