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Hello, the variety that is going to happen today is going to be inside the Maharashtrian test, which is going to show you the stomach sari inside, there is a lot of cultural diversity because the importance of the saree there is different, so with this I am Himanshi How is the Kesaria Textile Company, I warmly welcome all of you and today’s first variety can be seen that in this way you are going to get the wife saree inside the collection, as much as the design is as wonderful as you are going to get and this You can see in some way that you are going to get the complete pick up tight that you are going to get the design, you get the peacock pattern here, colorful patterns have been taken here that the thong sari is specially preferred that is why the color that sleeps in it And the design of it is the most unique, we get it and all these varieties, it is made with our own hands, no machine is going to get you inside the river kin, you are going to get a colorful pension, you will find full of silky threads here.

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But work is going to be done or we can see if we talk about its pallu patter That’s very cute, you are going to get this complete pallu pattern inside golden, here and on top of the entire bill, you get the designs of peacocks, inside which we talk about the colors that the sari that was dhoti, not the stomach, has the most Colors have a lot of importance, so it has been well taken care of here and if you want to make a send voice purchase, then you can just call the number given on your screen from now on to any medical company. It is going to be available all the time for the online mind, if you get the facility of PF for how many colors are going to be, then I have not brought many designers, but the designs we have brought are going to come, you can see back to wife.

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It is going to happen inside and inside it the entire wedding class has been done here and the entire one whose pallu is going to be made here with full colorful designs means that you can get all India test from one place. How is it in the Kesaria Textile Company and you can also see this color also you can get a bright colors here There are completely different designs, border concept, you will be able to see that here a very cute pattern of flower test has been made here, even here a few moments type design has been made, meaning that inside the same saree you will get If you get so many patis, you just have to call the number given on your screen as soon as possible and keep the minimum budget of 10,000 to 20000 so that we can get such a collection sitting at home through video call. There is not going to be any problem of transportation. Worldwide shipping is available from here, so just by commenting, you will definitely tell how did you like the design of this variety.

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