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Kolkata Work Saree Manufacturer: Want to modernize side business, if you also want to earn money through Tide Business, then a clothes business will be very beneficial for you because in this we all have it very easily, we can earn money and mind. By keeping the variety that we are able to do according to our customers, then I am a Kesaria Textile Company with a new thinking and a new direction, a warm welcome to all of you and through the new direction, we get a collection of many designs, help us in some way. If you want, then we start from here only 10, but if we talk then we have only ₹ 40 which is not a collection of sarees, but we have variety in here, then there is only such company here you will get back Ajay to get the collection of which is inside you sari scooty but dupatta plazo suit material lehenga and along with it, you are going to get hearty congratulations like VAT, then all these clicks about which if you want to know, then on the torn screen which Numbers are given you can give a call to us and online brain thing this condition If the bar is about to be hanged, the collection that will remain today, in this way, I have brought trolleys for you, what is inside the sarees, today I am going to show you in the best design, so whatever collection you like, keep taking screenshots immediately.

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So the fruit collection is about to come, you can see that the hot style designer goes in a good way, we will see that as soon as you are going to get this saree and inside it you are going to get the complete pattern of mesh type. You can get weakness in this way, you get this design pallu which is given, you are not going to get the entire pattern inside the prison pattern, you can see the WW which is made of sari according to georgette, you will find this pallu very luxurious. The cut of the sari will be cut, with the length, you are going to get this variety, all you are going to get this white inside the bottle but you can see the design made in it, you can see the work in it with a lot of finishing All the events that have been done go to the border and here’s what stuns you. You are also going to get patchup very well, even if the saree which is so dominant that you all know that you are not going to get along with the blouse material, it can be seen that all you have is the design force blouse here You are going to get the very best look after getting the speech done, you go to this channel right now if you want to see the overall look, then whatever brightness you will get here is available through the catalog and if you want period facility if you want. If you want, you are going to get the facility of period in all this contact, why the next collection, why the next collection will remain or can be sold, that thing is going to give you the complete pattern, inside which you see the light nasa, you do not get the full tap, take it now On the side of this saree, you can see that now this saree is going to be complete, you get the complete chapter of lycra join with the rangoli pattern, the cut worker has been worked here, you can see that in a very good way It is made and the design has very fancy sari loop which I have it is very unique.

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If I get it and take it and this is what it is, if going over 1 table, everything gets fixed very quickly that it is found by the customers, then you all know what is there in this way because of this And if you want, then you are going to get less than half of it, that’s all we want, we will go with us, there should not be any shortage in their space associated with the customer, see this way you are going to get it all inside because We are the first to tell everyone what is going on here, Shubhendu, now the daily giver of the roles is very much like to wear new and new designs and you all know that the express happens only on such a day. She is dressed like a new bride, by the way it can be seen that writing comedy you get all the work, small British work has been done inside it national you will find the umbrella is also going to get this design inside the picture public because Tell all of you that when we want to purchase, then even if we come to know about the fabric, then the way it is, we would be able to explain it to the customers very easily. You can see this, now see the whole whole saree and something is going to be found in this way which I am going to show you by which I am going to show you the next design, before moving on to the design, let us see what you are going to get, then it is with small I go, if you have two officers take a screenshot together so that if you want to get this whole collection done through video call sitting at home, then you can get it very comfortably, even then you can see that this saree is going to be This is the Georgette message, you are going to get this concept, in such a way that you connect completely to Vodafone, Kashmir type, here is the English look you are going to get, inside the border which you can see, made in a very best way We have gone because such a variety is in great demand in All India, so you all know such patterns go on very much in our not India because if we have similar festivals or weddings, then they have such If the fancy design is preferred, then you can see this by doing Siroski Diamond.

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You can get the blouse, you are going to get this saree designer with full back side and leaves pattern so that after wearing it, in this way you get fancy top done in Chinese designs. You get the whole, there was none, all you get on different patterns, what you get, you can see the whole, what you are going to get, and all the work that has been done is known to all First of all, sarees were available inside the market, but now you are going to get some hand work, not all of this machine work, because what you get in all of these is available with very high quality and Material is there, we have a lot of meaning here, so if you want to see more here, then click the button so that once you can take a view of all these collections, if you all work hard in business, then the fruits of hard work will definitely be there. Because you all know that the cloth whose saree is going to be in demand every time inside every day, see this way This is our quality, in which way you can mix and if you want to see, you can message, but when you message, where do you belong or do not do it, you have it completely inside All the work has been done, Kashmiri type work is available because the border which is not the border of Kashmiri, you are made very best and with a lot of innings, that tension now you can see the whole of you inside the party The design is going to be available that you all know that unless there is a complete look inside this saree, then the saree has these weaknesses, in which you can see that in an effortless way, you will get the complete warder contact of the entire left side inside the blouse. But if you are buying sarees hot, then if I want readymade blouse, then you get it because I told all of you that the women who are on the side, those who are one meter inside the Altis blouse, these were in with the cut of centimeter.

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If you want unstable, then which tomatoes are available here, only Twenty-20 stars are available here. It gets tinged and if you want a readymade blouse according to the note, then which father gets that too just ₹ 70, we start here in which if you want a senior design, which different design is dear to you? If you find the pattern here, then the next design is completely in dark color and this is not a rangoli, but the pattern that is and is going to be found and inside it you get some work done in this way. This means that whatever happens, you are going to see it here, but you can see the whole of this, inside this pallu you will be seeing big and very well made, so you all know that every You can see that you like someone very much, you are going to get that you have a neck blouse, you can see that we are going to get this design in an easy way, please the pattern takes you seven months because all of you Told that when customers come to our place to do date music, then you see all this variety which is complete according to the complete set up, some customers like this There are also those who take the entire measurement with the full margin of the whole, then they also get a deposit that how to remain not only the name of the Kesaria Textile Company is also the biggest trust, here you have to design the video dirty It is being shown that if you are going to get the same collection, then we will take the utensils and you are going to get it, then we have brought it for you, if you like it, then you can definitely tell the comment, then we will also know if you like it more than you. This pattern is going to be found, a complete net base is attached, along with the cutwa, flower design is made inside it so that small fruits and patterns are found inside it at the cost of sweet stones.

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You can see that everything is being made, it is very much liked inside our residence and you search update of blouse, blouse will remain in this way you are going to get throat pattern with strong winds, you can see the whole place time Or coding is made so that whatever will remain net basis according to three-fourth sleeves, this design goes to you. If you want to see more, then digitize the diet once, in the description, you have been mentioned in the address, pick up and drop facility is available so that you can visit all the variety by visiting direct travel. You can buy the pattern in the growing design, you are going to get a lot of likes from it, and let it be that the pattern which is going to happen now is going to be found inside the Rangoli family which is very soft material which means that Even after wearing, we are going to be very much complete, the warden can not be completely killed according to the lace border, this border has been made, you are going to get the difference of small and big booties here, you belong to the state, you have this saree very much. The tree is about to be found, if you want to get its victim, then you can get it very easily, in your language, you get the website twitter, the rest of the online team that you have gone to number 6 so that you join them, all this design which is very Only you can easily border the transportation that you can Facility is available Worldwide shipping is available from us, so let’s do what is to come

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Tips on your saree that it is set up only two pieces, now with low budget all those who can order it easily can see this complete concept you are going to get as you can see the length which You will get screamed, you are getting this seven, but the work that has been done is going to be a great work inside them, you can see how the color is very similar to them, the color suggestions we get to see very rarely Which is how you get this necklace design for red color in Kesaria Textile Company, so now if you liked it then you can tell us in the comment like comment us that we see that it We order but we are not able to get the time, then we apologize for this but that is not because you all know that it becomes a little difficult to give you people, which takes a little time, so you are with us like this. Find all the variety, you are going to get the full facility of it, if you make a video call, then you also get the facility if you use oil. Above all, Hafiz gives screenshots in all the variety sperm, whichever becomes easy for you to know about the varieties and fried yoga, we are not able to tell you, to know the price, you need to join with us, by which you can know. You will find how to get the collection, the rest of the collection starts here with just Rs.45, so I will come to Kochi with new varieties with new concept till then thank you and if you like the video If not done, please like the answer as soon as possible, press the bell button so that you will continue to get notifications of many more such collections.

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