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With the new thinking and new direction, Himanshi has brought variety of suit material, special designs from above and all this pattern which is being liked very much now Let’s start the accordion toe of party wear look. It is going to be Marathi, it is going to happen inside the pilot mole and you can see that in this way you are going to get a completely new creation here, which you must be seeing that the whole sequence work was done here with this You only get it inside the normal top and its length is going to be there, if we talk about it, then you get it and its going to get the dupatta, you get the dupatta, it is going to get it because by completing it and getting it here You can see that the design has been made, the objection that you get lace water here is such that you are going to get such products with the set up of For Pieces, the colors that will remain you English color here too But you can find some regular routines, if you want, then I am going to get such products here.


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If you are, then we are going to have a birthday neck design, which you can see is going to happen inside our cell and its color is also very amazing that everyone likes red color very much but in this you can see the complete Hand work has been done with multiple colors and you get the complete oil and witch collection here and you can see the length you are going to get a positive plus seat, just like the collection, take a screenshot so that You can know all these varieties about its price through our online team, then you can see that you get all this collection with small and big beauties and what is about all these collections, you also get the facility of PF.


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If you get the buttons towards the new design, then you can see that you like the light colors very much, why there is a girl love affair of China, then the like color is liked more on them and in this way you can see the whole What you have is going to be found inside some silky pattern as you get from the whole line but the sequence has been done. Everyone who is Don’t Number’s According here you are going to get the bar coding system here so that if you come to visit anytime randomly and if you take any variety in hand, then you will get it completely.


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According to the bar coding system, you are going to get this, then you can see that this scarf is going to be found inside the whole family, but here you are going to get a simple glass border here, you will get the design all around. So far, if we talk about this note, then you will see some samples here, you get the complete grind and set up, which you can see, you get the catalog together and inside it Bar coding system I am going to get you with every variety because the rate that you beat is fixed here because in the manufacturing cost or the oath is going to be taken and inside the cigarette means that we see from the whole company and all this design Which is ready by making in our factory itself and whatever collection is made here, some different designs are capable.


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If you get these things, then this is some solution only from inside the ID but in the next video I am going to bring some more wonderful varieties for you, till then you will have to do this, you can subscribe to our channel so that you will get new to new Keep getting the notification of the collection, till then you are going to get inside the Edison and here also you get the complete sequence line, which you are going to get inside the whole that it is this but it is very important all these If you get the royal feel you are going to get, you can see that I get lockup on both sides, every such type of triangle type, so that you are going to get this samosa lace water skirt around you, then its The neck design also increases inside, so the variety that is going to come inside is going to be inside the georgette but you are going to get some hut patterns or you can see complete you are going to get semi stitch and in this also you will get full sequence The pattern is found here, so whatever size you are going to get inside the flame, you have to titu You get the plus length here and in this also let’s talk about all that you can see, you are going to get the whole thing behind this and wherever you go, till you buy these varieties, there are problems in the margin too.


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You also have a problem in the length, but here the size online is not going to be a problem at all, from here you can also see the size you are going to get perfectly and here you also get full circle with umbrella cut. If it is, then add it towards its scarf, then the scarf that is going to be there is that you can see that you get it inside the heavy work itself, you can see that the design is a wedding function or a party wear look, then its They put a lot of moon inside and all such collections you must improve so that you also know that in all these collections you are able to set up the margin very well, very comfortably up to a t-20 percent, you can invest margin and you are going to get all these collections catalog wise by purchasing the set up Have to do Worldwide shipping is available from here, so all you have to do is chatting on a firm direct sales officer with a minimum budget of 10,000 to 20,000, then there are going to be any limitations that all India test is now available here If there is no shortage of design in the collection like you brought me, then you will definitely tell by commenting and you stay like this I am with us Quiz but you can repeat till then thank you Tata bye bye.


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