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Printed Sarees Wholesaler: In printed sarees, there is a different style of saree that we get many concepts inside it, but there is such a design that we like very much that plant heart inside a flower print, give small flowers or big flowers. The design and double variety is very much in demand every time and every woman who is not a woman likes such variety very much, so hello how come I Himanshi not thinking from Kesaria Textile Company and I am back with a new direction some catalogs By taking the varieties inside which I am going to show you the varieties of flower prints today, that means the collection is going to be very spectacular, by the way, if I talk about the catalog name, then the fair queen of the village, Maharani, along with her, the younger daughter-in-law and with her who is like Jethani. I have brought it to the state from here that means the name which is amazing, so the variety store is going to be so great, so let’s move on to the collection, how is the collection going to be successful now, for the variety you can see it by the name of the village. The catalog is there and the whole of the whole is inside the love and flower design. Design So you all know that how you get it inside the patterns in which you can see the lace water you are going to get all around in the same way and you can see that one sided what you get is the flower pattern Also in this way, you are going to get the accordion design of the box, the color you get is the pink color here and you can see the ad border, on top of this you get the pattern of CR its diamond which is inside the silver color here But right now, the variety that I like to give you less, so here you get the set up of 526 pieces, the color options are going to be available to you in this, so that you can select the accordion of varieties very easily if you like any color.


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If so, then you can see that the first catalog is going to be of the village, then you can see that in this way you get colors in this way, in this way, we provide you the catalog from here because all of you Do know plus I get you here in some way which is according to the regular routine They like this variety as soon as they see it, everything is going to be available in the factory date, so if anyone is going to start in the price, then take new designs why this variety is going to be this catalog named as queen queen If you like a cat in the name, then the color is also so pleasant, it is found here and it is a very soft material that means if I talk to a person who has absolutely backless sarees, this and you can see the complete address of the near material you have in it. You are going to get and which one is of lace in it, you are going to get the Maharani concept tour which is attached here inside the dark color 24 laboratory in which the weakness will be what you get only with 9 meters and You can also see the design on it, you can see some different flower design, here you get the round accordion which is a very beautiful pattern and now you can see the printing which has been made on the lining here, you also get it in this way.


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It is the lace which will remain, in this way you get complete, now you can also see its blouse complete. The blouse you get inside love right now, whenever you all know in this way, we need lining, so if you want some part of the blouse piece, then they are available in our master 90 because we have 19 rupees from us. But if we get started, then we would like to see the variety of utensils before that we would have told the catalog that we would not have told the catalog, neither you can take a screenshot of it comfortably as you can see that its catalog is going to be named Rani and in this you will see You can see that you get the color options in such a way that the design patterns will remain, you are going to get everything different. Which is going to happen, then they are going to be designed inside the queen pattern, in which you can see the color which will remain, in this way you are going to get dark color and lace water is going to get you in some way There is an attachment of a bank and its like, nor do you get the balance border here. In that too you can see that inside the pallu concept of the lace border, you get a perfect pattern made with Siroski diamond patch up and like it you are going to find its folk here and it is not like these flower designs. Inside you get a lot of patterns, you do purchasing about all these collections through video calls, but every time we would like to tell you this, for the information of all these collections, you must graduate here, that means anytime you come to Surat.


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Now the station is so that we can call it on pick up and drop that you get the facility but if you want to go direct then once redwap let me tell you that it is only 10 minutes away from the station you will get the market Inside Block 5030 Shivanand Singh 032, by coming to Chapters Office, you can do your purchasing comfortably with style sensitive of your own language, just like here too you will be seeing the Tendero concept, from here you will also turn your eyes, there you will find in the collection. No shortage is going to be found because how to live textile The company is the only company of Surat where you get the All India test from one place, that too you are going to get the complete collection of Ladies Way because according to all you get it in pack rate, you are going to get bench vice then in colors Even if you are not going to have any shortage, then move on to its catalog now, so you can see this catalog is going to be named Maharani and now you can see the design in it, in this way you get the catalog which you You can easily tell what the customers have, how you will get the designs, you can see the color whatever the design is, you are going to get it differently in the sponge like here you can see that this pattern is needed So if you get flower petals, if you want something romantic, then you are also going to get the patterns here, which means that you will get it because every time the Kesaria Textile Company keeps doing new to new creativity inside the sari, what to do in the disconnection of the bandh, then you will be closed.


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Something is available in this way, you can see that you are going to get the complete set voice in fast. You can also see that you get it set up back with catalog catalog What you will get, how is the bar coding system with the Kesaria Textile Company’s attachments, so with the bar coding system, you get the benefit that you Whenever you come here, even if you like a sari of the director, you want to know the price, then you can know very comfortably on each variety whether you can get bar coding system anywhere in the face or not, but how You are going to get in the textile company that you also get the products here with full guarantee, so it increases now, how is the pattern that is going to come on the net, so you can see who is going to do this in some way. The one who is going to get from is going to live by the name of Choti Bahu and you can see this color too you are going to get very beautiful oh bright colors, now its length that if I talk you get the length of the copy but the joke is pizza in it It is not made, it is a very beautiful little button, you can see that some rose type patterns have been made in it.


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And very soft material as we speak, you get it here means that daily routine according to it is also very comfortable variety because you all know we like varieties the same way that after wearing we are very confident Feel and the collections are like this, you are going to get a lot here, that means if I talk about all these varieties inside it, then you are going to get 500 plus design jyotin available here all the time, same way you will get all this variety in its PDB You can order for this, you just made a call or message, which online team is not going to be present for you, then they see the variety that I am showing you inside the flower print, you all know that this flower The collection that is printed remains in very high demand, which means there is a demand variety within which you get thousands of patterns and if you want to do business, that saree is also very smart, anyone knows that the design which lasts for years. Isn’t it the same, which withdrawals are such, which stops are found here. Let’s take this saliva pattern, in this you go to many flower designs, that means you get everyday patterns, some if we talk about sunflowers are late flowers, although the patterns go free, small and big designs I will show you here If you are going to get the off margin in such a collection, you can set it up very easily, you also get profit from here with a hundred percent guarantee, so increase its catalog and how the gas catalog is going to be.


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You can see that in this way you get the catalog variety, if you like it, take a screenshot as soon as possible so that even if you and I message, then we also get easy what is going to be its price and How do you get the information, then take care of the new design, which is going to be this catalog named Jethani, it is absolutely silky material, that means you get the sarees sitting with the check here, this lace border which will remain its don’t Tony you tap The article is going to be received that what will remain from the companies is going to be very wonderful. You can see what is one sided, in this way, you get the perfect title here, in the same way, you are going to get the same design inside the print, there is no shortage in the length, a written How Kesaria Textile Company only Deal is done in quality only, here there are such varieties, you can buy very comfortably from here and which friends you have to take only state wise in because we have only heart in spelling here. If done, to see many such collections, you can click on the button given on the screen so that you get the details about all these contacts very easily, don’t forget to leave a like and comment. Because when you tell us by commenting, then it becomes easier that we have brought this pattern for you, nor have we been bringing some more wonderful and wonderful collection for you so that you can subscribe to our channel so that You get notification of news new collection.


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