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That with new thinking and new direction, I have once again brought some new varieties for you, that means every time we see some special thing, but you get it here, here you get what happens inside the dam. If you want, then you get that which is available to Rajasthan, which is what you like very much, if you like it, then take a screenshot and replace the order by calling your instant so that all this collection is ours. It is only ₹ 5 starts, inside which you can see who is going to get the whole thing in this way, that means you also get in this way all of you who matched the color combination in a very good way. We have gone and can see the design of the lace which you are going to get with plastic mirror work, here you get what you get in the Gotta Patti Lab, which we speak, what is the collection you will get more than one Whatever is there, you get in it that the collection is for you and as we here tell you that its Inside what you can see here is that you have to meet here, you get it so that you can apply more, then you had some daily routine in this way, inside which you are going to get a fancy color sheet means that this saree is right now You are going to get the lace water attached with Siroski diamond inside it, but here you can see that the design has been made with great detail, here in the Gota Patti lace border then you get it.


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You can see that the police is going to get you with a length of 6030 and the whole pattern is found inside the pattern itself that the design which is taken is very much liked because the color that sleeps inside it They are used in a very good way, these patterns are in high demand and according to the same, Him has brought saris for you, so you can see what you get inside it, you can see it completely. Together you will find that his father is inside it and see that it is complete which is the way you get it. It is taken with oil printing that you are with your husband in complete golden color and you can see that it is not going to be a flower inside which you can see that what it is, it seems very much that Everyone knows that the women who have makeup, by the way, who are going to be found here, then you want to move forward and if you want to do a lot of collections, then definitely do it and it is being liked more all over India nowadays.


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Some people like different tests more, if we too, then it will be necessary to keep some such questions, due to which the connected customers come to us not once but a thousand times, then take care of the new design but inside it you will get this which will give you the complete Here you can drink with zari work and it is not going to be inside golden color but the whole work has been done and rather it speaks how whoever is a Rajasthan customer must have understood but inside it you can see If the printing goes, then talk about it, then it is available to the whole, if you want the color inside it, then have a look here. Toilets as I can see all around, there is not going to be any shortage in the designs, that means if you want to drink while sitting at home and also want to get the facility, you can also order the price like I told you starting Rs 165 If you start from here, then the last goes here in designs up to two thousand, if you want till 3000, then I would like to show you that in some way you get the packing which you are going to get pocket packing with decisions. In I you get this design and above each variety you can see bar coding system you will get in every variety because ladies way complete collection you are going to get here means sari scooties but dupatta plazo suit material slangs and butt with it Like every design you get here, you are getting all the tricks, so in this you get that when we associate with a manufacturer, I get to ask every time why this saree is not Chinese and now you all know Rakhi is coming.


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It is going to run in the middle because the ad gift has been accorded or what are the unmatched pregnancies necessary to enhance the beauty of your shop, then why increase the next design, then see this way you are going to get it now which is complete -The whole is found and inside you can see that the whole is found, which is machine machined in different types, because of this it cannot spoil at all, you are going to see the whole in it. There will also not be a problem, that means that what is not going to happen after that, then it was that the supplier who is there, you can add all this variety of blouses by adding them, you can also see the full tone tone inside you typing. If you get it, then you can see why the new design of the button is coming next week, you are going to get it inside some orange color and with orange color, then you can see what you get in full of Rama color. This is the whole name Pushpa and inside it you can see that the whole has been completed which is very much what you are going to get.


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Women always like that the sari that belongs to them starts with the sari, then you get all the small flower designs, which is the first to get the whole concept inside it, now see the water too. In the same way, you can get rice inside, so now all these contacts can be ordered from the comfort of home with a minimum budget of 5,000, that means first let’s see as if I told you that you have to get it here. This goes to the very best combination we have got so far, which we can do in small functions but this one is going to be very good, so told all of you, everyone likes to live in different looks So the whole of this was worked inside a gota leaf that you would have got this full red color quintal which you get from piping, now you can see the complete design of the whole take and what you get inside it You are going to get very cute pallu, but you can see that you are going to get the whole way that Surat In every step you will find many merchants but you have to keep in mind where the quality is maintained and from where you can see that it matches with the quality but you get it as a whole.


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There is work but work is not going to be done, here you get a complete stylish designer, now you can see that it is beautiful too If you are going to get new designs then why next variety is going to come, will there be a complete catalog in my name which is made with gift oil printing and you can see the whole thing which is the boiler printing is done inside it lehariya design A very lovely lining is given inside it and the concept of yellow color which has been taken inside it, inside the lace body, you get the whole thing with Siroski diamond that too with Kota Pati Lace Water. You can see the whole of the saree, you are going to get it inside the printer itself, which is a brand new saree. In which you can see that the whole whole design is available to you and it is going to be seen only in the Kesaria Textile Company, which means that whenever you come, even if you do not roam in the whole face, you will get this type of The concept itself is not going to be found even that means that we can tell you with a guarantee that the bar coding system you get here was not done by linking it with any manufacturer in its entirety and also in that design. How did it go from that if there is a branding of some, then you are not going to get such variety anywhere, but what you are, it is very easy to sit at home in the facility of video call, that too the executive of your language you are here So that you will be able to suggest well how the test is going to run in your area wise and at the same time the golden opportunity for you is that from now on we have also made COD available for you. Question Delivery is available week so that all these collections can be purchased from here by budgeting a minimum of Rs.10,000.


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If you want even more information, then you are going to get it from our online like there are many customers message us that how much is going to be the charge of transportation from your place, so if you want to know about it So for that you will have to connect with our team that you all know that according to the budget you will take, the entire budget of your Joe and transport is going to be complete and the budget is going to be that you all know the exit budget, we will not even tell you. Because knowing your amount, how you are going to purchase Variitis, then if we know about it, then you will be able to get a good detail through our team so that if you want period facility then you get it from here and this whole collection You just have to take the state wise that the heart is done in shift Shivling here, so I hope you would have liked today’s collection very much, so many such collections which if you want to see more then click on I button. You can click and you will get a one-time view of all these collections so that All the collections If you want to do face-to-face purchasing, you can also address if I would like to tell you it will be found only 10 minutes away from the station in zoom from stars on market B block where many more of this type You get the contact pick up and drop facility is going to be available so that if you have any problem then in today’s video it will be yours to take some more varitis till then thank you!


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