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Kesaria Textile Company You are going to get more than one design inside the saree, inside which if we talk about the character, within every week you get the designs which you are going to get all the anger state-wise that we are here for the head. If the tailing is not done, how come I Himanshu has slipped once with a new direction if not from the textile company, with a collection of only a few saris, inside which you are going to get different designs, different patterns are available here. Meaning that if you want to know all these variety prices inside the fabric, then just what is in the description, you have been given the number, you just have to call me or you do your message, then only we want to tell you that you Do not just message us hello, apart from this, tell your requirement that how do you want to please the teaser or from which area do you belong so that according to that we can show you this design, then why friend designs then why this you You can see here is the office collection which we are going to show you today.

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You are going to get the whole of the rangoli fabric, you can see the border off which we must be seeing the triple murder concept but remember which double border you are going to get here but laddoos get the career pattern made here If you touch the inside of the pallu in the same way, you get the small ones, in this way, then you can see that the design of the saree will be the complete length accordion means that the 1611 accordion is searched here. There will be more variety in this rangoli, inside this rangoli, you all know that you are a material, inside it you get very beautiful and here you are going to get people, meaning you get the pattern, with the help of which you are going to get one. Quality colors are very beautiful, as you do, you get pimples, this is made with very drinking lion, you can see the whole time of the sequence, it is going to be found only inside the pallu pattern but you can see In this way you are going to be seen inside the olive sari, keep a collection in such a way that If the customer is once connected with us, then he likes to see the variety and he should take all the state wise, nor can he take it very comfortably, that is the minimum budget, every time we tell you that 10,000 to 20000 But for those who want to join new customer news, then for them you should keep a budget of only 5000, this whole collection which is there now you can get it sitting at home, that means if you take all the statement chillies even if you take all the varieties.

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Even if you are, you can buy it easily, so when you can see that it is made very beautiful but gets it from one side, the Kerry pattern which has been made inside the Gifts Flowers tile in the fast, Parliament is stalling while you get this The next variety is going to be seen in the way, you get it inside the sharp georgette, inside it the whole kundan work has been done here which you can see the kundan work has been done inside the green color and in it You can also see that the layer tight design is made inside the pallu pattern which is now a part of Fateh Bridal Concept. So in bridal, some similar designs are very much liked, if there is a wedding and there is an edition, then in this, what is the purpose behind some party, you can see the party’s accordion, you get variety here, which you only need. The accordion is going to be made of satin silk and in this Ab Dekh sakte Siroski diamond which has been given here then the accordion of multiple colors means that you get the accordion of multiple designs and here you can see dark and light color You are going to get a combination of sarees, which are very beautiful patterns you can find here, now whatever saree we are showing you today, with half a perfect villain, with blouse piece you get here but If you find this pattern of blouse separately here, then you can see it is going to happen next month, in this way you will get the same golden zari inside the georgette but you will see in it.

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You can get a very beautiful piping concept in which you can see In some way like this red pattern was made but we see that as soon as you get the clarinet pattern here, there will be no shortage in the ₹ 1 collection that when we add it with the right manufacture. We all know that the design that will remain there is not something big and we are going to meet here, so you can see that this is going to happen next, we get everything in this way and can see that which If you are going to see this pattern inside, then we have but here is a velvet sari inside which you are going to get a very different look, like it used here, you can see above the lyca, they are full of heaven then you will get In which we can see that the whole beauty has also been created here, the next hearing team has come for you, this is going to be completed, but the work done at the right time, it looks very beautiful and inside it you You can see the next variety of stones, you can see that this patch work living inside the picture, which you can see here is some lace.

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It is attached and what is inside it, you get some pages in this way which are very beautifully made here, if you want dark color, light color, what is every concept you get but body There is variety, if you want to get PDF done sitting at home, then you also get the facility for that you have to message us for whatever you have and if you like any of our collections so that take screenshots on them so that you get the price. It is also easy to know that you all know that you do not get all the brightness low price and for that you need to join us If there is a problem, then you do not want to do this at all, then you can join us for this, but it is better than falling, now you come to Surat at any time At a distance is a little collection from the dip lock first floor cheese inside Millennium Market which is all in one go. You can do this while studying, for which you are not going to have any limitations. So that I get you the idea of the whole collection and the rest I will come in some new videos with new varieties but don’t forget to comment, if you comment, then we also get to know how we are going to bring the next variety for you.

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