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Surat Saree Manufacturer Factory: Hello, Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction, once again warmly welcome all of you and everyone knows How Kesaria Textile Company which is Surat’s Bus Truck Table Manufacturing Company where you will find Ladies a unique If you get the complete collection, then the collection was done, if I talk about it, then inside it you will give sari scooty, along with dupatta, plazo suit material and lehenga and you also get a night dress, here, whatever collections are there, you will get everything. You are going to get these within the factory rate, so let’s start like this, even today I have brought variety of sari, what is going to happen inside this sari is what we have here 102 sari gets its starting again, which ones do you get printed inside it And inside that business model itself without water, you get web browsers page take this without mouse, you also get that and catalog Montagu every variety you are going to get here these small if I account then how in Kesaria Textile Company which Be it sarees, which is a very big fight, get here If you are going to get the test of India and India, then in the same way we move towards the collection, for the rest of the information, the numbers given on your screen, you just have to call and similar is the collection which is you gender from the hall.

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I am able to take this means that these hearts are saved here, so I am going to show the collection without lace border and you can see that the entire catalog is going to be catalog wise by the name Murasi. It is going to be and you can see the length that if I talk about it, it is completely okay, if you get the length, then now we would like to see its design, how the design is going to be, then you can see it completed in this way. You are going to get the pattern of pallu, inside which double color combination has been used and there is a sari of the nations, so here you can see the design which has been made, you get the embossed pattern here, you get the whole border complete in this way.

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And designer water is going to be found here, the education of the flag of Poland of the saree, the monk of the right coat and If we talk about blouses like this, then you can see that in this way you get blouse piece, which accords you water, you are going to get everything here, such increase next designs and whatever else it if you like If you like it and you are going to get set up behind it, then you get many designs in it even in lace without water because its form is not only without lace water but also with lace border with saree, so to know the price you can like this Stay tuned, you get all the details through our online team, so you have to call the number mentioned above on your screen, then you can see it very much from here you get the pallu pattern that is complete You are going to get the flower design here and there are kalesh, you can see very cute colors have been used here and in the same way you can see that you are going to get this saree with full lamp and the material is also very soft material Here you get the feel of the hair, it is going to be very good inside the clothes because of the heat.

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If the season has come, then such a battery washes the saree, it is very much liked and you are able to input it very easily in your business, then you get all the rest of the details online if you are sitting at home chatting on you. If you want, you are able to do it very comfortably through video call, then just keep the minimum budget of 10,000 to 20000 on the number given on your screen so that if you can order such collection of very comfortably then you can see it very The lovely neck designer has already done double color shades, every time you have got it in each variety, which means you get the pallu in this way and such that I am going to get you the border, the design which is different every time you get It is going to be seen and the test that is done like this is liked everywhere in All India because the battery that washes the sari is fast because of the demand for the women who work in a house, then such a conspiracy is very much for them. It becomes easy so that wearing them can do all the work very easily and in such a way we grow now which is coming soon.

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Yes, you get it inside the glass water, you can see it is a very cute red color and the design is going to be very good and if you get this lace water here, then you can see that In this way you are going to get the saree, all you get inside the f5 patan, the fall print is now used here inside the flowers and the last point is you can see the queen lace border concept you will get here There are going to be a lot of varieties of designs in them too that if I talk about you, you get many designs, so you can see that the whole flower pattern has been made here and in the lace border you can see the entire federation. Along with what I get you lace water in this way, then all this variety which is going to be catalog basis inside which you get this 425 set up and if you talk about Katrina then you can see that In this way you get network so that you can very easily tell the customers that you have a How many colors are going to be available in the same set, what kind of time are you going to get because inside you get the design, everything is different, so if it is tempered, then you can see that you will get this saree inside some dark color. And inside it you can see what it has been made of with multiple colors, you are going to get a full tap of lace water here and if we talk about such a saree, then it is going to come with jumlas, it is very good here But you are going to get the look, then you can see that I am going to get this flower saree in this way, inside which you get the border in an easy way, the design daddy has been made which is very much liked once you see it.

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Come and you also get generations of all these, rather you have to message, through this you also know the price, because the variety we like, then first of all it is in our mind that what is the price It is going to happen that you get complete details very easily through Tamari online team, so you can see how it is. It’s going to be tlogged in this way you don’t go to the network the whole edition is set to you Colors Design everything you get separately inside the same platform so that when customers connect with you it is very easy to do what it is If you are able to setup the proper Malini then you can see the way in which you get a lot more variety inside the dark colors and you can also see the complete Maharani Lace Water you get along with it. Here is how the entire logo of the Kesaria Textile Company is going to be found in the same way, you also get the catalog name, so that if you take that right, that’s why and we message then we also give you a lot of ease. If you are able to give the details from this, then you can see that you get a very cute design in this way which is new Marathi, which is the type of design you are taking complete, here you are going to get that means inside it.

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You have this complete call print pattern that also goes with you attached with blouse piece means that you can see the complete blouse. You can also get the Bangalore blouse that is attached to you, so I hope you have liked the designs very much and in the same way, there are going to be many varieties, if I talk about the bandh, then you can see it. In some way, you would get the packing, this whole printed part body system is going to be there for you, so that if you have a variety of lanyards coming here and purchasing, that means Kabir comes to Surat, one how he must click in the retail company which is That is only 20 inches away from the station you will get proper processes to make a chart of letters ware complete collection inside the market and very easily able to collect your area wise variety rest in your language i will give you sales executive are available so that it becomes easier for you to do everyday and there is no problem of transportation because if you like the worldwide shipping available from us, then you can comment on any design, then I can do something etc. Bhram Banega with New Collection o like this tata bye bye thank you!

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