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That’s how retail companies, where you see some new varieties every day, mean that we bring new collections for you because every time there is something new to new creativity, so when there is creativity then for you If we bring the product, then our response is late, so in the same way it is necessary to bring the custom variety of its comment, so today’s collection is in tying cotton, the requirement of those who are our customers is that I am wearing a sari inside bandhani cotton. If you want to see the design, then they have brought a collection in size, inside which you are going to get Deru Patterns and you are going to benefit from this that the summer season is also going on, that in the summer season cotton ball is more preferred and inside cotton Only when the variety of our dam, if we go to me, that too inside the sari, then you all know that in your business, many benefits are burnt because there is such a separation, inside that we can set up very well in the margin. Can I Himanshu Kids Will Come Once Again With A New Thinking And New Direction This has come with push new varieties which you are going to like very much, so for this you have to stay till the end of this video so that all the collection which is there will be able to see very comfortably and related to it if you want to ask anything.

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If so you can ask need to call the number on your screen then you can see that it is inside pure cotton which you can see is the material and inside it the whole tying design has been made which is the pattern Talking about what is inside, you can see it here which is inside the pattern, now the color you are going to get inside and the color you are going to get from the pallu is something you get in this way means it melts You are going to be seen here, now you can see that you get these saree designs according to your meaning flower pattern and with them you are going to get the blouse which is there as well as the length of an excited one. Isn’t it the saree that you get properly all these saris inside it, so now it’s delicate design, whatever collection you like If it comes, you will also take a screenshot of it so that it becomes easy for you to know their price, then you can see that now the saree which is going to be is going to be inside the quota tax which is very soft material means pure cotton saree. It is soft but the material itself is very soft, so now you can see that there is a complete tying test and a game pattern has also been made inside it, inside which you can see some Separately, you get the creation and now you can see that you have a complete tone that means that the pallu is also added, this you are going to get the same color as the system design, you get the same color inside them, whatever color you will find in Singh, aren’t you all?

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You are going to get all of them from Ra Jhalar, now you have to take all this bench vice from us who wash this saree, because we are here only in other settings, then whatever color patterns you are going to get inside it. You get the regular colors accordion so that they can also get the variety of the customers favorite. And whatever difference you have, you are able to set up a lot of alarms, then we are going to get a lot of these collections in Bandri, inside which we talk about quota checks, then there are some different designs in that also means with glass water. You can see that the saree is as beautiful as it is you are going to get lace border gota patti tomorrow because the test of tying which is done is also very much liked in all India and in this too when the description of gota patti is found then You all know that the accordion of the festival season is also very much liked, so you can see on this that you are going to get the combination of green and red color with it and these three colors are such that they are in demand every time. Live whether there is a function or any festival, then the design is very much liked in it and now you can see whose pallu pattern you will get, you are going to get the pallu in an easy way, the complete lining message You get what is made inside the Leria design and you can see it in the dam itself.

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I am going to get the complete flower pattern here that how is the design of the dam which is also inside the dam also you get something inside the Leria that you get simple people but inside you It is going to be seen here in flower designs because all India test is available here because we are heartbroken everywhere, that means we do BDS not only in India but also in foreign countries and also for transportation then no one will give you Worldwide shipping is going to be less that we move from here to the available ad side, why next design so you can see that the variety that is coming, in this way you can see, now it is a simple sari in the foot but its Above you what is the meaning of cut worker border that you are going to get inside the pallu which is made inside the tying, now you also get the brightness of Ab Dekh sakte stones in it, the tensions you will get you will get you inside red and yellow color Tassels are about to arrive and here you can see the catalog if you want to know So you can see that there is going to be a catalog in the name of gram flour, through which you get easy just one message or call and you have to know how many designs you get in it. And most of all, the main thing is the price, which we are not able to tell you because you all know the price, if we will tell you, then you face a lot of problem in setting up any customer.

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If we join together then it is not ours that once the variety has been given to them, it means that once you go here after purchasing the same variety, after that we do not have any responsibility, then it is not going to happen at all if we If any customer care flies, then even in their business if they need any help, that means marriage, if I talk to you, if you need any support at your every step, then how are the textile companies going to be present for you every time then we go Similarly, you can see other websites that how the second item is going to come, then you can see it now and then this pattern. It is about to come, now you must be thinking that there is neither the concept of tying nor it is a different design, but you definitely get the complete patola pattern which is not related to tie, which is the whole of Gujarat is tasty. And inside it you can see that you are going to get the same color that you get in your dam, you can see the whole flower design accordion to you and the colors that are there are now pure cotton from cotton sari. If there is a fear in it that its color also goes off, then it is not going to happen at all because how red one year the company deals only in quality here, all the products are going to be available to you with quality, so like this You can learn the length which will remain, then finance for the mill along with the blouse piece but if you need a separate blouse, then they are available from us, that means that ma chur nineteen starts at us from 19 rupees then increases.

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To see the next pattern, you can see that the next pattern that has just been done is going to help you tie something like this. I am going to get which if you can see the Laria type design has been made here, Leria means that you are going to get the color pattern given to you in this way and in this also you can see which would have been a thick sari. It has some such round type design that you are going to see here in Kota check saree and in this also you can see that you get the complete lace border of gota leaf here and such products are there. You have to take the whole set wise, now you can see that the pallu you are going to get, in some way you get the pallu which is going to be found inside the potato but you can see its border red and green You are going to see the complete border concept of color here, so the summer season is going on for the one who washes the sari, but the quality wall’s product, then the price is what you are going to get all these saree designs in our factory rate here. Even inside this, if I do it after Titans, you are going to get thirty plus designs available here all the time. I will tell you that you do online purchasing every time but whenever you come to Surat one thing, how must you visit the Kesaria Textile Company, it will not be a problem whenever you come here, come to this station and make a call.

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Please do that the drivers who are from here come to pick you up because from here you also get the facility of pick and drop, so you get so many facilities together, then once you withdraw from all the manufactures. Go together and see how you are going to get the idea here, what kind of product you get, after that once you come to the Kesaria Textile Company so that you will come to know that varitis is going to be available to you from all over the place but what is the pro quality. You are going to get the best from here every time and there is also a bar coding system in it, which you all know that Suraj is the biggest textile industry where you are not going to get bar coding system anywhere, which is just how you Kesaria Textile Company is going to be visible in the company itself so that you can visit here If you do, then you also take the product from the vehicle, otherwise you also know that it is going to be fixed almost all that means that if you do online purchasing or do it offline, the price will be there for you. I keep coming Himanshi with some new varieties for you, so next time too I will come with some of the best designs till then you will remain like this and if you have not subscribed to our channel yet, then go quickly. You subscribe so that you will continue to get notifications of new collections and you will also know what kind of brightness you should increase inside your business, till then do coriander.

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