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Hello, I am Himanshi, new thinking new direction from Kesaria Textile Company, then once again warmly welcome cigarette one year company that I get you an option here, then from so many to some with complete bridal collection Like here you can see that if we talk about it, it is available here but I am going to show you that it is the only party that is going to happen everywhere which means that it is most liked in all India means in the collection. Cotton is believed to be the top material that is used to wear it, it lasts a very good month that it is cotton and now the summer season is coming, definitely do your activities in your shop, the budget is set very well, you see It is possible that you are going to get more than one, you get a lot because if there is a company, then every time you are going to see it, it is only of the manufacturer, that’s why the customer has to do a lot more saree collection is going to happen.

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It is a beautiful color and with this you can see that it is very cute here given to you in the pattern. You can see that we have got a cut of six and a half inches, you get this inside the golden color, that means you can see it in the bottle, similarly you are going to get the font here too, always cotton saree inside the saree itself. There is a lot to be found in the designs but the border is omitted and the front thing is that the sari that shines and increases more, how the numbers given on your screen to water the collection of Varieties All you have to do is call us and if you get the facility of OPD so that you know that what is the color combination inside it, how many are going to be there and how much it is going to be priced. The concept goes to all but if we discuss then the first thing is given that we should keep the variety but how do we know the custom that cartridge then first of all if we are business from home also then pulse of customer Understand how they ask for variety and their status runs here, if you can, such variety.

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Then very good you get the profit question that not only do retail companies of verses go in here, you also get voucher ideas so that you get a lot of support in your business, so go on new design sarees It is going to be inside cotton, so here you can see that there is going to be a halo called Jaya, there is a lining design, but the friend that has been done in it, you get the very best concept here and there are collections like this. Different different designs inside it, who remains successful, all 6 minutes of proper cut means that along with the blouse piece in the middle, all the variety is going to be available to you and inside the cotton you get the contacts as if people can see the voltage in it. Here are some of its receiving pattern you get and this saree design is made very carefully, it is in cotton, what should you mix the Harda Road design carefully and whatever variety if you like just you screenshot of it Take the number you gave by which name, you just have to call and all the other varieties are there.

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You can get an update about how the oil is going to get the definitions in it, moving towards the next door design, so here you can see that in the same way you are going to get this complete border in golden which is the wing You can see which one you are going to get, in this way you can see this sari with a lot of pension and the right goes in it, you can see the collection of this saree with double printing, Variety of you are going to see something like this Can you Prince, which is very cute, you get Colors will Light Color Charter You are going to get it here, if you want in the post too, then Dark Knight, you get that for selling this heart is done from here. So Variety ball is going to be found together but you get all the closed concepts here, so if I talk like that, we also need blouse pieces after this, then you all have to connect with the blouse with the saree. If there is a fun thing, then you also get blouse pieces here, that too only we continue it here. If you know about this stage blouse piece, then you can get such materials very easily sitting at home, Amar Thanks for your request, it is a lot of cotton animals, we also walk, we have more patience with this design, you can see some of this How do you get dog printing in this way, people can see the border, you are going to get a very cute border look here and with this you can see the print, inside it you can see the whole big printing that is also there.

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You must be seeing here and at the same time you are going to get this applied pattern inside the painting design in this way and those who are in contact are very much liked on seeing others, you are very requested in pallu hour. If you are going to get the updates of many such collections, then stay with us like this, you just have to call the numbers given on your skin and definitely go with us but if you have any problem, something like that how business related can grow your off business or Then regarding the materials, you see by connecting with us, you can get information about this many such variety, how the Kesaria Textile Company is the only company where they do not do the purchasing, here you have this business related IDSP in front of many eyes.

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We get this is the biggest thing that I go to the voice manufacturer in getting the purchase done, but when it comes to the supports, then it is very difficult to get anyone with us, so you also get proper support from here. Customers are associated with us, they have salary, some have to do business from home against retailers, even if it is not necessary for everyone to add an idea, then they can also know about all our benefits here. Business related If you have a virus, then you probably get it completely from here and if you ever happen to be related to similar products, if for some reason we are not able to come, then just you online which is our You can watch your Vestige’s live video by visiting the YouTube channel there.

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It means that how you are going to get the collection, she does it, but whether it is a dupatta, a sari or a variety like a lehenga, you are going to get a lot of variety and sitting at home, now it is very easy to buy through video call by watching all the variety live. You can do that too according to the gender from the hole, so I hope that some selected sites had brought it, but you must have liked it very much and you must tell us in the comment that the summer season is coming, then by connecting it to you. Should be kept so that those who do very well keep on for a while to do the marjan marjan and thank you for till then with the video.

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