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Hello you like every time I bring a lot of variety for you and you like the recording of the same but you must be watching the videos how did you like it and if you like our videos then comment if you want you can change the meaning with us And if it is going to be like this, then there is going to be a sari design, which comes to the place of history inside an IT cell, you are going to get thousands of patterns and this product, so here we definitely do it because at a distance it means you get It is very easy to come here, which you are going to get in the description and inside it, you are going to get it and talk about the booty inside it, then give you a sari to invest a coat for a sari or something else If we talk about the age of the side cotton sari, then it was done in the same light color that you get, it was fully worked on its pallu, if we get the complete design to meet in an easy way, the complete design which is You get it, but if we talk, then it becomes only 150 rupees here and you will get it inside it.


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Yes, but if you should make it, then you also like our video so that you can buy all these dips very easily sitting at home, so here you talk about the budget you get from getting the pallu pallu of the saree. If you subscribe then you come to know and you like it is complete that you are going to get Punjabi, there is a very cute little English color chart, here you are going to get it, inside you will complete this challenge, the type of design that we are going to do. You can speak in the design of go type, you get such a complete pattern here and inside it you can see that you are going to see more people, you were from the very best circle and the one who washes the saree, even in concert in the party.


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Looks very good and gets the title by typing full full inside it, we will talk about the collection of sarees too, then send it inside, I am going to get you theory designs for work available which is just how you stay to see only in Kesaria Textile Company Everyone is going to get it when the sun gives, definitely write other wise, now you will get it inside sitting at home Because a very good design is found here, now if we talk about the whole sari today, then in some way you do not know this whole pattern or you can see that very lovely whole is going to be found in our hands. That collections are available online and you are going to get our collections that I have got you in some way and that here you have to do one, that means there is no problem, it is available from us, would have liked it soon. To see many collections, you can click on the I button in this piece so that you get the ID of such varieties very well.


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