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Hello once again, I have brought for you the brightness of some suit material, how the textile company Yoga is a manufacturing company, but every time nothing comes with it, this time also inside some special suit material like this Stay tuned and Varied would like to see the sample for the very expensive rally to see how you get then breaks with such loud material so anyway and about that mean you have to do anything else if you want your favorite so The number which you have to call, you get the details very well through the rest of the online that told everyone that when we are doing business of clothes, it is necessary to have knowledge about it and with that quality products should be available.


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So what’s the matter, let’s start the tehsil without taking much time but first we see the color how to get the color, so you can see it very dearly you will get all this variety in light colors here you are going to get So in the same way you can see that you get a lot of benefits in Classic Patan with C Colors. And now you can see this variety, which is the number Bengali booster test you are going to get here, in which you will find this complete flower pattern according to a very cute time and with that here you can see small- You are going to get it with small stones, it is going to be completed like this but now if we open it and see it, then you can see that the way you get it inside it, you can see that it is above you.


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This button is given below it, one thing is different, then you are going to get it here. Flower is also made in a very desi style and with the same here you can see Friends which sequence which would be the flower pattern. You are going to get it and in the same way like a triangle, you have to complete the sequence here, then you are going to get the design here, in the same way you can see the bottom, in this way you go to the border in which whatever came The complete touch-up of the leaf is going to be received within the sequence itself and the variety that is there is not as beautiful as it looks, is it not?


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At the same time, when you help you, it is going to look very cute and in this also you can see in the back side also we would like to see that you get the whole pan people here, you get it quickly inside which is very stitching. It is made with cut, if I talk about it, it means that you have a salwar suit with a kurti of two and a half meters, but if you talk to me, then you also have the stronghold of the kurti, you die of complete diameter, the warden that if I If you talk about it, you are going to get two and a half meters complete, but if you have variety of georgette, then neither is it made with it, then you can see the water which I am going to get you central, you have completed the cut of four and a half meters.


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Goes with that which also works for you at the bottom and if you get used oil in the accordion of these hairs, then you are going to get a complete get-up inside such a website, but if the scarf is a rebel, then we would have seen the scarf. How are you going to get the collection of dupatta, so you can see that there is a very cute design inside the dupatta too. That you are going to get the whole katwa inside the paan, you can see the sequence award has been given in it and the material is also very soft material, you get it here and here you can see that the bullets were made and they also look very cute. It has been said that this scarf is the receiver IT which looks very cute and whatever suit material you get here, you are going to get it like this, then you will definitely make a small comment for many more, that you will get variety.


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How is it, we keep coming for you, let’s play some new ones that colors also we see how the colors are going to be in it, so you can see it, along with this you are going to get a set up of call pieces. Inside you get all the light colors, in this way and college also more than one you visit anytime you must visit once, in your description you have been mentioned in the address and by clicking the i button once. You can see what other varieties you get in this, so stay tuned with us by commenting like this, we will definitely tell you Let’s go with some new variations in the next video Till then Tata Bye-bye!


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