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Whether it is UP or Bihar, Rajasthan or Maharashtra and Lover India-South but not anywhere, if you think of doing business of clothes, then first of all you come here because you all know that many manufactures are found here and More than that, which is the biggest, so many manufacturers are going to be available, which you can expand yourself, but to add the Kesaria Textile Company, you speak because you will get quality products here in our collection, so here we warmly welcome you all. I am and the collection that is going to happen tomorrow is like every time but the variety you get inside it is special today’s video is not going to be on top of it, inside which you get the party wear look but if If you want a traditional look, then you are going to get it here, then first of all, you are going to get this sari in this way, but this is what you get and you are going to get the whole border here. but inside that which is multi-colored with black color Only then will you be able to see that inside which you are going to get two colors of the sari, so that you are going to see the sari’s beauty and work, so whatever collection you get here, this sari is going to be computer inside it.


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You get it with 1611 and like we told you that all India test goes to me here then you get easy purchasing means you don’t need to roam freely in just one Kesaria Textile Company and here But in the collection, we would like to tell you that join us that you will get this here with a dupatta and after that you get here that you will find many articles here, Shravan is going to get you Siroski Diamond’s accord in some way. But what it will click, you can see it looks beautiful, you are going to like its whole people, then you get this complete and knowledge all the messages saris, you can see it absolutely light color chart you can see here But it is going to be found and apart from this very fine part which is here, Sirosky Diamond will cost you. The intention is because the complete silver accordion is about to be found, now only it is understood that there are many styles, that means you can see its shape, you get it here in different ways, but applying it by straightening it up. There is also an art which is going to be seen very well by joining you near a manufacturer, because whatever collection you make, first of all it is taken care that how the custom is going to like the design, then according to the same.


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We here you get the variety of 9 meters of lace water, you are going to get complete here, which you must be seeing from now on to the blouse piece so that you get the whole test yourself and you see the blouse too. You can get the complete pattern of back side front side here, but if you want a variety of blouses along with this saree, then such collections are found here, which is just setting right here, then now You can see this look you are going to get what you get inside and this saree is party wear It is very simple and very much liked in the look and we get it, you can see that it is very different to get it, you can see what the reaction is going to be right now. Here you are going to get that too only with her diamond but in the pallu you can see that the husband gets it right here, it is attached very well when seen in this way so that whatever happens and You get whatever you like, now you can take it as soon as possible and if you want to do it sitting at home, then you get the facility for that but every time we are not able to tell you, then for that you have to It is online with him so that all the collection is available about it, it was going to be very beautiful in a good way. It is known that now all the designer sarees which are very simple folk drama are being liked by those simple people because they give variety of this message.


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It is found that there is injury pattern in it or some heavy saree is not found in it, so by the way, you can see this collection that you will be able to see this design according to China only inside this saree. That is, the complete pattern has been made, the complete meaning is going to be found here and whatever you get here means that the machine does not get spoiled that we think before taking the fan is spoiled so at all It is not going to happen from here but the bigger thing is that the varieties that we show you inside the video, the collection is going to be delivered to your home, that means all the varieties are distracted before we deliver from here that a complete operation is made. Goes according to cotton, all your variety jobs are maintained through that you can get all these varieties sitting at home, but we would like to tell you that before joining any Kesaria Textile Company, please visit once. And its address in Kesaria Textile Company which is given to you in the description.


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If yes, then it is easy for you to come and you can get sales executives from here which is in your language, so how did you like today’s brightness, you will definitely tell us that means give a like and comment so that we can know through it. Find out how you liked the collection and if you message us then don’t just message hello in it, apart from that you tell your requirement that how are its parts and designs from where do you like what collection is liked through which We would have brought Variitis for you and you also get the same facility with you in your space till you make money but till you want to make corrections, thank you.


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