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Hello I am Himanshi, I have appeared once again with new thinking and new direction from the textile company with some new variety for you and this is a new variety but its name is going to be very special. You can see that in this way you are going to get a lot of collection, its name is going to be from the name and you can see that you are going to get this whole and here you can see that it has also been used and its Inside you can see what you have, you can see that you are going to get this design above, in the same way, send a message to you with this pattern Meghnad, let’s see how the scarf is going to be You can see this, with a cut of two and a half meters, you are going to get this complete scarf, in this way you get the least length, now if we want to see its color too, then you can see the whole of you.


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You are going to get a set of cheeses, in this way, you get the designs here and the collection variety is going to be a lot, to know the price For this, you just have to call on the number given on the screen and with our online team you must go to PDF facility is also available, through video call, you can see all these varieties of them sitting at home if the rest of the address is our office. The address of that if I talk, then I am going to get you all the mentions, then just stay with us, I am going to bring a lot of collections for you and it is going to happen till then stay tuned.


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