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Cotton Silk Sarees Collection: Hello don’t believe how, I warmly welcome you all with new thinking new direction from the tax album that every time we bring a lot of collections, then you get a saree here which is very difficult for all of you in the video. It happens that you have to take different variety of things, so what is going to happen today, then here you want something like this, then you need different look here, as you can see, in this way you will get If you want, then you get it, then you get very good Banarasi silk sarees, but whatever quality you bring here, whatever you like, you have to take 121 because we deal from here in the setting itself. If it is done then just you can see the crop that is going to look like this Pallu, who everything in this way you are going to get a very cute collection here you can see the border concept of some, in this way you can see the whole different styles.

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Pettis are going to be available right now which is its blouse piece that if I talk, you can see that in this way you can brook Red ne blouse goes in it that too in different styles you are going to get such news that id want Banarasi Which Banarasi concept You all know that Banarasi sari dhoti is the perfect office collection for a traditional look inside which we have put a lot of variety Now the design which is on its side, we get some different different, in Banarasi right now you must be thinking that variety in this only design flame is either front or bell style 2015 pattern we get but in that too you all have so many Coming to demandable thing means that the skirting time is more, you get different different sides of the tiles and in some way you can see the packing that if I talk about something in this way you get the packing very cute concept On top of each variety, you can see there is a bar coding system, so that we know what the rate is going to be, so just for many such information, you have to call the numbers given on your screen and join us.

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Have to join because you told everyone until we connect Till then, how will you also know that and how the designs are going to be available to you, which fabrics you get and with the same color combinations, because the first thing is that when it comes to color combinations. If it comes, time is needed for a different color, so if all the design concepts are found, then it was shown in the first night madam collection, but the light color that is going to be now is also pink color which is of every girl and every woman. It’s a very favorite color of the year, then you can see how much royal design it has for you, in this way you can see it is going to be a pallu pattern and in the pallu pattern, you can see the look of the whole general. Well, whatever the design is, it is made very carefully and its pattern can also be seen that in this way you can see such a cute all pattern that too in different styles of golden color you are going to get it but its which Waterloo You can see what is going to happen, you are going to get the border look inside the silver color because the pattern of silver It happens that malls demand is going on because such growth is very attractive and in this you are getting the combination of Golden Rita Silver which is a very classic variety and you get this complete cut of six and a half meters.

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You are going to get cotton silk inside and you get the whole set of oysters, so if you say the same, you also come to Surat, then how once a Kesaria Textile Company, which is a manufacturing company, must do it once there, here you see We can’t see what happens till you, we don’t know how to get variety time Looking at the variety, if you order online, you are delivered home, then next to the next flight, something like this is going to be found inside a cotton silk color, you can also see the dark circle Butt is a very nice color and in this you can see which pallu which row Ne wala hai, in this way you get the pallu pattern, it can be seen that you are going to get the complete pattern of Tashan very beautifully and you can see this on the set of the pallu koun set, in such a way that the design was made This is according to the same, you will get the blouse which you are going to have, you can see that the combination color star set up is going to be very good because the biggest advantage of being associated with the made manufacturer is that the designs are very All are available and accordingly the match up of the color combination is found very cute but as we tell you the starting rate that starts from Rs 120 inside Banarasi silk.

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Customers like You all see all the variety inside our videos, but if you like the starting rate like 120 rupees, then you feel that all the variety which is not only 120 but it is not like this, we tell you this every time Yes, according to the variety of different designs, what is the price It is different, so that’s why you just have to call on the numbers which are given on your screen, you get all the details through the online team that means what will be its price and how are you going to get the designs that you all I know that if you are doing business then you should also know how to keep in design and how we are going to take with price and how we are going to set up margin going forward that too we should keep in mind so You just have to join like this, all the rest of the details are very easily available to you that as you all know that new thinking and new direction as our slogan is, you get many of the same according variety here. Inside some new new concepts and ideas which are related to business every time you are going to get something different that we also want that whatever customers join us, just do these beans like this and keep going very forward every time.

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How are you going to get full support from the Kesaria Textile Company on the step and with the hundred percent guarantee which varieties of us are here Every time there is going to be a sale, then that is the next design and then you can see the new designs in such a way that the design which is going to be inside the cotton heart and the red color which is very more Some color is there, you all know and whatever design is going to be in it, first of all, which pallu we would like to see how its pallu is going to be WhatsApp, now you can see there is a very super collection and you can see the design now Your permission means how nice a cute pattern you are going to get here and here you can see the design, in this way you get win thiss in red color and here you can see and how the textile on this saree The company keeps on looking for you, in which the catalog name is also known to you so that you can message us by taking a variety screenshot but the number given on your screen and you get to know that its exit price What is going to happen, how many colors are going to happen and because whatever variety you take from us, you have to take full 121 That from here we are dealt with from phone to gender, so you are going to get so many collections in which first of all it is going to be lighter, I sports you get the look of guava which is very much and collection from us here And you can also get the infection done inside the semen, meaning that if any variety happens like this, it can never be forgotten from August, then from here we go to the exit policy of you so that you can do this lot of variety in your own country by returning the fifth time.

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You can take other words inside because there are many associations with the customer society, such as oil salary and can retailers, there are also those who do business sitting at home, so it becomes very difficult to tell the price every time. Then you face a lot of trouble in setting up, due to which there are many obstacles in our business, so for this we take full care of custom testing it and how easily to sell all this variety to the customers. He is the daddy now you are going to get a lot of collections but now what I am looking for is the variety I have brought for you and will happen in this way, which app has a very nice collection of fruits inside Banarasi Litchi, absolutely royal pattern means what grading of bridal concept, if seen, then this saree which is going to be the perfect saree You can see it, you can see the nature, it is a very season color and if I do the design, then you get the complete Rajwadi pattern here, very china brother, I can see the pallu you get for hours very well. Pallu pattern, you get some different different designs that you are going to see every time in the Kesaria Textile Company like here you can see that I will talk about cotton silk, I will talk about silk or many more. Talking about Banarasi Kanchivaram Pattu Sarees, you are going to get a lot of collections here, all the shipping is available from us, so for this you will not have any problem, just sitting at home, we have vitamins which are 10,000 to 20000. You can keep all the variety of purchase in it and any other problem. Lam Solve Just you can also tell us through comment so that what you think, now I understand if you liked the video, boys Variety If you liked it, then you just want to share the video from the front You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, whatever your customers have, so that you can keep getting the notifications of news new collection and you stay connected with us like this, only hope that your weight is much or progress further Keep doing it and we can call you from here too if you need any support in years hai so see you in the next video with some new collection till then thanks for watching!

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