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That Rakshabandhan is such a holy festival in which brother promises to protect his sister, be it happiness or sorrow, he says that sister, be sure, your brother will be with you forever, as long as we have a bond, this brother will be with you. Together, by becoming a wall, it protects you in your happiness and sorrow, and he gives this promise to his sister, and in this holy festival that we celebrate, the brother gives a lot of land to his sister, but the sister also gives a lot of land to her brother. The one who ties the rakhi to the ashes says that brother, I will definitely get this path, but my blessings are always with you, because we have this festival, this is a holy festival and we have been celebrating it since. And this is an identity of our India and we are keeping its identity alive and will keep it alive and many many best wishes to you all on this holy festival and also many good wishes to you from 65 challan company, otherwise a new direction.

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With how the demand from the textile company has come once again for you every time the temple is there, we keep seeing the variety. Through which we get to know what the update is going to be, but when there is anger, that is also why the customer can get to know that and their respective improvements are connected through the company, then how do you know that it is through the tube And basically you are from where we are from Nepal and your name and you are doing clothes business, then how old are you, 101 years old, that means you are a housewife and started clothes business, how do you have experience and And you have started many clothes business, your father also used to say that if you have to do something, do your own thing, do not do it with anyone else, then after listening to them, neither thought that we also have to do something for ourselves, then saw this through YouTube So then before we started we did, first we did not come here that we were cleaning online from anywhere else, well then it came to know that we have given, so according to this we came here again.

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I have put you Surat Good element Surat is the first time so how are you so how did you like the investment here, they were showing you what they wanted, that would be the collection, then the last I should subscribe to the customers, then how did you want your craving, the way to eat is right and how we have to do and which clothes are good and which are not, now they told this well, otherwise they told a lot from those people.

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Many thanks, be very happy with the elections, this is what happens to our customer, who is very well satisfied from our place, there is also a place with us as a happy customer, neither would we have got another enthusiasm That is because as we bring new new varieties for you, so that we do new creativity for you, neither do we also feel that we are becoming capable and today in the whole world we are going to know that today the customer If you are associated with us from Nepal, then something will happen that if the retail companies become known all over the world, then in such last also I would like to say that if you want to join with us and do online purchasing and want to get a director, then you can get eagerly. The numbers are given on your screen and with this I am going to leave you with Himanshu. In this new video, the village has become a face with a variety of weakness.

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