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Kesaria Textile Company which is a manufacturing company where you get Ladies Scientific Office Collection in which you can see here you must have seen a lot of making in saree if you want with saree without blouse then it is found here Which becomes only one of us here, if you talk about it, then you are going to get it inside, if you want design or you do not get it, then here you can see that whatever you will get here, you will get it here. You can see that you are going to get a blouse with a but in the same way you get something in such a way that if you want more ball pattern in this way then you are going to get the saree inside the pattern against here too but the saree Not only this, if you want a readymade blouse, then which one you go here because we start here with only 150 rupees, so looking at how the Kesaria Textile Company is the only company and all the alarms that you set here are here. But you get what you can see, the color also gives you a lot of pattern.

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We are going to get the design and whatever is inside them, whatever will be the design, every time you get some sugar contact, by the way, if we talk about box packing, then you can see that in some way you are going to get box packing inside which we get ready. Blouse is found with saree, till this complete collection is going to be available to you, those sarees are such a variety that is in demand every time that women like the office wedding accordion to the tea daily routine and some new look. So here you can see that there are some variations in the display which the customers want, they have been able to know very easily about the related designs and the collection of fruits in this which I am going to show you, in this way you will get special side of Madhuri. The inside is going to be found which you can see is very soft material and the design has been made inside it, all the 3D work has been done here and the Rolls flower is made inside it that too with the then of Siroski diamond so like this In the patterns that are there, what are you going to get state wise, so come here You can see that in this way you get box packing, you are not going to get a very bridal look inside the packing, you want to set up a store group business, that too for clothes, you all know that you have to do business of clothes.

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If we do belong from anywhere, first of all we come to Suraj for purchasing and if we visit Suraj, then you all know that here you get a lot of manufacturing switches because Suraj is one of the most important textile industry. Big week here, you get a lot of variety which is cheap and cheap, but we have to see how lady’s finger is its quality because if we do not maintain business man quality then we are very good profit. If you can earn, then you can see it and it is going to get louder in some way in which computer embroidery work has been done, it is going to be complete, which happens with our online to know you. Meaning if you have to call the number and can do it through video, then the next designer saree You get the same thing and after that you will get the whole thing inside it, but in this saree, here you get a very beautiful page time, on which you also get the Siroski Diamond. Full leadership is going to be available, which is machine rework, it will not spoil at all after washing, with guarantee you are going to get all the variety from here, so the designs grow like this because you can see the variety as different as you get.

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This is going to be different and like we want to comment that madam it is said from us that if it becomes 150 then you definitely go to it but it does not mean that you are going to get the collection so for this with online If it is necessary to join, then you can see that you get inside it as you can see that but is going to be found and you can see that till the quintal, you get the full border of what is one sided and here what is Do you have weakness inside the whole sari, the length of this sari is different, neither is the whole border concept here If you get it, then it happened to some traditional people, some party wear look, then you can see its accordion, here you also get the sari that you add, in this way you can see the whole of the velvet border here. Which has been installed, inside which you are going to get the CR, its diamond in this way and there are many designs available inside the net as well, so you can see that you are going to get the complete pattern in such a way that you are going to get constipation in this way too. You can see some cut worker border which butt if you want that means whatever test is ours of UP and Bihar or whatever you get here means that the pallu which is the man is our design inside the sari So that’s all you have to get inside the department, we can see that as far as your eyes are going, you are going to get this body boot from this company, that too is complete for whatever color combination is dipped and not like at the store. After searching the sari goes from set up to start, but if you want its set up back, you want variety of basis then who is this?

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If no brother gets it from here, then you can see the next pattern, in some way you are going to get this saree, the border which is made, in this way the zari work is inside the kundan work, you get the small ones. By beauty, it is made here very beautifully because the job of the manufacturer is that whatever variety the customs go to them, whatever collection we give you updates about it, you will get it with the perfect quality but the design Every time you find something different, you can see the next pattern I have brought for you, this is some unique concept and we feel that this woman is a people want a concept but here you can see Let’s start After that, Kerry pattern has been made on the fabric, which you get this pattern in a different style and such designs are not only how you are not going to get less textile because 40 years old which is an experience You are going to see it here all the time The variety of the material is like this, every time you get a few different patterns here, so you can see that this is the Kashmir border, you can see this whole Kashmir and that it has been done here, inside which I get all this zari work that way, that’s why you keep getting it inside every sari that you can get the highlights very well inside the sari and which is an attraction even if seen from afar.

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Not that pop, so you get interest, so you can see that there are many collections, it is very difficult to see inside a video, so whatever collection you like, take a screenshot immediately sir and do your message so that According to you, you can know the price of the collection and can include it in your business, then whenever you come to Surat, then how do you visit the tech last because until you do not believe, how will you also know what type of collection you want. If you go then my Mansi will come with some new varieties till then you will remain like this but but like and Will definitely comment so that you also know how the varieties are running in your area and if you comment on us, then in the same accordion, we will keep on bringing the varieties of new to new pattern for the same, till then thank you for that.

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