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Hello there, I Himanshi brings some new varieties for you every time, but even today I will be very happy for you that I have brought what it brings, but this time Delhi she likes it very much and inside it. If I talk about designs, then you know the collection collection at one place but for that I will definitely tell you that it is going to be found in the collection but before that you get it, if you like it, you happen to have such a collection from here. Do comment on the age so that you can see the previous ones that you like, in this way you get something inside the georgette, on this issue you will also get the pattern in Lucknow, you are going to get all these neck basics which show the design in which the throat work speaks complete You get the money step by step with the design of the sequence and such water treatment has been used here and here also the pattern can be seen that in the kurti you get some different designs on this side and so on.

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Its pattern which I get you separately so that you can make whatever add or enable dresses. If it becomes easy, then instead of looking towards the scarf, it is going to be very spectacular because the borders which are given in it, in this way you get the border in this way, inside the sequence itself and Such small designs have been made here that keep the variety like it is Jogi design and the customer should not look once and say that yes we like the design here very much that every collection keeps it like this neither any customer disappointed If I can not go through, then in the same time, if I talk, then the work goes in Shukra designs, which is going to be found inside a complete digital print with water sequence and always one in Lucknow pattern. The specialty is that always a virgin design light is found and if it is needed in it, then here you can see, then you get what you are going to get so that if you can do it, then its dupatta is very good.

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If you see it, but the white color you get right now is a different one in itself and if we wear the design in the neck. You can see that this is the pattern which is very simple so that you get a glimpse of it. Like this, the daily routine accordion which is very simple and sober to look at but looks very attractive piece if seen from a distance. Just keep the acid and the utensil design and you can see it is going to get you any if you like and can take it through sitting at home you can easily see that this facility is available and you will get its dupatta waghmare In which I am going to meet you, you can see that you get a lot of collections here because it remains here that if we are to buy it then it is going to be digital print and loudly shut down the digital printer Ajay So you can see that along with this pattern, you also get some type of pattern and the scarf inside it is going to be simple, you have more in the scarf in this way with a cut of two and a half meters completely.

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You are going to get it, so you can see that the design combination is very cute dear you are going to get it and here You must be liking the collection very much, if you know, then a comment is made, then comment as soon as possible, if you have not subscribed to our channel, then this is the red button, you have to do it like the collection of wave videos. Through and you go that the company is given in the description of the company you get and you get it from here very easily here you can see that you all know how the rye is so much time in the video that We do not understand that if the designer is not found, then you also get the facility of video, but if we edit now, we are even more happy that 90% of the customers who sleep stay connected with us like this.

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Because they get the parents of their test and repeat customer, it is very important to maintain the pond, that is our motive that whatever you go to the customer and want to start the clothing business quickly and if there is no knowledge then From here you even the idiot get all the details that how you are able to startup area wise test and You should keep it like this because all these things happen as you will be able to see the collection, you will be able to see more than one design pattern, you will be able to see it, in which you get all the variety here so that any Once I appear in front of them by pointing, then I keep on bringing you questions for you students and parents and friends, thanks for being with the collection of happiness till then.

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