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Wholesale Pure Cotton Sarees: That hello new thinking and new direction as well as the variety that I have brought for the job is going to be done inside cotton and cotton, which you all know, there are many fabrics inside it too, small check or chanderi cotton and cancer Today I have brought a lot of variety inside the fabric for you, so if you want to mute the accordion of new business right now, then you can buy all this variety in very comfortable word taxi rate when the problem has happened. Well, how do you wish with the new thinking and new direction from the Kesaria Textile Company, I have come once again with some special varieties in which you get new designs, but from here the variety you will get is going to be found with quality, then all these websites are its If you want to know about it, then you have been given the number of the online team so that you can directly connect with them and you can talk to them for the many requirements, so that you can get the details properly. If you get it, then towards the growing variety, then I have brought everything for you. In which you can see the collection that will be there, in this way, the name of the song that you get is as beautiful as the name is going to be subscribed and this is what you will get here with you through chanderi cotton, here you can see Here the zari work has been done, look at the multiple colors here according to the used printing which you are going to get the complete print base system, now you can see what it will be very soft material you are going to get that means you see You can get this in very soft even in folding If I talk, then you can see that you get the complete pallu in such a way that there is a sari, inside it the man pallu is a very man thing, inside which you can see that a few designs of leheriya type have been made.


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In that too, the entire end of the whole is unique, which is not the combination here. If it is going to be available then you can see many such patterns which are there but till the end you will be able to know very easily that how you are going to get the collection and which Kesaria Textile Company which is 45 years old You are going to get to see the experience here because there is more collection than what everyone is going to get here, the one trust you get is that we all know that when we start a clothing business then I need a support What is the support that you are going to see every time in our How Kesaria Textile Company, so why can you see the growing collection, in this way this saree is inside the light color, now you can see the orange color which will take you all far from afar. You get more such colors, it is complete and always we see that little bit but this fabric gets a very soft material, this material gets that I should talk about this method on the inside of the printer Go inside your saree and you can see the design that will remain and the love you will get inside the saree in an easy way. Blouse which is blouse, you get the same print in the same way, you can see that don’t and whatever designs are there every time you are going to see here but whatever will be set up here is for pieces 7612 You get the set up of the pieces here so that if you also have customers join, then you will also have color options and the customers who have their favorite the varieties can easily purchase whatever they have, then the button can see it and this In this way, which is very nice and very unique collection, it is very much in demand, it has been printed in a complete way, let’s have a pattern here, inside which you will be able to see and you will get the complete combination of silver zari work. It is dark color and we have got silver color in it too, so you can see it here according to fonts and you can see that now you get the complete pallu inside which you can see small flower designs made It is going to be seen here, if there is some place where if we talk about the side of the painting, then it is very much.


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There is a da and if the printer is found in it, then there is a lot of demand, if you want, then here you will find the one in the collection with different and very best colors but if you have any collection star Take a quick screenshot and the number mentioned on your screen, you can message us and whenever you message, you must tell from where you are billing so that it will be easy for us to tell you about the collection If I move on to the next side, it can be seen, yes, this collection is going to be very wonderful, then if we see, then you will be able to see this whole pattern inside which the design has been made, this whole brush which we It is said that you can see inside it and in this you will get this pattern, then you are going to get it completely, then you are not going to come here, inside which you can see the whole pattern you get in this way. According to brush painting, now you must be thinking that brush painting is a voice after which one gets spoiled then it was You are not going to get any such product, you get everything only with quality and in which you can see that this design has been made, the whole of it was here, that too, you can see the silver color on it. We will make the pattern which is going to be seen according to the original and the saree which is here is going to be found from inside it is completely made and people can see that you are going to get a lot, you will like the collection very much, that’s why you can do all this What is the collection and it is very much that our pan is labeled so you will not have any problem so that you also want to order all the variety, you can also comment in the years so that we also know what today’s collection will give you. If you like, then you can see your design, in this way you can subscribe completely inside it, as you are going to get which and you are going to get complete printing, that means brush painting designs are available. two that can see that you are going to get the design of the brush painting and inside which this flower You can see that the very best color combination has been done inside it and this design has been made according to the small flowers, the sari inside the olive oil sari and a design which will remain different, you will get the cut of this sari. It is going to be similar to you, that means with any damage, you get this complete cut, with the blouse, now you can see the pattern of the complete work, which is made according to the laser because our Whatever collection you will get here, it is completely checked and delivered to your home free of cost, so the next designer’s collections are many.


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In the name of duty, this entire catalog is going to be there, which is a saree, you get to test this whole time that we share it, the requirement is very high, well the collections are very much in demand everywhere. If you live in it, you can see that in the same way you will be able to see this sari whose pallu is complete. Through this means that the saree is going to be seen here, the whole saree is going to be seen here, you can see it yourself with your husband, it has been used here, you can see that the whole way is very easy for you. You can see that with the whole which means that if you see any here and there then the collections get different patterns but this is what you are going to see here why airtel next collection then next collection whatever Something is going to happen in this way Chanderi is going to live inside cotton, you can see that the whole pattern and pattern is made inside it Oh Lord Patton Design 238 Every time not only women but girls also like it very much Everyone does not like that flower thing, that Rawat is liked by all, in which you can see in some way this whole chanderi cotton will be visible to you, the whole flower design has been made inside it, you can see that you get Will be visible with the belt, which means that you get the complete machine color, which you are going to look bad and something like this goes with it. Inside the pink color, you have designs against those who are this color, if you want to get it very easily, then you can use this facility from us, which is available about yourself so that you can order the collection and you can easily get it.


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Customers will be that as we do in it, then how much budget we have to invest in it, if you want that information, then for this you need to join our team means that you must do it with online and so on. The next collection is about to come, you can see that you are going to get it means that you are going to play this pattern Meghnad inside it, you can see all this very soft material, you get that means only bracelets of this type which are half and half Nor are you going to get the pattern here, for that you get the complete flower designing which small tips towers have been made inside it and what is here is the whole skirt left or the tashan has been given to the warden. You can see what will remain, the whole of you is mentioned here, the border has been made here. Within some browser type patterns, you get the pattern is very unique and you can order all this collection which is there now, but I would like to tell you that if you like the collection, then order it immediately. We will give it because if the variety is out of stock, then we also have a problem that how are we going to send it to you that it happens that when we add dry with the manufacture then the customer prepares in advance During the festival season, you need to keep all this variety in it and if no one knows which one gets out of stock, then take care of the new design, then whatever collection is going to come next, check the quota in this way. The pattern is there, you can see it and you are going to get its set up, one side you get the border concept here and you can see that the variety of quarter checks, you can see or see something like this. That quota junction means that the quota check variety is inside cotton but here you will get the check type design.


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These will be visible, which you can get the whole variety of mesh here, you can see that the whole border is going to be seen here, in the manner of this, you get a border in such a way that Then the color is made inside the pattern, only dark colors will be added to it and here too you can see the design, which is made in a complete belt tight, all such products are there. You get it here at a fixed rate but APS must be thinking that madam you have not told the price yet, so the price of Jyoti here is cotton saree, its only nine, you go to start it, last if I talk about it right then give it to you here. Available in thousands of designs that means if you want fancy designer sarees here in chamrodi ones with mirror work or only for tying with gota patti tap every single collection you will get all India test according If so, let’s move on to the next flight or whatever is going to happen in this way check it inside. Can be used inside it and you can get its big and big, you can see that now this saree which you get big designs inside it, but here you get it with whatever it is here You will get the collection you are going to get separately that you are going to get separately but if the fabric remains similar then it can be similar but if you get the design different then you can see these sarees are inside the orange color inside the colors a lot If they are used well, then you can get all such collections very easily, meaning that you can see all the set prices, you will be seeing the variety, which is completely closed to you, how this Kesaria Textile Company is a manufacturer.


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Along with this, we deal in whole setting and are exporters, so all this variety should not be out of stock, so get it immediately because you all know that transportation and a lot of problems come in the time of rush 5104 running If you have been doing this variety of vintage in a hurry, then your uninhabited place as soon as possible. If you are able to click on no, then you must have liked the collection very much that today’s variety was very unique because inside it and websites like Cancer Pattern Detox Water Check, this method chanderi cotton designs method, then many such collections if you want to see your So you can also click on the I button till you get the ID of all these collections once and in the same way, all these varieties which can now be ordered through video call sitting at home, have to keep a minimum budget of 5 years and In that too COD is available, then for that you need to keep a minimum balance of 10,000, so if you visit direct then you will be able to know better how you will get the collection because Ladies Way Complete Collection you get from here So director if you ever come to Surat then how can you visit the detail pot once pick up and drop get facility for which numbers are given on your screen you just have to call at the time our drivers are there for you If you come to pick up then I will die by taking some other new varieties till then you Stay like this thank you and if you have not subscribed the channel till now, then do it from the tree so that you will continue to get the notification of new collection and you will also get the idea how to improve the collection on us.


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