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Surat Saree Manufacturers: Hello, I warmly welcome you all with new thinking and new direction from Himanshi Kesaria Textile Company and Textile Company where you get Ladies Complete Collection, now there are many things to be found in the collection in which you will also get unlimited designs. But today I have brought for you inside the sari, which starts from here only, inside which if you are going to get the blouse design without blouse here but you like it, you would have complete it. This means that you can see that this is going to be a designer living separately, you can get this collection inside the mall very fast and you can see it is a very cute design. Meaning you are definitely going to get the reaction royal energy, or you get it in some of these sarees that I have to sign that people who come to it, you are not going to find any other saree that you will get a green sari on its own.

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Now let’s see who is going to see this pallu in this way in which You can see the complete flower design in a moment, you can see that glass border, not ours, lace water has been used here, now you can see glass water as well as you have lace water here But it is going to be seen that it is associated with the deemed manufacturer, neither do they have a collection match than you are going to get from me and in that too, you get the same variety as the customers like, so you can see these sarees Inside you are going to get the label of complete ignore meter, that too with the blouse and the blouse will be made that if you get these inside the front, then you also live in it, in some way you get the packing computer you get the catalog here It is about to be found and you can see cat lungi, what is coding, you get it in this way, that means if we dream small, then we also get varieties according to it, but if we want to do business then all of you We know that we have to go according to the friend’s meaning, time changes with things, nor do we have to change in the same way.

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If there is a need, then they grow in the same way in front of the collection of next RAW, so you can see what is going to happen inside that means and can see whatever you are going to get, that means for this you can see the whole and with the design Meaning that you are going to get it, it is going to be seen in this way, the question is new creativity, it is going to be seen every time and in that too you can see the border tight design made on both sides, isn’t it? Elephant is available in many complete patterns, now the laddu which this lace border is not inside it, you are going to get the complete fighting concept here, which you can see in the whole saree, I must have seen you that means that the design you can see in a moment.

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While it is coming, you are going to see till the end of the saree and this saree is so beautiful that it is inside the print, then you also get the blouse inside the print in this way and this kind of power is not it very soft fabric You can see that after I have felt very little and there is a complete reaction royal collection, is it not her saree? You can get it inside, by the way, you can see here and you get a lot of contacts dark color light color inside every single WhatsApp, so why do you fill the next design, then you can see the next point for complete You are going to see the batter sari inside it, in which you get the complete print, now the question will be lace border, it is going to be very special because the model given inside it, you can see inside the whole sari which we have They say that you can see the border concept man, we are fine, you are going to get a concept, we speak this way on the border and in this way you can see that the order given to you is not the store match, you will get the accordion of the saree.

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It is known that now you can see free salt inside this flower sari, its specialty is that the design which is inside them is not visible to you inside the less take care love story, in this Kaliyuga, it takes a lot of batter, so by the way. Its what you are going to get in the blouse, in this way you get it inside the print and the special thing is that those Whoever tells the women who have never sari, dies with the last point of 9 meters, then such concepts are there if you are doing business from home also means that women who want to earn less siding And with a small budget from home, if you want to purchase Variety, then a budget of 5000 has been kept, for all this collection, you can rotate the advice, for that you get to know how it is going to test this side. And you should take the variety Pakistani is such a means of earning, it means that you can set up a hundred percent margin in it very comfortably, so let’s move on to the next pattern of the next design that is about to come, this is also a velvet sari. Inside this but in this you can see that the whole of the point is dripping to you, which is very uniquely designed inside it You are going to get this Islam can see complete this which you have to wear a sari.

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It is going to be seen that it is complete, you get it with your girlfriend, now the last point used in it looks like oil print and but the whole you are going to see samosa lace water here and It can be seen that you get the whole saree inside the print in the same way, the water which will remain inside the cigarette pattern is going to be visible to you and you are going to get the tent of all these sarees with the cut of 6030, that too with the blouse piece. Together the blouses are taken along with the saree but you all know that there are some customers who like readymade blouses very much, then that collection is also available here, only this ₹ 70 goes to our starting here. There is an increase in the design of the blouse inside the blouse, why there is going to be a pattern of actresses, you can see that this catalog is going to be named Lotus, more than very different because the pattern you are going to see inside it is not a boiler print.

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Rather it is inside the friend but inside it we can open some simple steps you will see the pattern It is going to be the whole machine network, even after washing, you will not like the material which will be added to you on the basis that you are going to get very soft material here and you can see the border which color you will get of the saree. It is according to the color, here you get lace water and in the bottom you can see it is very cute that you will get a lotus type pattern here, only then adding its name to these figures you are going to get in the lottery Weakness that you don’t get the set up of sixties, inside which color snake is going to get all the flights means that if you want light color by putting it, whatever you want, just the numbers given on the screen, you have to call the message Have to join with us so that all these collections can be purchasing sarees in a better team, but now we keep watching this whole collection inside the video, but it is possible to come to Surat anytime and definitely visit our how to Kesaria Textile Company. Aap Ladies Wear Complete Collection Not That Saree School Tej But Dupatta Palazzo Boot material is this lehenga as well as every variety like butt which you can buy comfortably, I hope you liked the collection very much But do not forget to like and comment and also comment, neither you will definitely tell which new designs we have brought for you because the customers have that Salman and the right inside it and we also complete the idiots and by the way Hi I will come Himanshu with some new designs till then stay with the collections thank you!

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