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Bluetooth to turn saris which you all know also get a lot of different date time inside it that means chanderi cotton become cotton cotton varieties like cotton above or even inside quota check that means same fabric If we get so many names inside, then you can understand how the fabric time is going to be available, so today which one I have brought for you, it is going to be a variety from special quota, inside which you are very beautiful. If the designs are going to be received, then stay till the end so that I warmly welcome all of you about China and you keep getting here on our YouTube channel every time that if there is a slogan, then keep coming from here. And if you want, then you are going to get it from us every time, in the same way, today’s collection will be computer, you are going to get cotton sarees inside it and we have cotton juice sarees here only 99 pieces starts. You can see that now the concept that you are going to get inside the quota in which it has been made means that inside it It has been completed, you can see that if you get it, then you are going to get it here, that means that the whole design of the leaf has been made and what is here and many other meanings that you can see from what we speak. It must be coming that there is no shortage in the collection, you get this sari along with the sari, the way candy is made by making it, that means we can also speak bike test like this, send me a complete check inside it.


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The design will be visible inside which is inside the quota tax and check the design inside it with double designs means that you will see the double line in here, then you are going to get the complete printing concept inside it. That whole machines and why and this is what is said, you are going to get this complete print printing, you can see in it that it will be very beautiful you are going to get the pallu, you will get this complete contact with the complete lining design And inside the background of the valve sari means that inside the body part, you got the design news in this way Edison, now this is about to come, I am going to tell you that you are going to get this for everyone, then it is going to be a printed designer, so it is cylinders in this way, you are going to get fifty plus seats because you all know that sarees are full. It is important to keep inside the sarees, you all know that the size of the women which is longer, were smaller, then the according to the saree which will be necessary to come equal, then you can see the pattern that has been made here, you will get it inside.


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So first of all, you will get it in a complete way, inside which the entire design is made inside and the pallu coming with the pattern of matching it all the way means that it seems to be complete in such a way that you all know that If it is not in the nadis and what you can see, see this way you are going to get it, which is very cute, made inside you and you all know this design is very much liked especially in South South many names That’s why it comes to tell all of you that the test that is done there is inside a cotton sari. If you do not get it, then in some way here you get silky varieties in the juice, which one will go here that if there is no such college saree from Rajni, then the saree will not be crazy on mother, then you will win in it in an easy way. Here you get the complete artwork type design here, keeping in mind the same pattern, the design of the print, which is also made wide inside the figure, then you can see the complete In the same way you are going to get this pattern blouse, you get the full design force in the same way that when the saree is so beautiful, then the blouse is also going to be available to you in the same style, then you can see that shoulder you can see this whole saree in this way. Inside you are going to get a button which means different colors, take bread inside it as well, in the nation you are going to get it and you can see the pallu that will remain, you get the same details according to it.


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The work is going to be done inside it along with the check and there will be no shortage in the collection because we have every concept here. T will be seen back here, you can see here you are going to get it, in the same way you will get the whole of the whole and in that which you can put here that how is going to come, how is the number on the screen now It is given now you can message and all this collection which you need so that you can see the collection if you are having problems, it is a design running in all India means that inside it you also get the touch of tying it and The f5 pattern that has also been made here and the blouse design is such a design when we talk about the design from the children’s collection to the sarees, then the app lock pattern which is always in demand in it, then it can be seen complete. You will get these designs inside the quota, now you will think that there are many customers who start a new vision, they do not have any knowledge of fabric, even then you must think that how some customers can find it inside You can see that the variety of quota check is very much what it is, it will be clearly visible inside which is the box.


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It is also visible inside the X, we say that the whole of the whole is going to be found inside and you can see in this that you will get the same print in the whole saree, this design adds to the exact color you get, neither the design nor the color in any of it If you are not going to get the compromise, then it can be seen that now the whole of what it has been made inside it will be visible but that it is inside but you will also get the praise cotton which is made with complete lining. And there are many such designs that you can easily see through the video, which you can see in the yellow color and there is a lot of professional demand, then it is going to be available to the whole which is used in full color. Went for this, which is going to be available to a lot, you can see that you get the whole border in this way, cotton cotton has also been mixed in it, which is going to get this concept along with the lining through the whole, that right If you are facing any problem in this, as if you do not understand, here you are not able to see the design, then immediately the screen Will take a shot so that about all these collections and how many colors are going to be found inside them, then the appointment is also found from here, so why take new designs, you can see if you want this way inside the color which is made inside the printing We have gone and this is the one that you get very beautiful, it means that you get to see in Britain but with us you get this collection from here, so by doing that you can set your own accord with the earlier rates.


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It is according to the test of the area and all these variations are done very well in it, take care of the new design, this color now means that Holi is gone but every time you are going to see it means that it is a pattern and Sawan is going on. If it has been, it is also more liked, that you can prepare quickly for that, keep all these and it comes very well that we will test what is going to be in demand here, so you can see it Here the flower design was made which we can see, but it has been done a lot, inside which there is a complete machine that you can see. All of them were made with such hands, but it has come that when all the patterns are made according to the machine lever, take care of the new design, it can be seen that in this way you are going to get flowers. Whatever you get and you can see, you will get the complete orange color and you can see in it whatever you will see here, through this video of the collection, you can tell that you are confused in so many videos. Will go to the collection which will be with the next name, you will get subscribed inside it and it looks very beautiful because it is and it has red color which is given and red color, then first name one comes that rose pattern If we are going to meet here, now you will get the rose pattern saree of inches and places here, with full printing of 1611 you are going to get proper and its fabric is so fond that it becomes even more soft after rain It goes so that it becomes easy for you to wear whatever is there that you all know that if women go to work or do business. If you do not have a housewife but they want and we can also relax in it, then these small ones have been made inside the design flower design, which is going to be available to you in a complete way and it looks good because whatever happens He goes and that is once you go to such a world, here if you want a readymade blouse with them then you are going to get the readymade blouse also means that we have the variety of blouses which were not only starting from Rs 750 If you go, then why is the utensil design, the pattern it is now, it will be in demand every time Maggi Special If I talk, you get the test of Rajasthan, you are going to get the complete pattern inside it, you will get people to tie it inside.


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And they are the combination of yellow color and red and yellow color which is not there every time we have festival or any small big function and every time this test is liked as an omen also ad designs are given. And in that too you can see that the border has been made in a very wonderful way, so many such tests will give you a similar look. We do not tell you that you are going to get the All India test, whatever customers join us, 90% of the customers who are our repeat customers, that is why they develop what they are here, after that they trust It happens that those who are showing the collection, which are being told to them in the fabric, while the fabric you get with the hundred percent, then you can see that now look at your entire saree, complete the whole pattern you will get inside this pattern. If it is, then you have now seen it inside cotton, if you want special sarees of this dam here, then you get special saris here even in tying, a separate segment has also been made for that, if you visit the diet then Particular You can see the designs of tying malaria and you will remain connected with us like this, for that you have to do that our channel means how is a textile company, now subscribe to the YouTube channel as soon as possible so that you will get notification of all the collections.


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