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Cotton Saree Wholesaler: Hello, I Himanshi how to play the audience once again with new thinking and new direction from Kesaria Textile Company Yes you all know that we which manufacturing company here you get an option that you are going to get here but Dupatta yellow suit material and with it, everything is available here, so you choose, you are fulfilled, it is not done here only that you have to call the number for any information and sit at home The money has to go so that it is very easily visible to you that you get it inside very cute whole light colors and what is going to happen which quangcho china you are going to get this way inside dollars You are going to see the whole of the whole here from the plane because Cotton Silk Saree Jyoti Special You all know that the wing concept is very much liked, although here you will be able to see the whole pattern, you get the follow pattern.

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Here which is made through the building and if we talk about the lens of the saree, then it is complete for you. The learning certificate proper is going to be found inside each concept and here you can see in the background, in this way you get the pattern of the belt today, whichever you are not going to get different then this is the first variety that also if you like it Quickly take a screenshot, so that you and I will be able to know very easily about the price of all the variety by messaging, now if we talk about the price, then the irrigation that we have here is just 225 rupees. Inside it all the quality that you get inside pure Banarasi, the best product that you get here, then why take new designs because you mean inside tone tone Shimla colors as you can see it is complete.

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These people are going to get this design inside the color and here you are going to get various concepts that are going to be seen inside the golden color in this way, if we talk about Fat Office Saree, then this is completely what I want to meet you with 1611 And the most important thing is that the saree has its pallu inside like you. You can see that you are going to get the very best pallu here and with the control drawn inside a sari, you get the design here, that too you are going to get the variety here and you will also get the new new varieties accordion here. Only you get this soon towards a new design, which is going to be available inside the color of your vision, in some way you can see that the whole fiber pectin will be made here, China is going to be a concept and such a saree can According to party wear look is also very much liked and all such sarees are able to swarm very easily with very reasonable margin, so you can see that some more positive energy is needed from Pallu Khan but small fruits Those patterns are made here silver golden close and combination is given here and there are whole backgrounds you can see that the way you are going to get small flower designs in, soon many more like this on new designs You can now click on the i button to see the collection so that you can know more about such designs.

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It is easily updated, so you can see that the net saree has arrived, the combination of white bread which you all know is very much liked inside Bengal because the design is very much in demand for it in the festival season. and you can see that whatever border it is going to be, in such a way that you are going to get the Kanjeevaram test accordion, very lovely softness is found inside it because the material which I am going to get you absolutely cotton accordion Right now to know about all these sarees, you just have to call and you have to know what its price is going to be But design you get a monkey differently, everyone is going to get you state wise because we don’t have any other setting here, so take care of the new design which has just arrived, now inside the red color and all of you Do you know the red color which comes in very high demand every time, be it the wedding season or the other? If there is any festival, then you can see it in it too, you are going to get this design here All different designs are made here with blouse piece you are going to get 633 length you get in saree and it becomes like time that we get readymade blouses if we want that too you can get them here only from above 70 If we get started here, then take care of the new design which is happening now in this very cute little Rama color which you can see inside the golden color you are going to get the belt today’s circle flower pattern so here But you can get it and you can see how you get the barcode system on each sari of the Kesaria Textile Company, just like this because we have a bar coding system here, you will get the complete set voice even if we set Talking about it, you can see that the way you get the pies, you have to set up for pies.

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The bar coding system that you are able to see, the price that is shown from here, you are going to get inside the same collection, in this you also get restless about the fabric, you also get to know very easily how much the designs are going to be. If so, then you will stay to see many such contacts with us like this, if you have not subscribed to our channel yet, then you can burst the photo so that you will continue to get the notification of the new collection and you can stay with us like this. If you stay, I will come with some new collection till then thank you Tata Bye Bye.

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