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With a new thinking and new direction, Himanshi welcomes all of you warmly to the Kesaria Textile Company and like how the Kesaria Textile Company is the bus festival manufacturing company of Surat, here you get Ladies Begum Jeet Collection Collection Quick Lots of designs to you You are going to get any design inside which you are not going to get repeat in the same way, if we talk about it, then inside it you will find daily routine sari fancy sari and as soon as you enter with it and work Banarasi which 18 which apps We get the saree at one place and the saree that we have here is starting from only 101 means that it starts from 101 rupees that yes you have heard it right, then all such collections which are now can be purchased sitting at home. Whatever collection you like, you have to take back the whole set that our hearts are done here in a simple setting, so move on to the collection now, but if you like the variety, if you want to know about it, then Page numbers are given you have to call and you will get all the information through online team.

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If it is, then the designs are increasing now, why is the pattern going to be fruitful, something inside the saree has brought you all these sarees according to the daily routine that summer has started, so don’t stop the light sari for some time in the summer, nor would the same feel comfortable. So in this you can see all that is there, you get this cream clear glass water inside some new pattern, inside which Siroski diamond has been used and here you are going to get rose type design that this If we get the complete flower pattern inside the saree, then the key is activated and every woman who is there can also paper this type of saree very easily, then you can see that the blouse will remain You get the blouse in an easy way, inside some prints so that whatever is match to major and according to the fashion, this design looks very cute, then the minutes increase of the design and which is to come now inside the georgette Whose new creation has been done, yes, the fragrance goes inside it’s point prince cut or you can see the saree for less.

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Which means you are going to get the same color inside the same color, the length will be fine as you but you can see the lace border, don’t Tony you get the lace powder here, now the suit for all friend has been done, on the top of the printer you will get silver It is going to be found inside the color, due to which its look is going to be seen by you even if it is not there, then you can see that complete length complete design, you get lazy inside the saree, wherever it is, now worship print it somewhere But the holiday is not going to be available, that means quality is the best product, which you get in a how Kesaria Textile Company because you all know that we get a lot of collections, many manufactures sleep where they go to the varieties which or Some feel and see it, but some people are also such that normally they keep showing you the variety, they also show the designs but the price is also half of the specific but we have to see that the variety which does not give quality is the best. If you get such products, then you are going to get similar products from us here.

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So whenever you come, do visit once so that you get a good ID about all these collections, then why take new designs, then you can see the new pattern which is going to remain, this file with print but You get the complete printing design inside the saree, the hair design that you are going to get here of like and dark color means that you get double color combination here, you can see that you get the complete design with complete length. Here the design pattern is there, I bring you something different every time so that you can comfortably include it in your business because nowadays such designs are not liked very quickly whether it is new generation women or else. Women who like different designs, everyone likes all these very much, if you want a lot of packing, then in this way you get sari designs even in box packing and our collections are here. If the forehead starts in 220 ₹ 5, then it gives variety, in the same way you have a fair price here. All the varieties are going to be available then button towards Edison but collection then I am giving you all the updates of Sara, any collection you like, take a screenshot as soon as possible so that whatever you are, it becomes easy so that you also get what you want.

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It is easy to know about all these collections, so you can see the variety that is going to be complete that you are going to get inside the front but here you get a different treatment in the pallu, the tracks according to you. The whole piping concept is going to be found here and you can see that the print has also been made very special and we get to see very few such designs and all these collections are photo pass. You get the set up inside which you also get different designs and colors and you get different ones, so you can see what goes in the blouse inside the dark color, now this is the blouse. So you are going to get the swan team but if you want stitching variety inside the blouse then it is our head here from ₹ 70 star Ting happens, whatever if you want to order a catalogue, then of course you can order it, just call and our online team which is there for you is going to be there all the time, so let’s move on now why design the pattern that you have going to come in some way like this You get this synthetic saree according to it but it has some new look on it which you are going to get only with its diamond or you can see the whole is inside the printer this is the pallu concept The all-rounder type design that you get inside it is a little different, only its time butt is also there, here you are going to get the machine lever accordion, this saree design will not go bad even after rain because we are here Whatever WhatsApp gets.

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Whether it is a sari or a fulfillment, means that within the whole collection, you get these different patterns here with different designs and quality, then it is also very important to keep the quality tempered, then if you too If you are running your shop, then keep the product in such a way that how do you like this product which is That your area wise are very much liked and you get all this variety light which is in all places, according to different dhams, but whatever variety you get here, the margin you have is also very much. If you are able to set up well, then keep the collection like this and keep your business going on such a light pace, then you must have liked the collection very much and like this you will definitely tell us by commenting and liking so that we also know what is there. It goes that we can come up with how-to designs for you, so stay tuned, you can also add a click on the same button so that you get the olive oil listing of such designs, through which you also get the ID. Thank you Tata bye-bye till then how are you going to get the collection.

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