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Surat Print Saree Manufacturer: Hello, I welcome the story with new thinking and new direction from the Kesaria Textile Company through Himanshi and you all know that I keep bringing many details inside this saree for you in which till now we have only bridal but today the variety is going to be there. It is going to happen inside this saree, till then nothing is happening, then starting is all that is benefit and it is necessary to keep what is inside and margin, then how do we do it and bring the collection But if you want then you have to call this number so that you want more information about the collection, then from here you can easily update the designs adding questions, in this way you get the whole pattern.


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So here which stop I have and many design concepts are going to be found here today, the variety which is going to happen today and the battery saree inside it and starting red that if I talk about hundreds of rupees starting becomes many varieties I go to you in a sari in which if you and If you want a blouse or without a blouse piece, then all the days you get it in one place, it is okay to get it from the Kesaria Textile Company, then if you also put the world, definitely visit once but let’s see the most important collection that today You can see what kind of variety you are going to get in the collection, it is inside the white color but you can see that you are going to get the touch of the whole tying and the tying is very much liked everywhere and the daily routine c Whether it is a lehenga or a lehenga ji, it is going to be found in the test every time, then you can see that very cute here you will get the material which is going to be the judge and the design of the look in the same way in the Quiet Saree We are going to get it and told all of you that in Bandhani also we go to many tests, which means that the design of dams, Leria and some Phagania type, you also get it here, in which the special is going to be crazy right now, so like this Varieties are going to run very much, so sitting at home, you can get all such varieties which you can order very easily.


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Use this new design collection, then you can see that in this way you are going to get leheriya pattern and you can see lehariya lehariya ho chat tying concept, so in this it is according to many seasons, all this variety runs like now Those who mix this dam and the test of the area, etc. Apart from that, the lucky sari that goes, now you know that the lyrics are going to be more liked in Holi, but related to this sari, if you mute the upper girh in your business. If you take this saree, you can sell it by setting up the margin very well that even though it is a very demanding color, it gets very cute colors in it, that means if you want similar colors, then post it. You go to the set, but whatever variety you select, you have to take the entire closed size that we are dealt here only in the phone setting, then Islam can see how you get the sticker of the Kesaria Textile Company. Also, Zoelik is not going to get you a mention on him so that if you sit at this house If you want to do online purchasing, then you have to do a screenshot, the numbers given on your screen, you have to call in the same way, even if you message, you get full response through our online team.


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What is the price going to be, how many color combinations are going to be in it or how many designs you get related to it, birthday new designs and like it was of knowledge but border you are going to get all this here you can see very It is available well but the design you are getting here is found in some way in which the swastika may have happened, on that day the officer’s design is the way the color is designed, that is also the pattern tied to you. And you can see the plus border in it, you get it with different compatible colors, that means, the combination of love with green, given to you, I get attached to the saree related to the saree, so we have a separate manufacturing company.


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This is the feeling that this design as we get together is not it. Whatever the design contrast is, we finally get to see it here, sir, you can see that the whole pattern is going to be found in this way, here you can see some very cute pattern in this way The entire length has been made, you are going to get six digits, you are going to get the complete print in this way, the color combination has been used only very cutely and you can see it then then the blouse piece means that the blouse piece also with you Attached is going to be available and in this also you can see the lace water which you get here perfectly and the biggest thing in this is that it is getting the set of SPSS but the designs which are going to be inside it and the cap design you If you get something different then you can see that this catalog is going to be named tying, now we talk about the design, then you can see the set of pieces but which one is completely different you are going to get every control time like this The collections that are there, if you want to see through video call also, you can still watch it now.


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You have to call the numbers given on the screen and go with us like this, but before that let’s see another variety, how is this variety going to happen now, then you can see that it is found in some very good traditional testis. If you go, whatever lace water has been given in it, you get the people of gota leaves in it, tie the sari with it, but you also get a very good touch of oil print, now you can see the job that You are going to get something in this way, here you can see it loosely, in this way you get the chances of Lattu Times here, in which you can see the full cover of tying Papa Apne Wala Talaash Border inside the lace itself.


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You have been made this in which the people of gota leaf are very cute, you get it here and now looking at it, take samosas on the texture that you are going to get like this and you can see the oil printing very Well, the file goes to printing, but if you think that the file is a printer, but it gets worse, but how will the rate increase? Sams you get the quality best product you get, that means you are not going to get any deposit in this and that means even if you do balance, you can do it very easily because we get the whole victim generation for your The color combinations that are there and with the help of that, we explain to the customers very well how the design group is going to be received, so you can see this is a set of pieces, but the design is going to be different in each variety, you will get the color The combinations that you walk in on a regular basis and the colors you like in the Man To Dam Apni, the same color you get from here, stay teddy, stay with us, even by visiting the retail company’s YouTube channel, you can see all this variety like And the most basic thing is that you must comment and tell how and how white you want to know about it, then see you with some new collection in the next video, till then thank you.


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