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Readymade Dress Manufacturer: Hello, I Himanshu from the retail company with a new thinking, new direction, once again with some tips that every time the designer comes inside, which is going to happen this time but that means if you want then he You should be getting what I am going to show you today, that too is very fashionable, if you get it here, then you are going to get it just because it is not done here and for this you have no problem for an online It is not going to happen with the variety in which you can see that in this way you get light color and it is going to be completed kurtas which you can see complete in such a way you will get work inside the sequence Hai Lalla pattern, you get the whole designer in an easy way, the people of the button are also given in it. Yes, you only get the briefcase right here and if I talk about the length inside it, then you will get free size in it. Is going to be taken and if you like free length you are going to get here, if I talk about size x n double x alarm size and time you are going to get available from here, then after that I will button then you see this You can get water in this way, in which you get the complete accordion of the entire kurti here, so that you get the same look and the accordion of Chapter One and here you can see the size. How can I talk about the exercise, everything is going to be here only the mention can be seen, in some way you get the dupatta here, which is complete in the same way, you are going to get this scarf of Banarasi look type. Full length is about to get its full scarf of 2 minutes, the lining of this jerry has been badly timed, so many such contacts, you need color designs dark color in it, need light color, it is going to be available all the time, then such neck design will come.

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The neck design is done, something special is going to happen to us in this way and inside it you will get the complete hand. B is about to be found, pay attention, you can see that this whole design has been made with some very fine detail, then the whole hand was given and inside it you can also see that small sequences are also used inside it. And in such a way, you can see that the people who were given inside the bottom, you are going to get some of the kurti in such a way that means whether it is according to the traditional look or if such dresses of professional look very cute then its bottom that if I Talking about it, you can see that in this way you get the bottom tone tone, you can get the complete design, it can be seen automatically, the whole design has been made by sticking the whole hunter inside the border of the bottom, it is not going to get spoiled at all. That this sari design has been made with complete planning, then you are going to get the net basis of its scarf, in this way, inside the Kashmiri word and this whole Vodafone app is made of silk threads easy and the design is made in the same way. You will get a lot of variety, for that all you have to do is keep it up so that whatever collection you get If you like it and take a small screenshot of it and get all this variety which you can order sitting sitting at home, then already see the call variety, how to get the sheer design, then you can see it, you get a completely different pattern. The way the whole body work is done in this issue, get a complete check and send it here because I am the thing, you can see it is given here, the whole designer means that it is available here and you also get quarters Completely it is going to be found with three-fourth sleeves and if I talk about the button of the kurti, then you can see that in this way you get the design, complete fielding work has been done and here is what you have. Plastic mirror work was also used so that the one whose shine remains like this, then this is the kurti, so now if we talk about its efforts, then you can see that you have made it complete in some way and the girl friend’s accordion. Thi meetle ke in which you are going to get the entire border from the phone in some way because every time we see plazo dress.

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You see the pattern but the brightness of the rank pants is being liked very much, so which app can be found in the Kesaria Textile Company, then you can see its dupatta, its dupatta is also made in the same way, according to people’s accord. The whole body work has been done here, you get the check pattern here, the length you are going to get a scarf with a complete two meter cut, then let’s move to the new design, the designs are going to be many and all All the designs of Akbar are very much liked by you, the type will definitely tell us by commenting how did you like the designs, then you can see this and you are going to get this variety inside the nap, in which white color is used. Beads have been made here of white color, from which this entire design has been made and inside this small water pearls have also been used and in this you can see that you get full length here which means that If I talk about the size you get forty plus kurta length You get the sl table axle end size in the same way you get three-fourth sleeves so that you can see in some way you get the design inside the white color because its not going to be a dupatta, you get something like this Available in white color only, in which you are going to get the design of AB Dekh sakte bad jaali type which is from a very nice circle in the stories side which this scarf looks like a fashion accordion it is very cute little whatsapp so this You see, I am going to get all this water in the same way, with Phool Singh, you get the margin which is you get proper because if you want to do purchasing at the same time, then what we have is the grading of the lens and the grading of the margin.

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A lot of problems come, but how in the Kesaria Textile Company, this is not going to happen at all, whatever variety you get, you do not get to set up the margin and if you are not going to have any problem with the size, then it grows like this. Variety is awesome because it’s the button we have No other pattern, Plazo pattern is going to be available in which frock style and it is being liked very much, so see this way you are going to get a complete hand job, for complete, we have been done with full beads of silk threads. Flowers have been made here by using the pattern of constipation, you get the pattern of constipation inside it and this chanderi cotton fabric is going to be chanderi cotton told all of you that even with very good Avneesh Singh it seems that there is no time on this If it is inside the clothes, then we can see that inside the house you get some relaxation in this way, complete reading is done and it is going to happen at all with the whole fishing, you can see something like this here But even you are going to see the whole furnishing, lining is also used along with you also get the opportunity, so this is also what you are going to get inside the line and you can see in the back side, in this way you can see Tasker people are also going to be found, so the designs that are available now have been ordered comfortably, now with very good margin, whatever you want.

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We are also getting the sale done and seeing this, it is going to happen now, its plazo which is very best design because it is also made of chanderi cotton accordion, butter I you can see very cute design has been made triangle accordion And inside it happened in between and you are going to get the property properly Get it so that the customers keep connecting like this, you can see that it is going to get its scarf that when the variety flares up, the scarf becomes a blue symbol, then keep it, I don’t you and all the variety is found here. If you want the facility, then you also get it through our online team, you just need to make a message and call, rest you also get to know about the price, tell us all, we can not tell you the price because You are the one who has a lot of trouble in setting up the margin. If such a variety of light is set up in our to-do list, then on the button edison, then you can see that in this way you will get the next kurti’s accordion, it means the fee’s accordion, it has been RTI back to chanderi cotton. It is going to be done inside and the whole screw work has been used in it, yes you will be able to see that the throat has been put here, this whole patch work has been done here and inside it is sent golden and silk threads.

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This design has been made by using some different Sahil people, we get that leaves too you can see what accordion it is going to get this border but you can also see kurti you can not get plain kurti you will not get the whole kurti Even if there is a small pattern inside, if you get it, then you can see that in this way you are going to get the plazo, its not the plazo, the temple kankhal band goes to you with complete furnishing, here some fancy look Given inside the pattern of the katwa and here you can see so that you get the whole family touch and back On the side, you are going to get the design after reading it completely because such varieties are now being liked a lot and you are going to get similar patterns now, then you can see this neck design which you will not get back fonts anymore In this way, this whole whole trading is done right here inside the sequence, the length itself is not going to be any shortcoming that you can see that in this way you are going to get the don’t want color inside it and here You can see it is complete inside the bottom in this way you get it from Vodafone Gotta Patti is laced with lace and whatever dupatta is going to be in it is also same as it is you get it inside chanderi cotton sam design Of course, there are so many different varieties and I have brought many of these designs for you today.

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If you can call us, then use new designs, then you can see this, here you will find some hunter chap According to this, it goes in the whole design, you are going to get the complete fancy dress inside it, Contra what is inside it, you get the bottom well or you can see that in some way you are going to get water and this fabric is used inside it and If you get all that is above it, then there is going to be a lot of variety, if you want a double color set inside the dupatta, then you are also going to get white like this here too, you can see it in this way. This means that the variety is going to be like you don’t get the design accordion here, so the new design that is about to come is a different pattern, so you can see this triangle accordion, you are going to get this complete design because inside it The entire golden color thread has been used and inside the kurti you can see it on three sides that means which sea water here you get in the look of gota leaf, only the real one along with it now that time is going to be there. Here the worship pattern is going to be found here, you can see that we speak in the plazo pattern, so some other In this way, you get the complete plazo, you are going to get the complete non-according and you can see that here too the look of gota patti lace has been given so that the varieties which are completely different become fashionable inside the people. Inside now you can see the dupatta, in this way you are going to get the beans inside chanderi cotton but some net type that you get the design here, you will be able to see inside which you are also going to get the look of the chancellor, then there are varieties We have also seen a lot of yogi comments, you can definitely make us sit and order all the varieties of it through a video call, just the minimum budget is 10,000 to 20000, and all the variety that you have to order set wise, any language One revolver not starting shipping is available from us so we are going to get sales executive hard work available in your language here so stay with us and click on i button to see all that collection and more You can take saawariya of designs and I will come with some more new ones Thank you Tata bye-bye for taking the concept till then thank you!

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