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The variety of sarees that I have brought for you today is not going to be very special because I have brought Gota Patti According Saree for you completely, which is very much liked in special Rajasthan. Right now, if we talk about Rajasthan, then in Jodhpur and Jaipur, this test goes very much that the website which is designed in this does not appear to be completely fancy, but with it you also get a traditional look here and these All the variety that is inside it, you are going to get the blouse again inside it, so how do I warmly welcome you all to Kesaria Textile Company and new thinking and new direction which is our slogan according to the same new varieties so every Sometimes I keep bringing for you, but if you want new ideas, then they are available from here. Your business is related. You all know that the Kesaria Textile Company which is a manufacturing company, here you get an option that you like the collection. All you have to do is take the set voice that we have here. Dil ki ki hai singh 20 cotton is not taken in the snow and setting itself, so if I talk about the whole set, then all of us here are going to get you all from the bar coding system, which you can see, in this way you will get the full punch.

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You can get colorful accordion and you can see the bar coding system in it, which if you roam all over the face, then you are not going to get anywhere in the bar coding system, which is how you get the Kesaria Textile Company here, every variety means That if I talk about the complete collection of Ladies Way Saree School Piece Degi Dupatta Plazo Suit Material Lehenga Blouse and with it is the new segment first feature which is on top of all this inside the garden area you get bar coding system So now let’s start the variety super collection which is going to be in some light color in such a way that you can see the complete gota husband lock you are going to get here, the color is as light as it is not so cute, the design makes you laugh Inside which you can see the flower pattern made, the whole gota leaf only according to it. It is not going to be spoiled at all, Supplement Pilot is a best product, you get it here, now if we talk about its border, then you can see which dance border above the light color is looking very good, that means here You are going to get full water of maroon color, send it on top of the samosa lace border, then you get this pallu concept right now if we look at the whole sari, then here you can see the whole of you in such a way.

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The design is going to be found inside the bottom ware, which is completely perfect in this way you get the touchup design, you can see it is made with very fine detail and the whole Chinese lion that it is a sight from afar. Very cute people means that all you have is going to meet Rajasthani here and in the same way inside the color Meghnad becomes only two net sisters here, if we go to the next flight, then whatever the next design is going to come, you can see this, in a similar way, you are going to get the complete material on a chiffon basis and it is a soft material which is That you can see and inside it you are going to get the complete border inside the dark color which is the piping concept has been made here and in this we can see what is the look of gota leaf right now, flower design in some way like this I would have found you, you are going to get the design of this patti type here which is going to be seen inside the love pallu concept, but you can see that whatever blouse you get through it, the one you get inside it. For complete, this border is going to be taped, but if you want a blouse ready on a separate blouse, then that concept is also available here, that means ₹ 90 19 that starts from our blouse here, that 70 is ours from above.

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Here you can find readymade blouses, you have to grow them and then you can see some of the new designs. In this way, you are going to get a Marwari test right here, which I have brought in the same page yesterday, you can see that it is complete, in the same way, design some layer types here, according to the Gota Patti glass and in between. Also some flower buds have been made in this way which will make the whole three ding dang ding that means the work on the machine is complete and you can see the border which is the double gota leaf lace here which means that even here you will get gota leaf. Lace gets golden and silver and golden complete, you are going to get the samosa lace pattern here too, so you can see that you are complaining about the colors of the sari in such a way that if I talk, then in this way you must definitely face the face. You get the set-up within which you are going to get the light color charts right now, if you want the facility of the victim, then you also get the facility of PF, so that the numbers given on your screen need to be called or messaged so that you can sit at home. If you get this video, then you can easily get to know about all this variety and the customers also get hope. If you are able to convert with knowledge, then it will increase, then you can see that if you want the skirting chapters, then I get you the pattern here, which you can see, in this way you can design separately.

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The line has been made and here you can see the complete pattern of triangle type, here you are going to see and here you can see that the design, this is the test, whatever lace border remains inside it is complete. Typing WhatsApp is going to be found inside the dark color, so in this you can see the complete collection which will be there in this way and whatever saree you like will take a screenshot as soon as possible Otherwise Give a call so that you can buy all this variety which is there now, why do we design them, sir, you are seeing that now the neck design is coming, in this way you get you inside the plastic mirror work which is complete. Complete threading work has been done here and here you can see border concept a complaint that you are going to get only inside moles on Kota and this material you can see that dum soft material you are going to get which ship And I get you, now you can see the full length, you get this color too whatever is inside it.

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All you are going to get here from bright color and every WhatsApp message goes to you on it, no one is going to get you fold in quality because how the Kesaria Textile Company makes all the varieties along with the quality. Whatever the design remains, according to your area, you get the designs because what we have here is the world wide shipping available, so by the way, you also get the test of all India from here, so moving towards the new design Vinayak Design The web is going to be very special, so you can see that in this way, you are going to get the complete wave pattern here, which along with the flower design, the job bull pattern has been made here and in this you will see Here red color has been given, with silk threads, you get the whole order concept, so that the people who happen to it are different that we are going to see and it is going to be the whole jade pallu concept. So on the square and the whole of this saree, you can see that this saree is in a different way.

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You are going to get a bad saree inside this look and you can see that it is inside the whole pallu that means that the saree is also going to be available to you in the same way the whole time, then all you have to do is the numbers given on the screen. You just have to make a call, if you ever live far away, then now tell a schedule of yours so that if you get the facility of pick up and drop here, then you can easily visit the rest here If the address is given to you in the description, then you are not going to have a problem at all, inside you also get sales executives in your language, so you can buy the whole collection easily, then there is one for online There are limitations that you have to keep a budget of 10,000 to 20000, but if you do online purchasing, then all of you know that there is no limit to the variety of purchases that you want to purchase, then you can get this facility from here. If I get it, I hope you like the collection a lot, then I will come to Himanshi with some new varieties.

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