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Pure Cotton Saree Suppliers: That the summer season is going on and not only in the house, it is only for twelve months that the market is more preferred means that the website which is running for years and years is not cotton fabric and I have brought some sarees inside the cotton fabric. Which stops are going to be available means that the design is also different and there are many fabrics in cotton too, so today we are going to tell you about all the fabrics, so as soon as I brought it for you today, it is very setting. What you can see is very beautiful packing, you get all the premium collections of all, that too along with the catalog so that you can get the details about the color very easily so how can I contact Kesaria Textile Company I welcome you all with a new thinking and a new direction, with another new concept, it means that today’s variety, which is not special according to your business, is going to be a cotton variety, set set, all the variety you have to purchase that In our successful setting, the heart is done in inches and there is no order for a single page here.


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If it is taken, then today’s collection is going to be gold, then you can see that there is a variety of fruits, in this way, you get only soft cotton inside the cotton and inside it you get a little semi WhatsApp attachment. Inside, zinc has been properly worked on it and in this way you can see that the length of the saree is going to be that complete, you are going to get 49th lens because now with the complete length, you do the purchasing and with that you customer also You are also able to convey very easily, so you can see that the blouse that is going to come now, you can separately get the attachment of it inside the front itself, which is going to be complete within the lining hour. You can see that you are going to get a complete cut of 30 cm and with this, now you can see the whole of the saree, you can get the complete tone tone matup, you get the saree here, if you want the colors inside, then you will get many colors here. If we get it, then we move on to the next variety, how is the design of the next variety, just whatever the collection is.


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If you like it or not, take a quick screenshot so that all these varieties that you get the details about the price, then take care of the integral part design why you can see now the next pattern that is going to come means that this saree is for you cotton There is a perfect print concept found inside the cotton, inside which you get the complete damaged length of the sari and you can see that in some way you are going to get this variety inside the printer, according to the colorful pattern, what border do you get? Now you can see that the pattern that has been made here, the whole machine is also a box and it is very soft means that there are soft and soft varieties, nor you can find them here inside the praise cotton, even then you can also its pallu. You can see that the pallu is also going to be found here in such a way from the very best circle flight because the green sari which we first see how the pallu gets inside it, then which one will remain green, which will give you a different style. With Sha Dada Varieties you are going to get here so others grow The variety that I have brought for you right now is going to be inside the khadi cotton in such a way that you can see that it is also inside the print but the zari work has also been done inside it, which is complete to give you a check pattern.


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It is found inside here in which you can see the whole of the whole zari border, you are going to get this variety and here too you get a lot of contacts it means that if you want flower design tomorrow or want some doubt color then pattern also. You get them, everything is a catalog wife, so let’s talk about the catalog name, so it is going to be named Shot Beauty, that means I also tell you the catalog name so that if you like the website, now simple in front Message me so that you get the PDF related to it, you can easily get the details of the price through our online team, so now let’s move on to the next collection which I have brought for you now, that too in this way. It is going to happen only with the associated lining, in which the entire fielding and small fluff done here. Power design means that the design which is inside the cotton, which party they are very much liked and its daily routine is also very much in the South Side it is considered to be a demanding variety because it is there. If the test goes on a lot, then now you can see that its border is going to be complete that you get the satin bandage accordion, son, the hair and that type of zari work you are going to get here, now you can see the pallu it has. It is in this way you are going to get the pattern of tension, it means that it is a sari, or in the same way, inside the color, you also get craving here But if you get all these varieties inside the hundred percent pure cotton, then you go to the next design and the next designer who is going to come, in this way you are going to be off your saree or you can see that very beautiful concept.


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It means that the colors are very pleasant to see, this is the design and In this, now you can see the complete trading and key accordion here with flower pattern made with witch siroski diamond and this variety is very soft but this pair has come, you can see the customer whenever they come to you Neither such varieties, they buy very easily and it also has 5 days which is very easy, you can set up with hundred percent guarantee because you can see the material is absolutely soft material in any recipe I You are not going to get it and you can see the design in it also you get some Umrao pattern here and in that also you get the design of Tehsil here also means that there are many collections like Even here you are going to get that advisor to all of you and here you can see that now you get the according stars design of the bar coding system, which means that the price which you are going to get both online and online, anytime like this. It is not going to happen that something else is being shown in the video and something else will be delivered to you at home It is going that this does not happen at all from us because how Kesaria Textile Company is not only a name but also the biggest trust is that Base Trustable Manufacturing Company of Surat where you get the Amrit Collection of Lady’s Way but to do business. For many, you also get Idea from here because everyone wants to progress, but to get success in it, you have to have some variety or you have to keep it with complete quality, so now growing new designs.


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Well, you can see that this is the color that everyone likes very much every time because it has the most unique pattern and also the most different color, but in this you can see which sister has been made, which you can see some In this way you are going to get Vodafone sub’s accordion, now in this saree you can see all the credits and sequence work done along with it, yes you are seeing right that you are getting the designs of the sequence that you get. If there is cotton then what happened, through the Kesaria Textile Company also becomes the variety, keeping the customers in mind. Khate is made and there is not going to be any shortage in the collection, so you can see the weakness, you are going to get its roots and variety inside, you get the complete pattern of skirting here and very soft varieties here You get it so that you can buy all these variety in very comfortable and with that you also get easy selling and how is the Kesaria Textile Company where you have the sales executive in each segment. Here you get complete ideas of how to set up the margin on each variety, how you can select the color combination, because there are some customers who are starting their first time. Business they do not even know how much should be kept in the minimum budget, so every time we tell you that the minimum budget is now 10,000 to 20000, then you are going to have any problem with the rest of the transportation because worldwide shipping It is available from here and you can also sit at home through video call.


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You can purchase all the variety, these facts, we will tell you that anytime you come to Surat, once you must visit the Kesaria Textile Company, for which you have been given in the address description so that you will get the facility of pick up and drop from today. It is available so that it is very easy to come too, there is no problem in the language, both offline and online you get sales executives in the language so that you can easily pass all these varieties in your area wise test. If you also get to know and purchase it easily, then you can click on the i button to get ideas about many more such collections so that you get to know about such mod designs, how What kind of designs are you going to get in Kesaria Textile Company because the variety of sarees we have here is just starting from 101, which ones you get printed inside it, you want semi-time heavy patterns, which bridal ones you want in Banarasi Varieties. You get it by the way this dam is yours Which stops you, you are also going to get the pattern again from the same place, we get so many varieties, so there is no need to go anywhere, so just now, if you like the variety, do it as soon as possible. Do not forget to like and comment so that you also get to know how the collection of designs is going to come and the rest of our YouTube channel which is of our Kesaria Textile Company, now subscribe as soon as possible so that whatever new variety goes to you Not as soon as possible you get an update that which collection has come today and on which website you have to change, then I will be Himanshu with some new varieties, nothing was found with him, thank you for that till then.


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