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Pure Cotton Saree Manufacturers: So the variety that is going to be there, you get this right inside from the dacoit, now it is a very cute concept because inside it is a whole different concept of the design being done, but you get the very soft material here because it makes If there is variety from cotton inside, then it is necessary to have a perfect collection of osm Meaning that if I talk within this pattern, then you are going to get Twenty plus design available here at third time, then in the same way customers can join us from anywhere, that means from Rajasthan to South, some from Gujarat side, we talk to Panchayat In the same way, some of our customers from West Bengal have commented and told us that if we want to see the brightness of some West Bengal, then in the same way which Taj I have brought in which the robbers are going to meet the design, then in the video and Tarun Tarun Banega will update you all these collection very easily t get MP3 kar do 9th May Vanshi how to not from Kesaria Textile Company otherwise and with new direction I have appeared for you once again with collections that means to meet the demand of customers so if you comment us So we definitely bring the same variety for you and that’s why we tell you every time that you must comment us so that what kind of collection and collection you want to see, then we will keep bringing such patterns for you, so the utensils are now new designs. On the other hand, all you have to take advice from here is that the army is dealt with in gender itself, last month, there is a factory company, so the number of designs you get here, nor from there you also have different patterns every time.


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You are going to get different sari, now you get it inside Patola Shree, which combination of white and ride is in demand every time but is very much liked in West Bengal but if marriage there it functions Even if I am, who likes the same and now you can see the complete royal printing in this Also the design has been made and boyfriend which you are going to get with perfect quality because even if the machine is time, it is not going to get spoiled even after washing, then you can see this concept complete, it will give you just thirty length. I am going to get this sari, the design which will remain properly inside the whole sari, you will get that color which will remain inside the printer along with its full quality which means that after both, like many people complain that there is a voice. After all these few colors come off, then we do not have that concept at all because how the Kesaria Textile Company deals only in quality, so by the way, you are going to get the same here in the product, so you can see it as lovely as saree. Equally beautiful, here you also get a blouse with complete for all friends, here you are going to get a blouse in red color, so its catalog is also going to be there, so you can see that you get this catalog from us. If we talk about the designs inside, then you can see this is a very good collection.


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Because inside the same set, you get different different designs here, then new designs are going to come inside some ginger which is a very cute design and the patterns that are there are very much in demand. Because there are so cutely liked because in this you can see that the material is there but the design has been made in it and the whole difference you can see means that you are going to see this design inside and you that I If you talk about it, you get it here, in this you can see that you get it means that you are going to be seen here, then you can see here you get the blouse you get with it. Blouse can also be seen that it is found here in white color, complete joint bluetooth on set, everything is going to be available here, so if you are doing business and what kind of design you have to improve inside the business, if you have Even if you do not know, how do you get full facilities like a Kesaria Textile Company, that means with how much budget you start up?


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What kind of brides should you keep and with that how you are able to set up the margin in it, so the biggest issue that comes to the customer is that how do we set up the margin, so here in our Kesaria Textile Company Hike Variety is going to get you segment wise and a particular sales executive you will find here who can give you exact details on how you can invest in that and how you can get back to this by setting up margin If you can sell all the variety, then its catalog is growing now and so you can see if this whole catalog is going to be from us and in this you can see complete it you get one piece set up now abs is set up But you can see the design design, we are telling you just the catalog for all Ghoshal swords, so as soon as possible if you like variety, take screenshots so that if you and I message then you will also get the facility of price about it. If so, then use new design and black color, which is the most obvious thing for black lovers.


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There are going to be special variations because inside it you are going to get the complete combination of black in white and what you can see inside the pallu, you can see that you will get the complete pallu here, according to this tax. And like this all this saree is going to be loud only on the complete leyland you get this which you can get perfectly inside the material and shining of sesame and you can see this blouse in full white color you get the blouse. It is known that the catalog is of every variety, so I would definitely like to show the catalog of each variety, so it is going to be a catalog by name and you can see that in some way you get proper designs, this is what I was right In this, you are going to have these benefits because inside each dam you get from different designs, then take care of the new design designers who are coming inside, that means you are there if I talk to you but this is what you get from Japan Japan so you can see what goes inside you digital print The flower design that you can see is available here with very soft material digital print and with quality, you are going to get all these products here, so you must do it once and you can check all this collection yourself.


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That if you come here then you all know that no one is going to take that you can take in your budget, nothing like this is going to happen, whatever collection you like, these are all those who buy easily. So let’s move on to its catalog and you can see it is very cute, so here you are going to get the catalog which is Sara’s how-to from the on-catalog of the Kesaria Textile Company and now you can see the design patterns colors in it, now you have something different We are available here, now if we talk about the set, each one will remain et in some way you are going to get the complete setup that you see with the catalog and with that how you can see the complete branding of the textile company You will get to try it out with its complete hair coding system so that you too will be at ease. Director Christ wants to know, even if you see any collection here, then there is going to be a bar coding system on it and whatever tax price we show you, you are going to get it from you both online and offline.


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It is not going to happen at all that we are showing something else here and you get something else, all is not done at all, so butter we can see them on the design side, then this new design can be seen or now let’s see the blue color You must have understood a little bit that what is its name going to be, yes it is from the name and you can see that the name is the same as you get here, inside the blue color and you can see that it is going to meet the full In the print which is very light and dark color combination has been given but very soft material that you can see that whatever material is juiced here, first of all it is checked to make it how on top of it The printer will be preferred so that if the customer is ever disappointed, if we talk about all the variety to them, then you can see that you will get the color inside the blue color. The rate is going to be found with these, just in this way different different faces are going to be found, which is going to happen just according to the test of Bengal, according to the eastern collection you have liked the numbers are given on your screen, you need to call How did you like the rest of the collection, now don’t forget to like and comment as soon as possible so that we also know how we have brought you the next flight Stove burst, if you have not yet subscribed to our channel of Kesaria Textile Company, then quickly Make it clear so that you can get more new collection updates easily, many ministers will come with some new ideas in the next video, till then thank you!


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