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Fancy Blouse Piece Wholesale: Hello how I have brought Himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction, she is looking for this saree for inside blouse but her blouse is also necessary so fancy party wear look to be done on it. If we get it and the wedding season is going on then there is a bridal look browser, you can also find it here, now you must be wondering what the starting rate is going to be, then if we talk about the blouse piece here, then only ₹ 90 is starting and the blouse pieces which we have here, which are starting from A60 form, so you can order such which is Marathi or not sitting at home, then for that only the number given on your screen to call you. And have to join with us, after here you can see Deru sorry design, now you must be seeing in which you get more than one design means that I say that you are complete of All India, here you would get If so, just like this, we move towards the design, we can see or see the problem party wear look which is going to be blouse.

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It’s simple, if you want millions of people, then you get it here, but you can see in the back side and it’s not going to be the pattern of the string, you get it in such a way that you get all the varieties according to the new generation. You can see a lot of flowers happening in the sequence in which the extended premature ejaculation is being done. It dies inside something like this, you can see in the back side very cute people you are going to get the buttons here you get in the back side then you can see that you get the sugar you get because so Variety which is necessary, it is important to take care of everything because women are also difficult to trace them, so the customer who comes can take what you all like, then if you like blouse, then here you have a full pen.

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Inside it is found, you get the princess cutting inside it and like this you can see the gota leaf The people who are not there, you also get it here, along with the princess cutting, along with the whole people of piping, here you are going to get the price off, you can see some variety of things that we definitely tell you the prizes, then you You can see that the pattern you are going to get in the back side also, you get it in this way, at this time you get attached at the back and in this way you get the complete pattern of constipation so that after doing what one gets Pine Singh and people are not that perfect, we like them, use the new design in the pure sequence itself, so you can see that in this way you are on the sequence and here you get what you have in the back side If you get the complete design in the power cut of the pattern, then the concepts that are not party wear look here for weddings, you get the perfect variety for girls here, so it happened some party and but If there is a wedding, then it becomes a bridal, then the collection that is there, now you can see it is a very cute concept but with that design back.

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If Id is there, then you can see that in the back side, you get a different pattern in this way, the stones are also going to get full tension and in this way you can see that the combination of golden and silver is very cute. If it is found inside, then people like this simple if you want silk blouse for regular routine then you are going to get that too because we keep the variety and that too the complete collection of ladies way, then if it is a regular routine inside it. If we ignore us, then the business keeps running in whatever it is and then we take the work comfortably, if we talk about the country, then the first thing is to understand the customers, understand their words, how their test is going to be and Along with that and how can you give variety to them and you must also keep the facility of PF so that they will also know how many combinations you are going to get here tomorrow, then you can see the next design, in this way you can get embroidery.

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You very classic designs here you are going to get please pattern you give You can see that in the same way you also get sleeves pattern, if we talk about colors, then you also get a set up of 1012 pieces, but if you like any variety, you have to take a bench vice, so if If I do after the dam, then you can see that in this way you get the packaging, you get the complete set up here and all the variety which is going to be the bar coding system so that the varieties we show you in the video Neither the same variety is going to be delivered to the house of the world whale sipping is available from us, but there is no doubt about how a person is only 20 inches away from Jyoti station in rectal hour Millennium Market which is Villain Market. Within the year, you can definitely see in front of the options office in B Block First Places 2 but for that you also get the facility of pick up and drop so that you can come here on your own and see all the variety inside the President design sequence itself. If you get a lot in the sequence, then here you have to You are going to take whatever is inside the blouse and it is very important to maintain it just like that, then you can see that you get this pattern above the planning, you can see that in this way you go with people.

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It is a very soft material because you can see that if you talk about it, then you get the back side in this way and you get the back side in this way, you get the whole thing and so on. To know about the design, you have to call the number given that old age you get the computer but if I talk about the minimum budget, order 10,000 to 20000 so that all this variety very easily if you get a brother Even if you do not know how the test is going to go, then we can see the next variety, so you can see that in the front, it looks very simple but the main design is on the back side. So you can see that the entire Android people get you in this way broad pattern with multiple colors, you are going to get here and such which are available in the collection. It is possible that you all know that seeing from afar, what is not there, it is very pleasant, then you have to join us anytime you have to give a call to the number on your screen.

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It is going to be in your language that our self die very easily so that you can meet with them very easily, just stay connected like this and you can see that the noble design has come inside the perfect which will give you a lot Here you get a cute pattern here, you can see the sleeves of the whole MB people cup from the thread of the region, in this way you get Vodafone from you, you are going to get the police tape of the stones and in such a sequence also If you get the very best designs here, I hope you have liked the collection designs very much and like this, by commenting, tell us the designs of parties and blouses, if you want to see, then definitely click on the button I will find you there. Get updates about business retail and if you like the videos then definitely like once Make sure to comment and subscribe so that if you keep getting new notification light from new, then we will stay connected with some new collection till then thank you money with us.

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