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Printed Saree Wholesale Market: That every time we bring many saris for you, inside which you get a lot of options, but those particulars brought by Azam variety for you, you are going to get Rajasthani test inside which you are going to tie and show the concept of Leriya, then Ajay Do this to Mansi’s end Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction, which will write some new varieties, which is going to be very special that it happens that every time something is according to it or many others like The festival is ours, which you all know that many festivals are celebrated in the month, so bring it for you because today is going to happen and it is inside, so let me start now that how you are going to get the collection here Color which you all know, do a lot in yourself because if you get inside it, then all of you know that a very unique collection is made, although white color is not there, it remains in very high demand inside because If the body is tied to itself as if we talk, then a particular word has now become a word but it Even if I talk inside, who are going to look like a motor, even in the dam, if you want a design like laddu, then what kind of marriages are available here, then you can see that you can do a blood test but some The design is made as you get it, you are going to see the colorful patterns here which are the collections you get here, now if I talk about it, you get it, if you want, you are going to get it here but the quality If you are going to keep it, then you are going to get it here, keep coming here with a video but if you are connected, I would definitely like to tell that inside the complete collection of ladies you will find saree scooties but dupatta yellow suit material like lehenga and its MP.

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You get every variety here but a new settlement has started and yes, you are going to get varieties like sitting here, you get everything in 5 rates, according to wholesale, you are going to get all these varieties so that your business If I can get you a lot of help then move on now How is the next design going to be on the Variety side, so what is going to be the next one I have brought for you, according to the complete Leria, now let’s talk about this fabric, it is going to be the most different fabric that you will find inside the organza In dies and gangster too, nowadays you are going to get a lot of designs in which you will also get the latest pattern which means you are going to get the leheriya pattern here in which you can see the white color, you get the complete description of this which is Are you going to get the complete Gota Patti lace, now let’s talk about it with the Leria pattern, so you all know that the combination of this fast is very much in the train because you all know the cultural if any If you sleep in the function, then such a color is very much liked in it, so we can see the accordion of the pattern, you are going to get the border very well here, now if I talk about this fabric, it will be against you every time. Only a strong snake gets it, but whatever cancer you get here, you will get a sari very soft.

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You are going to get the material here, now we are showing the sari song but you must be thinking that how much cut you get, then the complete cut of the sari will be the time you get the cut of six digits with the blouse piece, I will give you all here Contacts are about to be received, so why are the Yagya varieties growing now, so the next variety that is coming is a very nice collection inside the Leria itself but with double color combinations that you can see, take the tree which is on the right. The colors that are mixed inside it are somewhat different as you can see green as well as safe with that you can see that you have color but here plastic mirror work like here you can see gold drop here. If you want, you can see that very unique is found here, that’s why complete and complete no lace water is going to be found here and if you want inside hatred, then you get them here which is in the Kesaria Textile Company.

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Subscribe if you want, by the way, it is going to be found here and which is very comfortable, it is this Because you are going to come live on all our social media channels every Wednesday, yes every Wednesday, that’s because we want to create a one-to-one connectivity with you, through which we want to know what problems you face in business. Or which variety is it that you want to improve and if you want to see our overall view of the whole office, then we are definitely going to show you here so that you also get to know about the entire collection according to the riders. If you keep getting the answers well, then moving towards the new design, then the new design which is about to come, in this way you can see that the girl who lives inside Bandari, you get the whole of the girl inside the Royal Prince, which is very It is a wonderful pattern that you can see the shining that very special you get the shining but the complete machines are there, so even after having that, it is not going to get spoiled at all, the fruit print and in it you can see the border which You can get the whole of the Queen lace border here.

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Whose collection will be the best collection you are going to get there is no shortage of designs because how in Kesaria Textile Company not only Rajasthani deshi if you have UP Bihar test or if you have Punjabi test, this every concept will give you here. But if you are going to get it then take care of the new design, whatever the damage is going to happen, the variegated pattern says that you are going to get that pattern inside the darleria here and the material you get is very soft material which you get inside the georgette This is going to be seen by you, you can see that you get the entire length here but you can see the design is completely inside the color combination is very well sucked inside it means that which Rambo’s Colors are not there, you are going to get the whole color of the whole here, you are going to get the mixture of sage color inside this sari, although if we talk about its glass border, then you can see the entire pink color of your quarter. It is going to be available and in that too you will get the time of complete golden work color here.

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It is known that the saree that is here, it takes the entire set voice mail, but there are some collections in which you get different design patterns inside the same color, if you want, then you can get all these contacts in the same color only. Are going to be found here, only then some petrol is available in the rate, to know the price, the number given on your screen, you need to call or message, the online team is going to be there for you every time, so soon new designs will be available. And it is going to be a very heavy pattern, which means that you get the money pattern inside the tying as we speak, which is what we like chunari, the same pattern today I am going to show you so this You can see the whole pallu pattern, inside which a very beautiful kerry pattern has been made, inside in which kundan work has been done, you can see the red color lab birthday. Together, the whole soft of pink color is found here, there is still a pallu inside the lace, so you can see in moments. Some creativity has also been done on Tashan, so that its beauty is going to increase and you are going to see it, so you can see the complete tying concept.

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It must be seen that you get so many clean patterns inside a single saree and you are going to get the complete quality best product, so if you want to sit at home on the day of opposition, then just you can also get through video call. Convenience is available and sales executives are available in your language so that you can easily get information about all the products and the collection of sarees is such that in which you can also setup hundred percent margin but some sarees There are also cases in which you cannot set up a hundred percent margin, so if you need any idea for that, then our sales executives are always there for you, that if you get the official facility, then move on now. Towards some ideas that if I talk to you If you go, then how do you visit Kesaria Textile Company once, because unless you visit, how will you even know that how you get the ad designs inside the call collection as you are seeing in the video. Whether you are going to get the same fabric or you are not going to get it, how every time the Kesaria Textile Company is not the only one saying that in action as we are showing you in the video, that product is also going to be delivered to your home now when here If you go, you are going to get all such tips like this, if you are not going to see any shortage of forces, then it will remain like this, if you have not subscribed to the Kesaria Textile Company’s YouTube channel yet, then as soon as possible Do it so that you will continue to get the notification of news new collection and you will also know how-to which actors will you include, proud sheel will come with some more new concepts till then thank you for this.

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