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Hello I Himanshi, I warmly welcome all of you to the Kesaria Textile Company and today it has been a long time with new thinking and new direction, that means, some selected sites keep on telling you for you but the ones who do our office like In the last video, we told you that we are going to make some changes, you are going to see it here in our office that you can see it here, the collection you are going to get here, I have only 10 here. For the whole minute you go with the blouse, she is going to be a designer, in some way you get the packing, you can see how the Kesaria Textile Company is going to see a complete follow, then inside you get a red colored saree. It is known that you want a web title or if you get any obscene message size and like it in the saree after that, then you can see the like and the pattern you are going to get here, now we all have like inside the pattern It is known that by dera it means that Patliputra gets Lok Sabha or else we want to design directly in color.

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So neither the designs are trade fair, but you can see that you are going to get like this letter, you can see that it is simple, you get the details, that in this way the private part goes to your pallu, so such a birthday More of Mehndi Designs which you can see here you will be seeing the complete stock of sarees, more than one design concept is going to be found here, so it is now moving towards the next segment, which is going to be a new segment. Some have been absorbed in this way, here you are going to see the saree of the border, inside which the first question that we should show you is that in this way you get it in box packing, which is starting from just Rs 239 here. You can see the whole state-wise here that you don’t get what you want with the catalogue All of this is manufactured here and all the varieties are available to you. If you are not going to get a cigarette, then here you can see what you are going to get along with the land water in such a way, inside which you also get stalled of stones, inside if you want textile or check pattern You should see every concept very beautifully here, here you get the cut of this saree, inside it you can see the blouse, you are going to get the catalog name which is right here.

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But the mention is given because on every variety that I am going to get you station, then in the same way here too you can see that in the accounting of an error from the many patterns from the sheru design, we like something from the news channel, that’s why If you are using or you want to visit all, then by joining here it is very easy to purchase this collection which is the minimum budget, you can do 5000 colors which is for your limited time. The rest of this, if you do the purchasing online, then you do not have a budget of only 10 thousand to 20000 in which all these collections And you can buy very easily, now here you are going to get your full letter here, that means this is a special statement, from here you only get lace water, so now you are going to have new designs. We can see the next collection that is going to be found inside the semi work design here but before that we see that there is a very beautiful saree design which you are going to get inside Lycra, you get the complete Baalveer Katappa in the same way. From this you can see that you have some crush pattern on the saree, so from the pattern you are going to get it here that you get this saree designs off the wings, what are the needs of aman minute saree or some fancy design in this way You need every variety of saree, you are going to get it here, you have agreed that now why those semi work designs inside which you can see some designs have been installed inside the display, inside which are Lycra and weight loose Banarasi with them.

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Before the wards, you get the green design here, it is not said that all India You are going to get the test of Tiya here because you all know that you get this contact collection of women here, if we talk about that sarees, then you are going to get the whole store here, wherever your eyes go. Wali is there, you are going to see the collection only, so here you can see that now this saree is going to be inside the box packing, which is what you get only inside red color if you get it Need inside the Shallow color you can see that in this way you get the packing the catalog is going to be available with you so that we can guess for ourselves how you get the overlock so let’s die now and the collection and that means The next statement is going to be the next statement, it is going to be complete, inside which you can find very beautiful things here, which you can see, in this way you are going to get and inside you get it here. Starts from just Rs 750, you can see that it is available so that you can see if it should be Here means there is no shortage of skin, it is also in the same way as you can see that you get the collection in the collection you get with the blouse and if I talk about any collection take your price.

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It is being shown to you that here you are going to get the complete buy calling system, which is now going to be seen inside the video, you are going to get a big collection online at the same price, just like you have seen this complete starting saree. Whatever you get without blouse pieces, and in this way we grow, now the next collection of the next collection is going to be our cotton saree inside it where you can see life purchasing is going on now and Sales Executive Joe Hair A statement I get you chapter notes so that you can ask him comfortably how to set up the varieties and markings I am not yet inside the suit material segment and suit material life each one Woman is the most favorite of every girl that you get designing varieties. I mean, I want to get the title, today we want design inside cotton, in the same way you can see the stitch inside cotton, you are going to get the warp bottom here, which you see in Ajay Collection, you can see this Now we are going to get the stage, you get all this variety inside the free size, that only within the visit I get you the complete collection because then the piece that you are going to get with the set up, you will also get Pakistani dress material here. We are going to meet you, which you can see which bride is going to be seen here and in the same way we read Pakistani dressage, even inside loan cotton, you get the designs here right now birthday we next flight its which Every time we hear the name of Banarasi that is going to be Banarasi, we remember that you get on the traditional look, it is a very beautiful plastic packing collection, they can also do this.

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Need or can see something in this way, in this way it is going to get golden zari and work done with friends, you are also going to get the brightness of the stones, such that you are sitting at home sitting at home, which is a video call. I can chat through and here you can see some variety, here you see that in which I go to the pattu collection, which bridal do you want or something like this, whenever you want the look of Siroski Diamond What is going to be found here means that if you want a sari according to the daily routine, then which one you get it here and you can see that your eyes are going to be seen here too, there you get one and a half designs Banarasi If you want more cancer patterns inside the saree, neither the pattern of ignorance that you are going to get, then the birthday of the next segment and what you can see by making it here and inside you will also see box packing WiFi which is now The collection of this dupatta which we have now is starting from March 2018 onwards. Rate you can see if you want number scarf in this way, then which one you are going to get, you can see the complete crush pattern Rupert you computer which is going to get this with a cut of 2 and a half minutes length you get proper It is very soft and you are going to see it here, so if you want some fancy design honey leaves, then you also get it here inside the Najmeen fabric inside which the whole sequence work was done that means through the overall tour.

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You get to know how you are going to get the collection, even if you want bridal jewelery for a bride, then which one you go to here now which is a very beautiful golden zari speaker worked inside it With is with stones means that if you like any of these collections, if you want to purchase any variety of them, then you can call us immediately, then there is a news statement just like we told you in the previous video It was only that we are going to start more unique collections here, so this is the collection out of them. The next one is inside the conversation which you can see inside the cotton is of double bed sheet and you can see in it the double pillow covers that you get together send a message that we can talk about this way you will get dark Which flower designs go inside the color too, if you want, then such variety that you are going to get, now we move on to the next statement and so here you can see this segmented blouse, inside which you also got the antes blouse You get this cheesy blouse, now the statement that is going to be here is what we mean by the concept of tying it, which whole start gets what you are going to get from Mothda, the leheriya pattern does not even go And you can see this inside the tying and if we talk about them gibbons, then you are going to get the design of everyone differently and inside it too how can Riya not get the full branding right now as you have seen the collection of tying. I get what I’m wearing now, not only in Rajasthan but also in Gujarat I like it very much. In this, you get this delicious Rajasthani test of brinjal and the taste of Rajwadi is not very much liked in Gujarat.

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