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Readymade Blouse Suppliers: What do you get in Kesaria Textile Company, but the variety that I have brought for you today is going to be inside the blouse, inside which you also get the feedback on it, if you want variety of this thing, then our quality is here for you. Do not even spectate what you get, yes you can see that in this way you get answer blouses, which you are going to get a complete set voice, color you can see light colors, you are going to get dark colors, if you want, then some In this way you can see that you get dark colors inside Banarasi as well, so it is a few inches of variety but today I have brought the collection for you and the withdrawals are going to happen inside it which you are going to get from very good design. Or you want party variety, every single design you get here you can see that it is going to meet the party that you get and you can see that I am going to see you inside every single blouse with constipation ka If you find the pattern here, then if we talk about the sequence inside it, then you can see that you get it.


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Whether it is a demand sari lehenga or something, this way is going to be found in which you can see that there is a lot of color, people can see it and you can see that the back side is completed which is in the latest designs. It is going to be found here, then inside which you can see that it is made inside it means it is going to be seen as if we talk here it is used properly and it has small stones, you will find it here. It is known that you are going to get this variety along with the constipation pattern and you can see in that too, so whatever you take it is without please and what is in the back side you get the full button people but if you want sleeves then That too you are going to get attached together so that if you want to attend then here you can do it from us but in the next design which you can see is made inside some leheriya the number of the whole team and updating when princess cutting There are blouses inside which parties are given here only, you are going to get it in the very best way and you can see in this For this along with the margin that is there in men’s doubles, this is how to set the margin, so you can see that here I get you the complete so that people can do what you have on you comfortably and in this Let us talk, if you want the complete flower design of the complete triangle diet, then you also get the pattern inside the whole, you can see the very cute little one here which is going to get the lop of the dori, which we are going to get the people of the blouse.


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Doesn’t it make you look even better towards your variety, which you can see, in this way you are going to get the complete pattern of the sequence on the John text message fabric, whose example can be seen in the same way I get you hungry designs and all this variety which you are going to get state wise from here, now you are getting set rice so you all know that you get a lot of color options, so now we saw some party The wear concept is coding the brightness of the blouse, but the variety that is going to be taken in a few selected varieties, which is the end of the bridal Rate I am going to show you, you can see that in this way you also get the complete bridal look which you can set up very comfortably on top of the lehenga because if we are doing business of cloth blouse. If you are keeping it like this, then you all know that the blouses that are like this can be set up very comfortably on top of the sari too, by adding the last juice on top of the lehenga which is up to 90% of its margin.


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Neither he can set alarm, so if you want sequence design that too with border concept then you can see that you get full border inside it and inside that you can see with multiple colors meaning that You are also going to get the pattern of the colorful colors that sleep here, but you can see inside it, so what will remain within the whole year, you get this design according to the reports, you are going to get this design and what is in it you will get profit margin It is known that the turtle pattern will remain, that too you are going to get it here, if you get this saree design according to princess cutting, then like this If you want to know about many collections, then if you want the facility of PDF, then you get it through our online team, for which you just need to call or message us and every time what you have is here with us. If you are going to get support from so many such blouse designs from inside which by clicking on the i button you can take a look at once so that you know why and how can you close the blouse settings Himanshu in the next video.


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