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Hello every time we bring you designs inside the saree and you all know that we have 101 starting sarees in it in which you get one and a half designs which means you get the complete stock of sarees in which even today I have varieties. I have brought for you a weight loose saree which is going to be all you can get here printed designer with weight loose border which we like very easily in coding daily routine and daily routine every time If you get new new designs in the accordion, then how do I warmly welcome all of you from Himanshu Medical Company and with new thinking, new direction, again I have brought some new variety which is going to be very special then a Stay tuned in the video till the end so that you know about the designs that if you want to order online then you can very easily clear that means for more details the numbers given on your screen you just need to call your And if the son can join with us sitting at home, then if we start the video then it will be Panchavati.

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It is in this way you can see the complete variety that you are going to get inside this phone, you get the whole printed designer here and also the lace water which is there you can see the complete tone tone for you. Lace water is going to be found here, now if we talk about this whole sari, in this way you get such designs inside the olive sari because you get the same proper length as you get according to the flame. This you can see the whole fruit printing accordion this concept you are going to get here the white color and red color here you get the review here, you only grow health towards the next design then the new design which is going to happen now You are going to get it back only inside the phone, inside which you can see the type of litchi you know here, very different all the patterns are going to be found here every time, but there is such a variety that you are in your business. Also, if you can easily interest that all these designs have been accorded, you all will get very good margin in the margin.

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I get it and in all these patterns you also get the idea that area wise which is how the variety is going to be and width blouse is also going to be there which you can see in some way you get blouse together with this test You get a lot of variety, this bus, whatever collection you like, you have to take it state wise that from here only for tailing is dealt with dozen of new designs, so you can see the pattern which is coming. He has come inside Vichitra, inside which you are going to get proper for printing. Every time you are going to get such a pattern in the saree which you have not seen nor you have purchased such variety Kabir, then you can see that you are going to get complete from Pallu Khan in the same way, you will get the design of Ram type here. Goes and Les Borders which is there but you are going to get a league match here now that we talk about its length Learn the exact length you get here The blouse is also going to be very special, you can see that the way you get the blouse because according to the Congress you are going to get it perfectly right now like we have talked about blouse So I would like to tell you how in textile company you can get variety of blouse pieces from just ₹ 90 if you want readymade blouse, tomato starts at ₹ 70, yes, the variety is told to you from here, within the same price.

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The whole collection but now even sitting at home, you do folders, then all the variety is going to be available there, Kabaddi neck design, which is coming now, you can see the sun inside the black color, it is completely printed, you are going to get catalog wise that means catalog You can also see the name BMW, this decision is going to be made by the name BMW so that it becomes easy for you too, if you do purchasing, then only you have to call in, otherwise you can call so that you get complete details through online. You can also see that the lining design will be available to you in the same way. The whole creation is given in such a way, in which you get colorful patterns, you get blouse designs, you get the complete pattern of the leaders towards the pallu concept and what is in it, you get the lineage of full pieces, now we are closed Talking about this, you can see that in this way you get packing, it is used very well and regularly, while Colors Design you are going to get here, Vijay Design is coming, you get it inside Mauritius phone There is not going to be any shortage of material because how you get a lot of patterns of sarees in the retail company, so this variety which is going to be dark color with light color combination here you get here, inside which you will get point printing.

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You are going to get and lace water is what you are going to get here Completely, if you get 9 meters of lace water here, then you must have liked the collections a lot, you will definitely tell us by commenting that there are many such to know about it I can click on the button so that In this and you get to know about the wall designs, tomorrow sitting son can do the purchasing means that through video call and the unit will keep a budget of 10,000 to 20000 so that we will also be able to deliver the collection that is available to you, that means white ship in our If it is available from here, then see you in the next video with some new variety, it is mandatory four times.

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