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Hello, I am Himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company, I warmly welcome you all with new thinking and new direction and you all know that here you get the Ladies Bay Complete Collection, inside which you will find many designs and many fabrics to meet you inside. Everything is available to you in cycle rate, so that’s why you join all the buns that we don’t have any more selling here, so we grow in this way of design and whatever variety this saree is going to be inside it. It is going to happen but daily routine scaffolding you are going to get sarees here, that means I will talk about the amount of saree in which you will get day independence and to know the price of all these but the numbers given on your screen you have to equal that house On sitting, you are able to purchase all these congratulations, what has been made towards the variety, this is going to happen, you can see that the way you are going to get double means two of the saree, in this way you get pink color So the office would like to see the complete saree design game to see how you would like the complete pattern.

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You get Catalogs of Non Catalogs every variety you are going to get here like this catalog if we talk about this catalog is going to be named Murasi then you can see in this way this saree is going to be complete pallu concept In this way, you get the accordion from Vodafone in pink color and the saree that is going to be, in some way you are going to be seen inside the green color and similarly the full length gun which is in the line of this saree You also get a blouse here, which means that you are going to get the full texture of the blouse piece here, and even the collection of such sari roti, even now, the collection of Govind Raju looks a bit different, so that’s how you do it. If you want to purchase all the varieties, then now you can join us as soon as possible, that means you will be able to purchase all these varieties sitting at home through video call, then the button is of new design, so you can see it in this way Net pattern number has arrived, which is going to be returned to you, then inside and whatever variety is going to be in it, which is going to be designer.

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By double means that you are going to get the color combination here, the pallu of this saree is going to come, you can see that in this way you go to the contrast, which is going to be found on a very cute border and you can see that the color of the color This sari is going to be inside, but with this sari goes more, so now if we talk about it, you can see that you are going to get inside the orange color, that means you are going to get it after completing the school, now inside it we are going to get its range. Let me talk, what are the startups in which you could see this Roof Garden inside the chiffon you find here, Georgette Rangoli Sabri went inside the strange fabric that means if you have so many patterns inside one place But if all the variety is available, then you just have to call the numbers given on your screen, whenever that sun comes, once in a while click on the textile company because it is only 10 minutes away from the station, inside Millennium Market Viplav First 2003 1032 So that once Opportunity Office sees Pakistani Brightness, we can be sure If this is done then you can see the button, for this you are going to get it, now you can see that something is going to be found on the inner side of this method, that is the leg, we get it in this way and if we talk about it If you do, then you are going to get a complete cut, you get a complete and if you want a readymade blouse, then they are available here from us, starting from just Rs 750, inside which you are going to get thousands here.

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Similarly, if we talk about its catalog, then you can see it is going to be a catalog in my name and here you get a complete set up of one thing. In this way you are going to get the packing, inside which you get the complete address set up, Colors Combination You are going to get all the different gyms, here the boon towards the new design which is coming now inside the orange color and this You can see that I am going to get you the complete destroyer here in this way you don-2 Tony on the tutor of lens bottle inside the saree It is available and cat clockwise non-catalog every single WhatsApp is found here, but whatever variety you select, you need to take all one device, so if we talk about saree now, then you can see it in Kochi.

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You are going to get this complete saree full length and inside one variety you get lace water which is complete complete you take it in a different way and it is found inside the saree and you also get many designs inside the customers Means that if you want some different pattern of lace border if you want sirowski diamond, then you are going to get that too here, so if we talk about its catalog then this catalog is going to be named Shanaya, you can see some In this way and on this also every single piece you get its complete set up, then all this variety which is there, you should keep a minimum budget of 10,000 to 20000 so that such a collection will now be able to purchase very comfortably and we also need to transport It becomes very easy that world wide shipping is available from us, so a less A small comment is made in the tent, we will definitely tell you how you liked the variety and how it is going to be in demand so that I have been bringing a similar collection for you in the next video, then you will remain like this, I laugh with variety Tata thank you bye bye.

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