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The variety that I am going to show today is a collection of bridal wear in Tilak. He can also see that the lock is very cute, you can see that the total will come in this way, even if there is a wedding, you can give a gift that you will get the saris in the box packing, then you are your special diamond. You can see the potato that you can see, this method will be turned and the particulars that are going to be found in it are like you are going to get the color clear in this way, this total is on the same color i.e. a running color and you can see the combination Yes, you will also get a lot of cute combinations, Hello friends, new thinking with a new direction, how I am your friend Gunjan Prajapati with a new design from the Kesaria Textile Company, the present design means the variety that I am going to show today is only in variety There will be a bridal wear collection and today’s special variety is only diamond and different Diamond sleeps, I have brought variety on it, mostly all the variety you are going to get here And set them the first thing in the box, in this way you will get the sarees in the box, you can see here and how the saree will be, that too in Banarasi silk, you will get this variety of things and in packing you are going to get it here.

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You can see that there is complete freezing, there is diamond work and you will get happiness in everything because where you can see the zari work, it is also very cute, the lock you can see the total in this way will come in the sari. You can see that the zari pattern is there, you will also get a very shining pattern, it is in full golden color as well as these small duties have been installed, but you will get diamonds, here in some such booties different -Differently, in this way you will put the diamond rings, you see this whole thing. How is the work in the saree, there is a combination of green and red, friends, so you can see here there is a very cute variety in the combination of green and rate and specially the player is full of diamonds, in this way India has been given diamonds so that It can give a bridal look and you can see that the concept of pallu is made in combination of green and red, then diamond of heavy concept, you will also find posting here in this design in such a way that if I talk to you Right now, almost holiday plus designs are available on the spot, you can order even if you have a wedding sitting at home, you can see that you will get saris in box packing, if you go towards the next flight, then you will get variety in some different tests here.

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There are only special diamonds, you can see that the whole Brasso type look will be found here. And here you can see the concept of Lahariya in this way You will get the complete pallu but you will get Siroski diamond here, that is, you can remember with Tashan etc. You will get the complete Siroski’s diamond here. Honey Singh has special attention, now I come to the middle of this pallu and partly. 9th You can see this, it remains only in branch sarees, there is a lot of transparency, you are going to get the combination of things in this, you can see that the color combination is very cute here and if we talk about the variety in it, then our There are roti plus designs available and you can see how the catalog was, this shows a little bit, there is a catalog named Fashion Drama and in this the festival of colors that you are going to get, the way colors are going to be clear, then all these things Today’s sarees being in a very premium range, whatever I am showing you, this is a diamond special collection, if you go to the next flight, then the work in Banarasi silk is very cute, you will get full time and work in it, that means if you look then in it The diamond will cover wholly above, but who eats it.

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Friends, he can see that he has set chandeliers in his zone, now you will find the chandeliers very cute here, then Rishi, here you can see the look of only this diamond, you can also see the big pattern of Carrie. And all have been designed in such a style, now if I talk about pallu and partly, then you will find some kind of pattern here, you can see the complete pattern, you can see the design of leaves in Carrie’s design. It has been made and will take the part after which it is the concept of partly, you can see in the bottom side, in this way the design of the bootie has been made in a very different different look and the work that is complete for it is complete to you 480 Time will be given and the blouse is given simple sober but you will get diamond work even on this. Talking about the corrections in this way, we also have front part plus designs available and you can see the designs which number on the screen. It has been given that if I walk like the next flight, then you will get some mustard color and the queen of pink color.
I will show the combination of mustard color in which some art and figure like some doubts have happened or there are peacock designs, in this the designs are a little different, so you can see that here is the first thing that is on the top of the pallu. If you see the part in it, then you will get some such way that you will get the small leaf booth design in this way, you will find the border on the whole sari, friends, you see that it is also full of keys and at the same time. Along with the motor which is below, you will also find it quite cute and you can see the concept here, what I will talk about in this whole pallu, even in moments you can see some kind of peacock design getting this way just from the key. The complete refill is complete, see this pattern, you will get the pattern of this method, you will get the picture along with the mustard color with full tax, if you want to see the color combination, then you can ask for the PDF on the number you have given from the screen, by calling or If you do WhatsApp, now you will get that if you take a shot, then you can take a screenshot in the video and so on.

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You can order, let’s go to the next flight, I will show you a few different designs as I have shown you with mustard and ping in the last, now the design I am showing is on the same color from the whole i.e. a running color And you can see the combination of 10 inches will also be available in communications from Aa Pyara, out of which if I talk only commentary in the house, then you will get the complete diamond of the cross key here, there is the concept of heavy as well as which one to see here as well. You can get a lot of different leaves and career designs, now in this partly if I talk about something like this, which one is going to be removed on the partly and which one is on the blouse, you are not in the finish which is a simple sober If you get it in the design, then the overall cut of the sari will be found here in Chhattisgarh, in which you have a sari of 5 and a half meters and along with this blouse which is 80 cms, you will get it till the next flight key, then you will get that potato if I talk. There is a complete design on only special diamonds and at the same time the concept of pallu I have in it is also beautiful. In which app will you get a cute one, then friends, you can see here in which year of Pallu, if I talk about it, then which of the top is very cute, you will find it here and the wife of different colors is here.

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Found the giving is made because you can see here all the diamonds have been set from Sirowski and the partner is also shown in the design project of Parrot, there are different types of multithreading embroidery work here and if I pallu If we talk about the above text, then in this way the booty design of small leaves is the concept of wife, then wing key and a lot of research pallu is found in this you can see that there is a rich collection and after that if I go back Talking from the side, you can also give your sim, the imaging of the thread, you will get it equally and the pattern is also very wonderful, if we talk about the parrot, then the design has been prepared in this way in the whole parrot. And it is quite great, if we talk about the design variety, then we have forty plus designs available and you can see all the designs by calling But if you want to order, then select on the basis of video calling and together you can do every delivery of yours in seven days sitting at home, minimum model depend on that if your 2000 plus if stay then West Inn It is best because what you have in transportation is not going to be any problem and how did you like today’s video in this way, you can tell by liking how the design was, apart from commenting, tell which other designs do you want to see in Banarasi Muslim because design we have many boxed saris and there are many packing designs too, so friends, in this video till now I am present with some other new topic and new variety, thank you for that.

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